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While Taejung was driving his sports car quietly that day, in the car beside him, someone opened their window, cat-calling and tried to instigate him into a fight The bastards, who possessed an inferiority complex, tried to pick fights multiple times before and Taejung shrugged them off.

But that day, the situation took an unexpected turn.


Since there was no reaction instigated from Taejung, as if their pride was hurt, they flicked their middle at kwon Taejung and drove dangerously, aiming to clash with Taejung’s car.

If he could have held back, it would have been better.

But he couldn’t and chased the running car of the aggressors.

For the span of minutes, he played goose chase which was recorded by the black boxes of other cars.

That was all.




After that happened, Kwon Taejung came out on the news riding on the multiple blackbox recordings that poured in simultaneously.

At the same time, Taesung Group was in uproar.

Taejung, who was dragged to the chairman’s office along with his older siblings, watched the new outbreak, titled “Chaebol 2nd generation, driving recklessly”.

On the scene, it all escalated crazily.

But since he was the youngest, his father took pity on him. 



“Just **.

I’m going to kill them all.”


If those bastards hadn’t been sweetening up to the chaebol, he would have slapped and hit them.It wouldn’t have been so unfair then.

He woke up, pissed at those pestering thoughts and replaced them with those of work.



Really **ing **.



At those kinds of times, it was best to work-out to the point of not being able to think at all.

Usually he would go to the fitness center down below and take a run there, however he stopped himself that time, thinking it wouldn’t be for the better if his face was selling like hot cakes in the media.

There was no reason to let the public think that he was taking his time exercising when he was supposed to be self-reflecting.



House, slum, house and then slum again and he would have to repeat that cycle all over, thought Kwon Taejung.

He pushed his feet into the slipper and walked to the kitchen, taking out a bottle of cold water.

As if on reflex, he took two inhibitors.

Even though he could control his pheromones, there were some moments when he couldn’t. 


He would usually get agitated before his rut would start, and he would try to control his pheromones then but given his pheromones were strong, it couldn’t be controlled.

The inhibitors were simply for those kinds of situations.


Later in the morning, he could feel his unstable pheromones eventually settling down.

When he was comfortable, he climbed the stairs to the second floor where the gym was. 


In the wide space, towards the glass window, was placed a treadmill which he boarded and walked at the mild speed and when his body lightened, he gradually increased the speed.

His body wasn’t in a bad condition but the same couldn’t be said about his mood, so he decided to workout for an hour before washing up.


Kwon Taejung increased the speed beyond his ability but he didn’t have a hard time catching up.

He watched the phone on top of the running machine which buzzed with the name “Dad” flashing across the screen. 


“Yes, chief.”


–You’ll start going to the slum today right


–Drop by, before you go there. 



Eat breakfast and then go. 

“I still don’t feel like eating with you.” 

–Don’t joke around



I’ll be there by 8.

It will only take 30 minutes.”

–Be careful. 


Even though Kwon Taejung was falsely accused, his father got angry with him, stripped him of his position and assigned the task of the slum to him.

It wouldn’t be a lie if he said he didn’t feel sorry for his dad because after all, Kwon Taejung loved his dad.

His siblings were often left surprised whenever Kwon Taejugn would contact his dad because they thought their relationship was estranged for good.


Since his dad called him first thing in the morning, it made him feel half as delighted and half just fine.

As his mood improved, he dropped off the treadmill shortly after.

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“Young sir, you came”



“Yes, Maám.

I came to eat breakfast with the chairman.

So give me something to eat please.

After I started living independently, the most pitiful thing was that I couldn’t eat the food you made.”


“It is good that you came.

I guess the chairman feels lonely because his youngest son isn’t here.”


“Big sister and brother are here, so…But for someone who misses me in my absence, we aren’t very tight.”


“Gosh, it’s because he feels upset.”


“What can I do, if my parents feel that I’m useless because I’m a grown up now.”


Kwon Taejung bent forward to talk with the ladies who helped with the housework, but twirled around when sensed someone approaching.

He noticed his sister and brother walking towards him.


“Hey, what’s wrong with your face Are you starving out of protest, because of the false accusation”


“I can’t look good.

I’m in the middle of being grounded.”


“Still, you should eat properly.

Father will be upset if sees you like this.

Take a chill pill, we know you were falsely accused.

The press will die down as well.”


“It doesn’t matter if the news dies down or not.

The office at the slum is too shabby, however.

They bought a red container.”



As if they were aware of the said fact, they sat down across from Kwon Taejung and gazed at him.

It was obvious from her eyes that he was thinking of how cute her youngest brother was.


“I saw that too.

It just stood out like a sore thumb.

