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Xia Qingwei smiled, It\'s better not to make trouble for Lize, anyway, Lu Man was hired in the end, so isn\'t that a good thing

Yes, moreover Lu Man herself is very outstanding, so even without using any relations, she would have been hired, Wu Lize smiled.

He still could not believe that Lu Man was Lu Qiyuan\'s daughter.

The differences between them were too vast.

Also, no matter how you look at Lu Man, she was not like what Lu Qiyuan and Lu Qi had said.

Suddenly Wu Lize remembered what his mom had mentioned sometime in the past, she had said that her hospital roommate\'s daughter was very pitiful, her biological father was like a step-father, and even her step-mother and step-sister were bullying her.

Could it be Lu Man

If it was like that, then everything made sense.

Then after Lu Man officially starts work, you have to take more care of her, Wu Zhiguo promptly said without even taking time to think.

Of course, Wu Lize smiled and nodded his head.

On the contrary, it was Auntie Chai who did not say anything, and even her smile was a bit forced.

After Wu Zhiguo finished packing, having bid goodbye to Xia Qingwei and Lu Man, he proceeded with Wu Lize and Auntie Chai to go home.

Suddenly Xia Qingwei remembered, Aiya! Right the pastry you made for Auntie Chai, have you given it to her

Ah, I was so shocked seeing Manager Wu here that I completely forgot about it, Lu Man raised her hand to check, Isn\'t it still in my hand now

Quickly run fast, send it over now maybe she hasn\'t left yet, Xia Qingwei hurried her.

Alright, Lu Man nodded, and hurriedly chased after them.

It just happened that luckily Auntie Chai and the others had not left yet and they were still waiting in front of the elevator.

Just as Lu Man was about to walk over, she heard Auntie Chai say, Lize, as for what your dad said just now about taking care of Lu Man, you can take care of her, but don\'t fall for Lu Man.

Wu Lize frowned, Mom, why are you suddenly talking about this I just met Lu Man yesterday that too only once.

I quite admire her ability, but there\'s nothing else.

Don\'t just go on saying stuff like that, if someone heard it they might misunderstand.

I\'m a man, so it doesn\'t matter to me, but this is bad for Lu Man.

Especially since she\'s working under me and I\'m her superior, this will affect her reputation.

Am I not telling you just now It\'s not like I\'m going to your company and nagging at you.

I\'m not saying that you really fancy Lu Man, I\'m just giving you a reminder.

After all, Lu Man is very pretty so I won\'t find it strange if you take a real liking to her.

But I\'m telling you right now itself that I won\'t agree to it, Auntie Chai impatiently threw Wu Zhiguo\'s hand off her, Why are you always pulling on me

Lu Man is such a good girl, she\'s filial and resilient, how can you speak of her like that Don\'t you quite like her normally She didn\'t offend you right

I do like her, but I only like her as an ordinary person from the younger generation.

Moreover, she is someone who needs help, it\'s not that we won\'t help her.

Of course, if it\'s possible to help her, we will do everything within our means to help her.

But this doesn\'t mean that I\'ll accept her as my daughter-in-law.

Helping others is one thing, but we also have to consider the reality of the situation right Lu Man\'s mother\'s health is like that, so even if the surgery was a success, that illness cannot be cured and she must be taken care of and she needs to be medicines to ensure that she\'s alright.

That\'s a bottomless pit, and in the future, the amount of money spent will become more and more since it\'s not that after this surgery, everything is well forever.

Lu Man\'s father is also one of a kind that it\'s already good enough for her if he doesn\'t make trouble, so how can he be relied on to help Lu Man In the future, whoever marries Lu Man, is not truly marrying only Lu Man.

Even now Auntie Chai could feel Wu Zhiguo continue to pull on her, thus she impatiently pulled him away from her, I told you to stop pulling on me!


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