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Susan's condition checked in the room was incomprehensible.

Susan was beaten worse than I thought.

It was clear that Betty had gritted her teeth and hit her.

“My lady, I will.”

“Ugh, no.

I'll do it.

It's on my back, so I can't even reach it with my hands."

I said, rubbing some good ointment on the bruise on Susan's back.

This was Celltron airlifted from outside.

Pirori is very clever, so she played the role of a transfer tool without any special training.

Thanks to this, Celltron learned about the unfair situation and regret I was in.

He also relayed the general context of his conversation with his father.

Just in case you didn't know, I needed to keep my mouth shut.

“How have you been”

Susan asked in a weak voice.

Even in the midst of this, I was grateful and felt foolish for worrying about me.

So I slathered a lot of ointment on Susan's back and said,


I was doing fine.

Karsian and Pirori helped me.”

“I was fine too thanks to the lady.

She could tell that every time you sent her a pirori, she was okay.”

I have a sore throat.

Even though the secretly delivered water and regards through Pirori were only a few, he felt relieved.

Susan's love was so undeserved that it took her breath away.

Her true intentions came out through the barely exhaled breath.

“You don’t regret it”

“… … yes"

“Susan could go to a better place.”

Susan was my illegitimate nanny, but she worked for the Marquis of Gladellis.

If she leaves because she doesn't want to take care of me, her mother will gladly write Susan her letter of recommendation.

At the age of 7, I was old enough to be separated from my nanny, and having no one to take care of me was better for bothering me.

Also, Susan is very capable.

It means that there is no one who deserves to suffer like this by my side.

I could blame Susan for staying here and being harassed.

She was depressed at the thought, so Susan swung her around.

Then she cried, clutching my ointment-stained hands.

"miss! Don't think like that!”

The voice was so loud that I involuntarily opened my eyes wide.

This is the first time Susan has yelled at me.

"Susan… … ”

Susan even blushed like someone who had heard a very shocking story.

It wasn't long before her eyes were wet.

“Why, why are you crying… … .”

“Hey, suck… … Never say that again, like that.”

Susan lowered her head and rested her forehead on my clenched hands.

Her body was not well and she had a hot fever.

“Don't even think about it.

I, I...

… .”

Susan took a deep breath, caught her breath, then looked up to face me.

I was fully contained in her brown eyes, which were slightly lighter than her brown hair, which seemed to represent her mild temperament.

“I am happy to meet you, my lady.”

“… … !”

"You're saying that because you don't know.

I still can't forget The day I first held the sleeping girl wrapped in a golden cloth.”

"Susan… … .”

Susan let out a series of sighs, like someone trying to bring up a very heavy story.

“My lady, there is a story you must hear.”

“… … yes."

“You know, even the young lady, but… … You are not the lady's biological mother.”

Susan's light brown eyes moved slightly.

I knew everything, but I pretended not to listen to Susan's story.

“I was originally the head maid helping the head maid.

Originally, the role of the lady's nanny was the role of the head maid who gave birth to the child at the time.

However, the blind maid was reluctant to entrust her to her because she was a child outside of her family.

At that time, Lady Elene wasn't even in the lady's stomach.”

“… … yes."

"That's why I, who was not married, became the lady's nanny."

I didn't know this.

Although she knew that Susan was not married.

“Since no milk came out, I warmed up the cow’s milk and fed it, and I had a hard time finding powdered milk.

But it was nothing like that kind of hardship.


Susan slowly touched the back of my hand.

“Because I fell in love with you the moment I held her for the first time.

When the young lady opened her eyes and took my finger in her little hand, I made a promise.”

Light brown eyes stared at me and smiled softly.

“Let me do it.”

“… … .”

"I'm not a real mother or a skilled nanny, but let's tell you happiness."

Light brown eyes wet with tears shone brightly.

The emotion in it was boundless love.

Something proudly rose from the depths of his heart.

“So I have no regrets.

I've never had one.

I've never been tired, young lady."

Susan carefully let go of her clasped hands, as if she was worried that even what was holding them would wear out.

I followed Susan's hand and grabbed it.

Then she bowed her head, as Susan had done, and put her forehead in her clasped hands and said,


Thank you, Susan.

I'm happy too.

To meet Susan and be able to stay with Susan.

