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Too wasteful!

 So wasteful, its crazy!

 Chi Xingrui looked towards Lu Man like he was trying to complain.

 Lu Man: “…”

 What was with the gaze that Chi Xingrui was using to look at her It was as if she had just wasted food.

 “Haha, thats right.” Sun Yiwu was smiling like a very good person.

“Lu Man calls me uncle.

Its her first variety show, so I definitely must come and support her! When I heard that she was looking for guests to help her but did not consider asking me, I was especially angry and automatically went to find her.”

 Everyone was shocked.

 It was actually Sun Yiwu who went to find Lu Man himself

 She was so well-regarded

 Everyone would not think that Lu Man was really related to Sun Yiwu.

They did not even have the same surname.

 They were probably god-uncle and god-niece.

 If they were godfather and goddaughter, everyone would still think of shady things.

 But god-uncle and god-niece sounded especially upright.

 Chi Xingrui felt very annoyed.

Who the h*ck was the one who said that Lu Man had no connections in the entertainment industry

 She was Du Lins sister-in-law as well as Sun Yiwus niece.

 If this was called having no connections, then there were really not many people in the entertainment industry who had connections.

 Lu Mans relationships were really too good!

 At least with Sun Yiwu there, she did not need to be worried that there would be no shows for her to film!

 Ji Cheng also spoke.

“Me too! She went to ask Zhang Jian, went to ask Liu Chuanhui, and yet did not know to call me as her older brother.”

 Chi Xingrui felt like sweating.

There was still an older brother

 However, Ji Cheng called Sun Yiwu older brother while Lu Man called Sun Yiwu uncle.

If Ji Cheng was also Lu Mans older brother, then this generational situation was messy enough.

 Understanding Chi Xingruis gaze, Ji Cheng smiled and said, “We all called others by ourselves.

Zhang Jian was filming with his production group, and it so happened that Du Lin was making a guest appearance there and heard about it, so he sought out Lao Liu.

Lao Liu is overseas and is unable to rush back, and so he hurriedly gave me a phone call.

When I heard that Lao Lu went to Lao Liu for help but did not ask me, her older brother, how could I let it be The little girl was directly scolded by me.”

 He sweated!

 Could it be that the three of them were all rushing to be Lu Mans guest

 Qiao Lunas facial expression had not been good since Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng came.

Her heart had been sinking more and more.

 From the start, she had been refusing to admit it no matter what and still had a gloating feeling.

She felt that even though Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng had come, it might not be for Lu Mans sake.

 Even if they really came here for Lu Man, it might not be to be Lu Mans guest.

 But when Chi Xingrui asked about it, and Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng admitted it, Qiao Luna just felt that the sky was going to topple.

 It was just like she had been struck by lightning, and her whole body was not well anymore.

 How… how could it be!

 Qiao Lunas hands kept trembling.

 Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng were the mystery guests whom Lu Man invited

 Lu Man had just entered the entertainment circle.

Didnt she not have any connections

 Didnt she not have any good friends

 Qiao Luna had just entered Zhong Hang, and in order for Zhong Hang to express their sincerity, they stepped up and used their company name to pay Shen Xijun money so that they could invite her for this show.

 But Lu Man

 It was actually Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Du Lin who automatically came.

 Lu Man did not even ask them; they were rushing to help Lu Man.

 As for giving them money


Looking at their reactions, how could they accept Lu Mans money!

 No wonder the production group refused to tell her who she was competing with.

 So it was to keep it a secret!

 To help keep it a secret for Lu Man!

 Actually, even if it had not been kept a secret, she could not invite anyone who could surpass Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng!

 Chi Xingrui was trembling in excitement, but Qiao Luna was trembling in anger.

 Did Lu Man have a problem with her

 Did she have a problem with her!

 How did she offend Lu Man that Lu Man was now totally trying to kill her!

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