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The group of arrogant and condescending second-generation heirs at the door watched Dongfang Xi leave.

Since they were bored and their mouths were sore, they started discussing Wen Ruoshui.

“Haha, thats good.

I like it in the car the most.

Shao Yus new Hummer is going to the wilderness.

Its exciting to think about it!”

“Shao Yu, arent you not afraid of anything Go after her.

After you get her, us brothers will play together.

We have to share good things together.”

“It shouldnt be a problem to have fun once or twice.

Didnt Dongfang Chu stay with her for more than ten years Isnt she fine too”

“Thats right.

If youre tired of her, just throw her away.

If a man wants a woman like her, she should be grateful.”

This group of rich second-generation heirs were all profligate sons of the capital.

They spoke without restraint and spoke lewdly.

They would try all kinds of sexual activities together like threesomes and orgies.

Not far away, Yan Yuanfei strode over.

His usually gentle eyes were already filled with a chill that made ones heart palpitate.

When he walked to the side, he stopped in his tracks.

“Do you people use your mouths to spout nonsense”

The few rich second-generation heirs were chatting happily.

Who would have thought that someone would dare to interfere in their business They cursed as they looked in his direction.

There was even one who rolled up his sleeves and prepared to teach him a lesson.

However, when this group of profligate sons saw his face clearly, they all fell silent.

All of them were like frosted eggplants, listless.

They lowered their heads and said respectfully, “Mr.


Yan Yuanfei glanced at them coldly.

“Shut your mouths.

Dont let me hear those words again.”

If it werent for their elders, he wouldnt have let them off.

How could a bunch of ignorant things be worthy of mentioning her name

The profligates agreed in fear and trepidation, breaking out in a cold sweat.

Normally, gentlemanly people gave people the greatest impact when they were angry.

It was the most terrifying.

“Where is she” Yan Yuanfei did not see Wen Ruoshui, but from their discussions, she was definitely in this restaurant.


Yan, who are you talking about” The profligate son in the lead was so scared that his voice was trembling.

It was not that he was too timid, but the aura emitted by the man was too oppressive.

“Wen Ruoshui.” When Yan Yuanfei said this name, even his cold voice became gentler.

“In… in the washroom.” The playboy pointed at the corridor not far away.

“Over there.”

The remaining profligates did not dare to speak.

They looked at each other.

What a joke!

They had only discussed women.

It was very common for men to talk about such topics.

Why had they made Mr.

Yan unhappy

It turned out that it was not because they were discussing women, but because the woman they were discussing was Wen Ruoshui!

The few socialites heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Yan Yuanfei walk away.

Oh my god, this is shocking news.

There must be something between Mr.

Yan and Wen Ruoshui!

Could it be that Mr.

Yan had taken a liking to Wen Ruoshui, this jinx

However, no matter what they thought, they did not dare to discuss it anymore.

Everyone knew that Mr.

Yans eldest brother, Mr.

Rong Yin, worked at the Security Bureau.

If he found out that they had badmouthed Mr.

Yan, not to mention them, even their families would suffer with them.

After all, big shots of their level were strictly protected by the countrys institutions.

The washroom was very quiet.

There was no one there.

Wen Ruoshui stood up and was about to open the cubicle door to go out when a basin of cold water suddenly poured down on her head and drenched her entire body instantly.

It was so cold that she shivered and scolded coldly, “Whos there”

At the door, panicked footsteps left quickly.

The door was blocked by someone outside.

She tried to push it open twice but failed.

It was not appropriate to destroy the door.

Even if she went out now, the person who splashed water on her must have escaped.

He had poured cold water on her in the washroom!

When Yan Yuanfei went over, he saw a woman wearing a mask and sunglasses coming out of the washroom.

She was sinister and evil.

When the woman saw him, she left in a hurry.

Wen Ruoshui came to the washroom without taking her phone.

She knocked on the washroom door.

“Is anyone there Im locked inside.

Can you help me open the door”

Yan Yuanfei stood at the washroom door.

When he heard her voice, he rushed in without thinking.

Thankfully, there was no one in the washroom.

The cubicle Wen Ruoshui was in was blocked by a mop.

She could not open the door or go out.

Yan Yuanfei looked at the disheveled woman in front of him, who was drenched.

His heart suddenly tightened, and it hurt a little.

He hurriedly took off his coat and put it on her.

Wen Ruoshui had not expected him to be the first to rush in to save her.

When she saw the nervous and worried man in front of her, she was slightly stunned.

She smiled at him.

“Thank you.”

“Go out and change first.” Yan Yuanfeis voice was tense with obvious heartache.

He glanced at the washroom and confirmed what had happened.

The tools on the ground were still there.

There was an empty bucket and a stool.

Someone had stepped on the stool and splashed water on her.

“Okay.” Wen Ruoshui did not feel very cold.

After all, there was heating everywhere, and the heating was very strong.

The place was very warm, and she did not catch a cold.

However, her clothes were all wet, and they felt tight against her body.

Yu Bo was guarding the washroom door.

There was even a sign that said that it was being repaired.

When he saw the two of them coming out, he hurried over and greeted them respectfully.

Yan Yuanfei approached him and whispered a few instructions to him to find the culprit who ran away after doing something bad.

If he was not wrong, he was the woman he met when he came over.

Now that he thought about it, she felt a little familiar.

When he saw him, the woman was obviously nervous.

She should be someone he had seen before.

Yu Bo listened to the instructions and went to find the manager of the restaurant.

He looked at the surveillance cameras and went to find her.

Yan Yuanfei had a photographic memory of the people he had seen.

He told him very clearly about the culprits clothes, height, and figure.

It was very easy to find the culprit.

Wen Ruoshui was afraid that Dongfang Chu and Nangong Lengyu would be worried when they saw that she was not going back, so she asked Yan Yuanfei to get someone to inform the duo.

When the duo found out that she had been attacked in the washroom, they ran over nervously.

The surveillance footage was quickly brought over and they found the woman Yan Yuanfei had seen.

Dongfang Chu recognized her at a glance.

She clenched her fists angrily and turned around with red eyes to settle the score.

“Dongfang Xi, shes courting death!”

This evil woman was too much.

She had already kicked Shui Shui out of the Dongfang family, yet she still wanted to kill her

This time, it was splashing water.

What about next time Dont tell me she was going to kill someone!

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