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The doctor met the goddess.

Although the goddess was not in a good state, he could not help but say excitedly, “I am Zhong Lun.

We met once on the academic forum.”

Yan Yuanfei was already a little impatient.

He frowned and said in a low voice, “Treat her first.”

Zhong Lun was his private doctor and was also the most outstanding Chinese medicine doctor in the Zhong familys generation.

Otherwise, he would not be qualified to follow him.

Zhong Lun controlled his emotions.

When he came over just now, Yu Bo did not tell him anything, causing him to lose his composure in front of Mr.



Wen Ruoshui did not remember who he was, but she calmed down under Yan Yuanfeis comforting and obediently let him treat her.

With a cold and fever, her fever was almost 40 degrees.

After giving her an IV drip, Zhong Lun looked at the man and said, “Sir, her fever is too serious.

Ill stay tonight!”

Yan Yuanfei glanced at him.

Did he want to stay and look after the patient, or did he have other thoughts

Zhong Lun understood the look in his eyes and quickly explained, “I only met Dr.

Wen once, I respect her and dont mean anything else.”

He had been through this before, so of course he understood how a man felt about his unique possessiveness towards a woman.

But this was the first time that Sir cared so much about a girl.

Doctor Wen was not an ordinary girl.

Her knowledge, talent, and talent deserved the best treatment.

“Then, sir.” Zhong Lun was really worried about her health, but looking at his expression, he did not dare to say that he would stay.

“Ill take my leave first.

If anything happens to Dr.

Wen, call me and Ill rush over immediately.”

As the saying went, doctors could not treat themselves.

Her body was not in good condition, the sudden fever this time was not something that happened in a day or two.

It was a long period of accumulation that erupted in her body.

Otherwise, based on what Yu Bo had said about her being drenched, her condition shouldnt be so serious.

Zhong Lun reached the door when Yan Yuanfei suddenly called out to him, he looked at the sleepy young lady on the sofa.

“You can stay!”

He was not a doctor.

If anything happened and Zhong Lun rushed over again, he was afraid of delaying her condition.

The night passed peacefully.

When Wen Ruoshui opened her eyes in a daze, she saw the mans handsome face right in front of her.

He was lying on his stomach beside the bed, his face unnaturally pale.

He was a little tired and had dark circles under his eyes, but it did not affect his looks at all.

From the first time theyd met, shed noticed that he wasnt well and his face was sickly pale.

But the warm, gentle aura he exuded made her ignore his expression.

This was the first time she had looked at a man like this.

The more she looked at him, the more she felt that he was so good-looking, be it his eyebrows, nose, or lips.

It was as if he had grown according to her taste.

Yan Yuanfei was a light sleeper, he was already awake under her burning gaze.

His long and thick eyelashes fluttered as he opened his eyes.

Wen Ruoshui quickly closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Yan Yuanfei smiled dotingly and placed his hand on her forehead.

Her temperature had already dropped and her fever had almost subsided.

Wen Ruoshui was so nervous that she almost held her breath.

Afraid that someone would discover that she was pretending to be asleep, she tried her best to relax.

The mans palm was slightly cold.

When it landed on her forehead, she could clearly feel his slender fingers.

The feeling of being electrocuted instantly invaded her entire body.

The places he touched burned fiercely for a moment, and her heart pounded like a drum.

She even suspected that he could hear her violent heartbeat.

It was only when the man got up and his footsteps disappeared into the room that she suddenly took a deep breath and heaved a sigh of relief.

When Yan Yuanfei came in again, he came over with breakfast.

He made her glutinous rice porridge and two small plates of light side dishes.

Wen Ruoshui had already woken up.

She leaned against the head of the bed and looked at the man.

“Thank you, Mr.


Yan Yuanfei smiled.

“Its no trouble.”

Looking at her, she seemed to have forgotten everything about last night.

However, her emotions had never fluctuated much, and she could not be 100% sure.

When Wen Ruoshui was eating the porridge, she pretended to ask him casually, “I didnt do anything out of line last night, right”

Yan Yuanfei nodded and looked at the young lady.

“What kind of thing is out of line”

Wen Ruoshui swallowed the porridge in her mouth and coughed softly, embarrassed to look at him.

Her voice became muffled.

“Did I do anything overboard”

She didnt get sick often, but whenever she had a fever, she would do many things that she usually wouldnt do, like being drunk.

Chu Chu teased her because she was usually too boring.

When she was sick, her true nature, which she had suppressed, erupted.

“You said you like me.” Yan Yuanfei did not intend to let go of this opportunity.

He asked her seriously, “Does this count”

Wen Ruoshui almost choked to death on her own saliva.

She looked at the man and really couldnt remember.

“I… I really said that”

Yan Yuanfei looked at her nervous and lost expression, he tapped her forehead lightly.

“I was just teasing you.

Youre very obedient, you didnt do anything.”

He didnt want to put too much pressure on her yet.

If she didnt want to admit it, he was right there with her, waiting for her to admit it.

He already knew what he wanted to know the most.

The person he liked was also happy with him, nothing was more important than this.

While Wen Ruoshui heaved a sigh of relief, she did not let go of the suspicion in her heart.

He did not seem like the kind of person who would joke, she must have said something nonsense to him when she was having a fever!

Oh no! What would he think of her

Would he think that she was a very casual girl who fell in love with someone she had just met a few times

Besides, he must have said that he was joking so that she wouldnt feel pressured.

Yan Yuanfei looked at the young ladys conflicted expression and was glad that he did not say it out loud just now.

Otherwise, she would definitely reject him.

Perhaps it was because she had been living under someone elses roof since she was young, but this young lady was good at reading people.

On the other hand, in order not to be hurt by rumors, she had closed her heart and locked it firmly.

For the time being, he could not let her open her heart to him.

He could only take it slow and plan slowly.

Wen Ruoshui was about to leave after breakfast and Yan Yuanfei did not keep her.

He only reminded her to take her medicine on time.

If she felt uncomfortable, she should quickly find a doctor.

She had to find another doctor even though she was a doctor.

Wen Ruoshui answered him but it was unknown if she was listening.

After putting on her shoes, she ran away.

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