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Chapter 936: Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng Arrived!

Now, those children who were over 10 years old, or even those over 20, did not know Shen Xijun at all, and it was only those young people around 30 who knew who she was.

For that reason, the mystery guest section of the show tonight would really be not good enough to watch.

“Thats right, didnt you say that the guests youve invited would arrive before the last part Its about to start, we cant have the audience wait, right” Xiao Zhao also said.

The other teachers, upon seeing the situation, helped to diffuse it.

“Its not time yet, lets wait for a while more.”

Seeing that they were all attacking Lu Man and that Lu Man was not saying anything, they found that it was quite pitiful.

Shen Xijun frowned slightly.

“I still have something on after recording the show.

How long do we need to wait before we can continue filming”

“Teacher Shen, arent there still 10 minutes of resting time” Du Lin said with a smile.

Theres still time, its not like theyre rushing to the market.

What are these people rushing for!

Qiao Luna smiled coldly.

“Whats the use of 10 minutes If they arent here now, could they be here in 10 minutes”

Qiao Luna looked at Lu Man coldly.

“Lu Man, just tell us the truth! Dont keep insisting on holding on now.

If you dont have any guests or if they cant come, you can tell us directly instead of wasting our time here.

Even if you get critiqued by the teachers because of that, its better than harming the production team.”

What was harming the production team

She spoke as if Lu Man was purposely causing trouble for Classic X Files, like she was a spy sent over by The Performer!

Hu Zhonghui was just about to open her mouth in anger when there was a sound at the door.

“Sorry, sorry, we came late.

Weve had everyone waiting for very long, right”

Du Lin relaxed in an instant and smiled.

They finally came.

Lu Man did not need to be attacked anymore.

Everyone was shocked and hurriedly turned their head back, then saw Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng entering one after the other.

What was this situation!

Why was Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng here

Could it be that the guests whom Lu Man invited were Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng

Inviting Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng—what kind of situation was this!

With the two of them there, who could win against Lu Man!

It was just… just how did she manage to invite the two of them

Before this, when Du Lin came, everyone was already quite shocked.

Seeing that Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng also came, Du Lins arrival was no longer that big of a deal.

Ji Cheng was smiling, but he felt like mocking them in his heart.

His gaze swept across the faces of everyone.

The words of Qiao Luna and the rest just now, they heard clearly when they walked through the doorway.

Sun Yiwu placed his hands together in front of him and apologized.

“We had some activities before this, and we rushed over by plane this morning and came late.

Very sorry, everyone, to have caused you all to wait for so long.”

Ji Cheng also spoke.

“I came over with Director Sun.

Before this, we were scared that the plane would have a delay.

Thankfully, there was no delay, and we were able to rush all the way over.

Weve caused everyone to worry, we are very sorry.

We didnt cause any losses for the production team, right”

On the surface, Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng seemingly were very polite, apologizing all the way and were full of sincerity.

But the truth was that every sentence that the two of them spoke hit the heart directly.

Saying that they had caused them to wait for very long, and then saying that they hoped they did not cause any losses for the production team…

Obviously, the two of them had heard what they said just now.

Chi Xingrui felt that the production team was being wrongly accused.

He had not said a single word just now.

It was all Qiao Luna causing trouble for Lu Man using the name of the production group.

Chi Xingrui could not help but glare at Qiao Luna angrily.

If she wanted to target Lu Man, then target her.

What was the use of dragging their production group in it!

“Oh, its Teacher Shen Xijun,” Sun Yiwu called with a smile.

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