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Chapter 896: Challenge Guest

It could be said that her desperation for survival was really strong.

If she really let Han Zhuoli send her and held him up from properly spending some alone time with Lu Man, she would feel that it would be a miracle if she could even still keep her job.

She had finally become a manager, and Lu Mans ability was strong as well.

She generally didnt have to worry about her much.

Most of the time she was like a casual onlooker who just had to watch what was happening.

There was no other manager who was as relaxed as she was.

Of course, she would have an occasional scare or two, but hadnt Lu Man perfectly settled them all already

Entering the cafe in the hotel, they saw there were booth seats inside.

Even though there wasnt a door, each booth was rather spacious and there was a sizeable distance between them all.

The booths formed a circle, leaving only a small gap about the size of two people at the entrance.

There was quite a lot of privacy and was a very suitable place for business matters to be discussed.

Lu Man and Hu Zhonghui had just arrived.

Before they could even sit down, the assistant director from Dong Hua Station arrived.

“Director Chi, nice to meet you, hello,” Hu Zhonghui hurriedly called and shook Assistant Director Chis hand.

Lu Man also bowed slightly and shook Assistant Director Chis hand, saying, “Nice to meet you, Director Chi.”

“No no no, just call me Assistant Director Chi, that will do.” Assistant Director Chi said with a chuckle.

“An assistant director is an assistant director.

If our executive director heard you, he would really think that Im trying to fight for his spot.

Besides, its all my surnames fault.

Director Chi sounds just likelate.\'”

Assistant Director Chi was rather helpless too.

“When I really become a director, if Im still calledChi Dao, even though it sounds a little weird, at least thats actually what I should be called.

Ill just live with it the, but for now, never mind that hahahaha.”

From their first impression of him, Assistant Director Chi seemed pretty nice, at least much better than Assistant Director Xu.

Xu Yaojie hadnt even reached that position but had already started becoming arrogant and looked down on others.

He really was near-sighted.

No matter what this Assistant Director Chi was thinking about, at least in front of others, he was still polite.

“Come, come, take a seat.” Assistant Director Chi smiled and said, “This is my name card.

My family name is Chi, and my name is Xingrui.”

“Miss Hu must have told you roughly about whats going on.

Let me elaborate more about it in detail.” Chi Xingrui ordered three cups of coffee and said, “Im the assistant director for Classic X Files.

May I know how much you know about our show, Lu Man”

“Im a loyal fan of Classic X Files.

Even when I couldnt watch each episode on the television, I would still watch the replay on the online application.

As for the professional details about the show, I might not be so sure about it.

Let me tell you what I know about Classic X Files as a member of the audience,” Lu Man said with a smile.

She elaborated accurately and in great detail every single part of the show, as well as all its classic activities and segments.

This let Chi Xingrui feel that Lu Man wasnt just being polite to him when she said that she was a loyal fan.

Whether she was indeed a loyal fan or she crammed everything into her mind at the last minute, it still really showed her sincerity.

Chi Xingrui nodded in satisfaction.

He felt that this young girl Lu Man was pretty good.

He also didnt know what The Performer was thinking for stubbornly going against her.

“So, youre right.

Even I have nothing much to add on.” Chi Xingrui said with a smile.

“Weve seen your performance in Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tiger, as well as in the Chinese Arts Championships.

Therefore, we wish to invite you to become one of the challenge guests for our show for one episode.”

A so-called challenge guest was an up-and-coming young actor paying homage to a classic and challenging an original actors performance.

“If you confirm that youre going to participate, then that episode would be aired on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year,” Chi Xingrui said.

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