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“Variety shows are all like that.

Its not that the show is not good, its that the audience gets tired of admiring it.

It had a different kind of image today.

Even if Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng were not in it, the viewership ratings would still have been higher than normal,” Lu Donglius wife said, comforting him.


Lu Qi happily watched the episode, very satisfied with her performance.

She felt that the netizens would finally see her acting skills now and that she would finally be able to enter the audiences vision again.

She opened Weibo full of anticipation, wanting to see the praise the audience had for her.

Yet whod have thought that after searching around, she would not find any news concerning her

It was like she did not appear in The Performer tonight at all.

Lu Qi was unable to accept this sort of result, but after searching here and there, it was really like no one had seen her performance.

Her performance was cut and placed in the third round, yet when she looked, it just so happened that when she was performing, Classic X Files was also going through their last round of performances and the audience was all attracted away by Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng.

There was no one who cared about The Performer‘s third round of performances!

Lu Qi was so angry that her hands were trembling.

How could they do that!

This was outrightly stealing audiences!

They even specially waited until the show was broadcasting to reveal the mystery guests one by one.

This sort of way of stealing the audiences was really like how food shops pulled customers.

This was not according to the normal method!

She had found this opportunity with much difficulty, and it was ruined by Lu Man again!

If it were not for the fact that Lu Man went to ask Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng to come, how could they have attracted so many audiences!

Lu Man just could not stand Lu Qi living well, could she!

Lu Qi did not even wonder, how did Lu Man know that the production group had edited her performance to the third round

Lu Man was only attacking the production group, and she was not even being considered.

Lu Qi was so angry that her eyes turned red and she could not sleep.


On the second day, Ge Guangzhen went to the television station early in the morning.

Assistant Director Wang and Team Leader Wu saw Ge Guangzhens bloodshot eyes and were all shocked.

“Director Ge, you did not rest well yesterday” Assistant Director Wang asked.

“Classic X Files was being discussed so much by the netizens yesterday.

How could I have slept peacefully” Ge Guangzhen said, his eyes red.

He had not thought that Lu Man could invite Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng!

If hed known that, no matter what, he would have had Lu Man stay in The Performer.

Sun Yiwu!

Ji Cheng!

Before this, Sun Yiwu was still The Performer‘s judge-consultant!

In the end, he just quit his job as a consultant and turned around to join Classic X Files with Lu Man.

It was too much!

As he watched more and more people talking about Classic X Files, he also saw that there were not many things mentioned about The Performer.

“Are the viewership ratings out yet” Ge Guangzhen asked anxiously.

“Not yet.

Ive already had someone go and try to hurry them.

As soon as it comes out, itll be sent to us,” Assistant Director Wang said.

Online, the netizens were also watching out for the viewership ratings.

“When will the viewership ratings be out I keep refreshing the Pineapple Television website,” a netizen said.

“Im curious about who won between Classic X Files and The Performer.”

“These two shows are too crazy.

Insisting on broadcasting together, it is obvious that they are saying if theres you, there wont be me.

Theyre just seeing who will have the last laugh.”

“I feel that it will be Classic X Files.

The episode yesterday was too impressive.

If were talking about the negative talking points, Qiao Luna had managed to give a lot.

If were talking about popularity, it was all dealt with by Lu Man and the guests she invited.

How could The Performer even compete”

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