Be careful because it gets really dirty during the summer.”


“I’ll be out of there before summer, though.

The demolition is scheduled for June.”


“Ah, right.

That’s a relief.

Tell us if we could help you with something.”




Kwon Taejung flickered his eyes over his sister, who looked genuinely worried and nodded.

After witnessing all of the people who criticized and provoked him, he was able to breathe after seeing his family who recognized how unfair the situation was and were by his side.


“I roughly took a look at the report and it would be for the better, if the situation does not go on air.

My friend works at the broadcasting station and when I asked him secretly about it, it seems like they are working their ass off for a follow-up.” 


“I heard from Secretary Baek yesterday.

There’s a kid there.

They want to do a follow-up on him.”


“Ah, right.

It will be a pain in the ass if it inflates into a bigger issue.

It’s the perfect recipe for making stories up.

A sick grandfather who was scammed because of the relocation expenses and blackmailing moneylenders.

On top of that, a grandson who is paying off the debt.

Also, a sneaky corporation who is kicking those pitiful residents out.” 


Kwon Taejung leaned against the chair and tilted his head as he listened to Kwon Kijung, his brother speak.

There are many events that could be easily exaggerated and would be fun to broadcast.

But it was his responsibility to stop it from happening, so that was a problem.



“I heard that he rejected the offer because he wouldn’t like his face to broadcasted but you don’t when he might change his mind.

He can do fundraising through telecasts.

Since he just turned 20, I know how strong a young boy’s influence is…so he can utilize it to his heart’s content.

It’s a world where anything can be revealed in a matter of seconds so it won’t be ebay for you to keep your eyes on him.” 


“Don’t worry, hyung.

Don’t think I can’t do whatever I want with that kid.”


“Right, we know.

You are going to give your best out there.

You are a smooth talker, skilled and can achieve whatever you want.” 


Seeing his older brother and sister encourage him, he chuckled.

As soon as he saw his father coming in, he sprung from his seat.


“Good morning, chairman.” 


“Yes, good morning.”


After his father took his seat, he followed suit and googled the rice and soup kept in front of him.

When he felt his father’s eyes bore into him, he darted his eyes at him. 


“I called you so that you can eat your meal properly because you’ll be embarking on a new journey today.

It’s not an easy task so proceed cautiously and don’t act impulsively.”


“Yes, I don’t do that anymore.

I will tolerate and practice it even more.

Even if someone pesters me, I will keep a cool head.” 


“Even when it feels like you can’t take it anymore, try to get a grip.

If something difficult comes by, contact Yujung and Kijung.”





As he saw the youngest answer obediently, he gazed at him with a pitiful expression and took a spoon first.

Kwon Taejung, who watched his father slurp the soup one more time, he then engulfed a small amount of white rice.

For the last two days, he only gulped down wine and starved, so consuming white rice after a long time made his mouth feel itchy.


“I will return your old position if the demolition proceeds without further problems.

The residents should be sent away without any complaints within the next 3 months and only then can you start with the demolition activities.” 


“Yes, don’t worry.

Well, as you said it’s a difficult task.”


“If the event appears on the broadcast one more time, bear in mind that all the redevelopment activities will be halted.” 


“Why are you trying to scare me It will be fine if I spend the next 3 months quietly as I am doing now.”


Taking a bite of the salad, he pressed a piece of apple in his mouth.

He met his father’s eyes and smiled, seeing how worried he was.

With that smile, the countdown to the next 3 months started. 



Kwon Taejung entered the red container and roughly gouged the inside, as if he was satisfied with the pleasant smell.

There was new furniture which was organized neatly, and the sofa with leather skin where the thugs rubbed their cigarettes and unused tables were all gone.


“Secretary Baek, you’ve worked hard.

It seems livable now.”



“I didn’t do anything.

The cleaning people did all the hard work.”


“I can work there now since it doesn’t reek anymore.

Ah, but there’s no bed.”




“IThere should be a bed in a vacation lodging.”


“Ah…I’ll prepare it.”


“It’s a joke.

It’ll be better if there was one, but I have some social dignity.”


Secretary Baek exhaled a sigh of relief, relieved that it was a joke.

He stared at the red container before looking at Kwon Taejung who was standing next to him.


“The union leader and other members wanted to greet you, so should we make some space for it”


“There is no need to make space.

There must be an union office, right We can just see them and greet them quickly and that’ll be it.

It’s not that I’m involved in their work.”


“Yes, I understand.

Then, we will drop by the union office later.”



“Ah, before that.

What was his name…That kid.”


“Ah, Yeon Yigyeom.”


“Ah, right.


Is he home I wanted to greet him.”


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