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When Gu Jingyu investigated the traffickers’ data, he had heard a little about these people.


Most of them were trafficked but didn’t find their next family.

Then their eyes were gouged out cruelly, or their arms and legs were broken.

Then they were scattered to various places to beg.


If they had more money from begging, they might be treated relatively better.

If they had less, then they would be abused more brutally.


These people have become the tools of the traffickers to vent their anger.

Under the prolonged torture, they have lost hope for life.


A few people were physically intact, but they all looked strangely at those who came to pick them up.


The sharp-eyed Gu Jingyu could see those staff members secretly wiping their tears on the side.


Although Gu Jingyu did not understand these emotions, he somehow felt that inward shock.


He now understood the police chief a little.


When he saw Su Hangyu, Gu Jingyu didn’t even get close to her.


After learning about the situation from the staff, Gu Jingyu’s father discovered that the money had been stolen when the original Gu Jingyu left.


He vented all his anger on Su Hangyu, and Su Hangyu’s first son resented her.


The two men in the family took out all of their resentment on Su Hangyu.

They were beating Su Hangyu sadistically at the time the police went over.


The bruises on Su Hangyu’s body could be vaguely seen even now.

Layers and layers of new beatings and old injuries looked extraordinarily frightening.


“I am Gu Jingyu, do you remember” Gu Jingyu tried to control his voice and softened it as much as possible.


Perhaps the sight of Gu Jingyu’s familiar face gradually eased Su Hangyu.


Timidly looking at Gu Jingyu, her eyes brightened up little by little.


“You are Yu’er.” Su Hangyu ran over and hugged Gu Jingyu.


Suddenly, Gu Jingyu got pushed away very hard.


“Didn’t I say not to come back What are you doing here You don’t ….

Don’t become the devil.”


“Don’t come back.

Don’t come back.”


The staff came over and said to Gu Jingyu, “Mr.

Gu, your mother has an extreme stress reaction and is not in a very good mental state.

Under the long-term abuse, your mother’s body has reached its limit.

She needs a long period of care as well as recuperation.”


The staff had seen too many of these, and Su Hangyu was not the most miserable.


In the same village, a woman was the wife of six brothers at the same time, gave birth to eight children, and was pregnant when she was brought back.


However, that woman had gone crazy.


After the essential information was said and a series of agreements were signed, Su Hangyu was finally brought back inside the hotel.


Su Hangyu, who had just returned to the real world, looked at the surroundings and was a little uneasy with the silence.


She clenched her hands tightly.

The surroundings were too unfamiliar and different from what she used to live in.


“Yu’er, did you come to save mommy Have I made it out”


Gu Jingyu gently took Su Hangyu’s hand, sounding as soft as possible.


“Yes, I came to pick you up and get you out.

I came to pick you up.” When he arrived at the hotel, he let Su Hangyu sleep on the bed while he settled on the sofa.


He did not know that his face was now soft, a tenderness he had never had.


The warm lights were switched on, besides the essential oils to lull people to sleep.

On the sofa, her son was sleeping; it was the only time Su Hangyu had fallen asleep peacefully over the years.


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