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Jack frowned when he called Gu Jingyu, who was on his way to the Himalayas to climb the legendary world’s number one peak.


“Oh! My dear Gu, why haven’t you come back yet Are you going to give up your company”


Gu Jingyu smiled, and Jack suddenly shouted.


“Oh my god, Gu! What have you been doing all this time, and why do you look so …..

Well …..

According to your country, that has a human touch.”


Gu Jingyu had changed a lot.

Previously, Gu Jingyu had always seemed to have a thick wall that blocked everyone out.


But now, it was apparent that the wall was gone from Gu Jingyu’s body.


“I don’t plan to return to work yet, so keep working hard during this time.” After saying that, he hung up the phone decisively.


“Gu, what are you doing”


A man in his 40s ran over next to him, looking familiar with Gu Jingyu.


This was a mountain climber Gu Jingyu met in the Himalayas who had attempted to climb Mount Everest several times and failed every time halfway up the mountain.


Only each time, he had to climb a little higher than the last.


He was very enthusiastic and had just met Gu Jingyu.

He handed over all his long experience to Gu Jingyu.


You know, climbing Mount Everest requires a lot of money and time to prepare.


As expected, Gu Jingyu was unsuccessful in his first climb.

After resting for a while, he went to challenge Mount Everest for the second time.


Another challenge was still unsuccessful, and the third and fourth failed halfway through.


Gu Jingyu looked at his body with disgust.

Recently, his body still lacked a certain amount of exercise.


After not knowing how long he had been there or how many attempts he had made, Gu Jingyu finally climbed to the top of the mountain.


You couldn’t see very far from the top of the mountain.

Even one’s body felt very uncomfortable because of the air pressure.


However, it was here that even if you couldn’t see below, there was a sense of grandness in one’s heart.


After staying at the top for a short time, Gu Jingyu slowly went down.


After that, Gu Jingyu occasionally returned to the company to deal with his work.

Of course, most of the time was spent pushing the limits.


As his wealth grew, Gu Jingyu’s reputation grew internationally.


Gu Jingyu became the first Chinese person to enter the scale in a particular ranking of wealthy people.


In a short time, everyone at home and abroad knew about such a rich man who liked to push the limits.


Of course, Song Ningxuan also saw Gu Jingyu on the news and felt a pang of regret.


If she had accepted Gu Jingyu at that time, would …..

would she have had a different life


Song Ningxuan felt that her life should not be like this when she looked at Ou Xiuyuan, who was frantically smashing things in the living room.


But what should it be like


What kind would it be


Song Ningxuan was contemplating her questions and didn’t notice that Ou Xiuyuan was well, coming over with a wine bottle.


“Bump!” Song Ningxuan felt a sharp pain coming from the top of her head.

Turning her head, she saw a fierce-looking Ou Xiuyuan.


“What are you looking at” Ou Xiuyuan asked softly as he leaned in and whispered in Song Ningxuan’s ear, like a lover’s whisper.


The sharp pain in her head only told her that the person next to her was a madman.


“No ….

Didn’t look at anything!” Song Ningxuan replied, trembling, not daring to look at Ou Xiuyuan’s eyes.


Ou Xiuyuan picked up the newspaper and saw the largest section.


“You’re reading this Are you regretting it now” Ou Xiuyuan looked at Song Ningxuan’s eyes as he faced her, his eyes full of madness.


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