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She did not know who would be participating in the show at the same time as Lu Man, but no matter who it was, she felt bad for that person.

 No matter how great the other party was, however popular the person they find was, or regardless of their position in the entertainment industry, could they win against Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng

 There was no need to talk about Sun Yiwu.

He was a top director in the country, close to being called a deity.

 And Ji Chengs popular Red Tiger had yet to stop being popular.

In this year alone, Ji Cheng had attained a high level of popularity.

After all, a ticketing sale of 8.9 billion was really too shocking.

 It was hard to predict the future, but as of this moment, there was no one who could compete against Ji Cheng.

 What more Sun Yiwu and Ji Chengs strong partnership this time around

 Hu Zhonghui felt that the celebrity filming in the same episode as Lu Man was very pitiful.

 Originally wanting to increase their popularity through the Classic X Files, in the end, theyd become a stepping stone for Lu Man.

 Hu Zhonghui was having a beautiful dream when she received Chi Xingruis phone call.

 Hu Zhonghui woke up instantly and hurriedly picked it up.

“Assistant Director Chi.”

 “Xiao Hu,” Chi Xingrui said with a smile.

“Hows yours and Lu Mans search for the celebrity guest going Have you made a list yet”

 Chi Xingrui estimated that the two of them right now had probably just made a big list and were yet to find a celebrity.

 Even their production group could not find someone so fast.

 “Weve already found people!” Hu Zhonghui was extremely confident.

 Yesterday, she had still guiltily felt that they could not find someone, and in the end, today, they managed to not only find three, but they were even especially famous people!

 Hu Zhonghui felt that even if they could not find someone today, Lu Man could directly have Han Zhuoli invite people and that would already be shocking enough.

 Anyway, Lu Man would not lose!

 Hu Zhonghui was extremely confident OF Lu Man!

 “What” Chi Xingrui thought he had heard wrongly and dug his ear.

“What did you say Please say it again”

 Hu Zhonghui probably could understand Chi Xingruis feelings right now.

 After all, yesterday, Chi Xingrui had felt that they definitely could not find any guests to help, and in the end, everything was solved his morning.

 “We found guests already! Assistant Director Chi, dont worry.” Hu Zhonghui was extremely happy.

 Chi Xingrui blinked and said, “Whom did you find”

 Hu Zhonghui smiled, covering her mouth.

“Its a secret.

Anyway, its a big-shot.”

 Hu Zhonghui was too embarrassed to say that its a big-shot that your show would not even be able to invite.

 That was true.

From the time Classic X Files started to air, they really never managed to invite Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng.


Xiao Hu, tell me, tell me, so I can be prepared,” Chi Xingrui said.

 He was scared that Hu Zhonghui was tricking him.

 What big-shot!

 Hopefully, it was not that Lu Man and Hu Zhonghuis standing was not good enough and they were ignorant, thinking that anyone with a higher popularity than they did was a big-shot.

 “No, no, Assistant Director Chi, you must trust me.

The people whom Lu Man invited will definitely make the production group satisfied.

Anyway, you all will be able to see it on the day of the filming.

Be prepared, dont be too shocked,” Hu Zhonghui said.

 “Then give me a hint beforehand to let me be prepared,” Chi Xingrui could only say.

 “Assistant Director Chi, its not that I dont trust you.

Im scared that youll go and tell the production group, and the production group will leak out the information, affecting the broadcast.”

 Chi Xingrui said in his heart, Give it up.

What kind of big-shot would affect the broadcast of the show if they let the information out

 But Hu Zhonghui refused to say it, and Chi Xingrui saw that he really could not draw the information out and could only let it be.

 “Right, Assistant Director Chi, who is the celebrity in the same episode as Lu Man” Hu Zhonghui asked.

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