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Chapter 941: Burn Ones Eyes

“Remember, absolutely do not be affected by Lu Man.

Think about it—there is not much hope this time, anyway.

Isnt it better to just relax and perform” This was them finding a way out in a deadly situation.

Qiao Luna nodded, distracted and worried.

Until the emcee in front shouted loudly, “Welcome, Qiao Luna!”

Huang Yawen hugged Qiao Luna again and used all her energy to hit her arm repeatedly until she woke up.

“Do your best!”

Qiao Luna nodded and turned to go on stage.

Originally, shed had clear thoughts about tonight, but when Qiao Luna had walked halfway, she suddenly tripped by the stairs in front.

Huang Yawens heart stopped for a bit.

She just knew that Qiao Luna was still troubled, having been very deeply affected by recent developments.

She was scared that if Qiao Luna went on stage, she would not be able to perform at her usual level.

Being able to perform at half her normal standard would be good enough already.

When Shen Xijun appeared, the audiences calls of shock sounded.

“Its Shen Xijun!”

“Its actually Teacher Shen Xijun!”

“Qiao Luna actually managed to invite her, how great!”

“Whos this, do you know her”

“Seeing your age, its possible that you have never seen Teacher Shen Xijuns television dramas.

Teacher Shen Xijuns acting skills are really great, its just that she has not acted for many years and has not shown her face in public in very long.

I thought that she had pulled out of the entertainment industry.

I did not think that she would appear again today.”

“If only because of Teacher Shen Xijun, it was not a waste for me to come today.”

“Thats right.

I can even stand Qiao Lunas exaggerated acting skills.”

“I did not think that Qiao Luna would actually invite Shen Xijun.”

There were a lot of good reviews off stage.

Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui also showed relaxed smiles.

But very quickly, they could no longer smile.

Because Qiao Luna made a mistake on stage.

She almost said the wrong lines in the middle, and during her performance, she obviously had quite a long pause.

She wanted to prove too much that she was more outstanding than Lu Man, and to prove that her acting skills were better than Lu Mans, she used too much force.

Also, Shen Xijuns atmosphere was too strong.

Even if she did not say anything and just stood there, her one look could defeat Qiao Luna instantly until she was nothing.

Although Shen Xijun was being squeezed backstage by Sun Yiwu, as well as by Ji Cheng, as someone from a generation that had talent in acting, she was still a performance artist.

As soon as she went on stage, she could instantly switch on the emotions she should have.

Things happening outside the stage were things happening outside the stage.

After she went on stage, the situation happening out of the stage was totally not affecting her performance.

It was as if when she was on stage, she had an automatic shielding device.

The more stable Shen Xijuns performance was, the more Qiao Lunas continuous mistakes showed.

The audience all started to yawn.

“What is she acting”

“Too lacking.

What kind of acting skills does she have”

“My gosh, it really burns ones eyes, too pretentious.”

“Nasal voice and tone.

What exactly is she saying”

“If it were not for Shen Xijun, I really would not be able to stand looking at Qiao Luna.

If we could pull the curtains on her, that would be for the best.”

“Shen Xijun came to be a guest actor for Qiao Luna.

It was really a pity, this is really an insult to Shen Xijuns acting skills.”

The sounds of discussion from offstage became noisier and noisier.

Although Qiao Luna could not hear clearly what they were saying from on stage, she could still hear the muttering from the audience seats.

Qiao Luna instinctively felt that the audience was saying that her acting skills were not good, and in the end, she performed less and less up to her usual standards and her acting skills became more and more of a mess.

Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui had no eyes to see from the side.

What was she acting out!

“Thankfully, theres still Lu Man.

Otherwise, this episode cannot be aired.

If its aired, it would be embarrassing and would definitely not beat The Performers first episode,” Lu Dongliu said through gritted teeth.

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