Susan is the only happiness I have.”

I felt Susan's hands freeze at my words.

“It's all thanks to Susan.

However… … .”

I slowly raised my head.

Then he bit his lower lip and said.

“There will never be anything like this in the future.”

"miss… … .”

“I will make it.”

Susan's eyes twitched slightly.

It's because she shuddered because of the tears that filled her quickly.

I wiped away her tears with my tiny hand compared to Susan's.

“So, let’s just be happy from now on”

For some reason, I thought I would cry too, so I grimaced and smiled.

Susan rested her cheek gently on my small hand before she nodded slowly.

“Okay, then you have to treat yourself.”

“Yes, lady.

I will ask you here too.”

It was difficult to move because of the beaten arm.

I carefully smeared the ointment on Susan's side as well, and very quietly burned my anger toward Betty and the marquis.

Like a lingering fire burning dry straw.

* * *

A week has passed since then.

Today, too, I was looking at the ledger with my father.

Then, by chance, something happened before the regression came to mind.

Come to think of it, wasn't one of the books tampered with around this time Just in case, I looked through the ledger and found out.

I went in front of my father with a smile of repentance.


Compared to my previous life, thanks to my abilities, my father is still very cold, even though he has become harmful.

I held the ledger I had just found in front of my father.

It was the end of last month settlement.

“The ledger is wrong, Father.”

“… … What"

Father raised his head in surprise.

“I just did the calculation and 120 gold is empty.”

You may think it's only 120 gold, but this is a monthly settlement ledger.

Even 1 bronze should not have any errors.

If this is wrong, it means that the previous ledger is also wrong.

My father quickly opened the ledger and checked it.

Then, as I said, as if he had confirmed that 120 gold was empty, his white face turned red again.

“Such a worthless child… … !”

The person in charge of the monthly ledger now was a man my father had hired expensively.

It means that he is a very advanced manpower enough to entrust the overall work of the upper ranks.

But then he made a mistake, and didn't correct it until I, a 7-year-old, noticed.

I also checked the ledger for the last month while my father chewed on the curse.


Father, this is not enough.

This is 80 gold.”

My father's swear words grew even louder.

Before the return, the books for 3 months were obviously wrong, and all the amount of money went into the employee's pocket, right

I pointed out all the mistakes in the ledger in front of my father, and at the same time let him know that it was not a mistake.

“Isn’t that too subtle to be a mistake 140 silver from soft grass, 200 silver from soft flowers...

… .

In this way, you only took out a little bit from herbs whose market prices change easily.”

My father, knowing that the total amount of 200 gold had gone to the employee's pocket, immediately sent me back.

And that evening, Susan, Karsian, and I ate meat to the point of bursting our stomachs.

The next day, I went up to the second manager position at the top of Gladellis in one go.

“You want to make Latia the second manager”

Of course, my mother objected to this.

But my father threw only the ledger I had corrected in front of my mother.

“It’s something that the employees and you, who sit as the first manager, missed.”

Mother checked the ledger in disbelief.

However, I was speechless as if I was at a loss for words at my impeccable workmanship.

“I won’t hold you accountable, so don’t say anything either.”

My father kicked out my mother and told me that he had plowed the soil in the herb garden in the backyard.

“I hope it works!”

I still spoke in an innocent voice.

As if he was this clever, but still somehow stupid enough to play in his father's hands.

At this, my father looked at me with a slightly softened expression, then turned his gaze back to the papers.

I could tell thanks to those eyes.

That my father trusted me more than a certain amount.

yes, father Please trust and depend on me more.

Only then can I properly avenge my father.

To be honest, it's not that I'm not shaken by my father who has become dull.

If I keep pretending to be nice like this, won't someday accept me as a real daughter Won't the day come when you really love me

This goddamn Latia's body still craves the love and affection of her parents.

The severe lack of affection is truly frightening.

But I consciously made up my mind.

I no longer want the love of my father and mother.

Even if I give it to you, I won't take the love that has rotted away between the two of you.


Even if I don't have to struggle to prove my worth and not be abandoned, there is someone who loves me.

As a true nurturer, there is someone who gives for me.

I mean Susan, who loves me even if I don't show clumsy aegyo.

So I was able to go on my way without being shaken.


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