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The estate was brightly decorated with red lanterns and the atmosphere was very festive.

Ever since 8:00 pm, people had started letting off firecrackers one after another in the estate.

There was no better way to welcome the new year.

Huo Yao strolled unhurriedly around the estate with the dog.

As they walked under the street lamps, they left shadows behind them.

Her phone suddenly rang in her pocket.

Huo Yao halted slightly, held the dog leash with her other hand, and retrieved her phone.

After checking the caller ID, she pressed the button to answer.

“What are you up to” Min Yus cool voice came from over the phone.

There were firecrackers going off, but Huo Yao could hear his voice clearly.

Huo Yao was surprised by the call.

Goofy happened to wrestle himself free of the leash and dashed off.

After snapping out of thoughts, she smiled and shook her head.

She spoke as she ran after the dog.

“Im babysitting for my Second Older Brother.”

Min Yu could tell she was out walking, so he asked.

“Are you out in the estate”

Huo Yao acknowledged softly.

Since Goofy was able to run very fast, he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

She shouted a few times, but he refused to come back, so she could not help feeling annoyed.

“Its so troublesome to have a dog,” complained Huo Yao.

Hardly any other residents would come out for a walk at this hour, so she decided to stand under the streetlamp and wait for Goofy to come back on his own.

Huo Yao hardly lost her cool or complained.

Min Yu could not help smiling as he teased her.

“Its just a dog and you are already cribbing.

Whats going to happen when we have a son”

Huo Yao went speechless.

Huo Yao was quiet for a couple of seconds before she disregarded his teasing and changed the subject.

“Why arent you watching the TV”

She could tell he was located in a very quiet place right now.

“Im not watching any TV,” said Min Yu softly as he looked at the young woman standing under the streetlamp.

She was wearing a long and thick down jacket and looked like a penguin.

Min Yus eyes turned soft looking at her.

He was exhausted but recovered slightly looking at her.

He slowly walked toward Huo Yao.

Huo Yao lowered her head and looked at her toes as she talked on the phone, so she failed to notice anything behind her.

She said, “If you can, you should catch the Chinese New Year gala.

My fourth older brother is appearing on it.”

Min Yus voice suddenly came from behind her.

“Uh huh.

I know.”

It did not sound like his voice was coming from the phone but right behind her.

Huo Yao hastily raised her head and turned around.

A handsome man with a cool aura walked toward her.

She was completely astonished by his presence and her hand froze holding the phone by her ear.

Min Yu walked closer and reached his hand out to embrace her as she stood in astonishment.

“Whats wrong Have you suddenly gone daft”

Huo Yao finally snapped out of her shock when she smelled his cool scent.

She placed her phone in her pocket and asked.

“What are you doing here”

Min Yus face came close to Huo Yaos as he embraced her.

“I wanted to see you.”

Huo Yao could sense her heart racing after hearing his words, so she lowered her head.

She could see their shadow on the ground from the street lamp overhead.

“When did you get back” Huo Yao spoke softly as she held the man by his waist.

Min Yu paused briefly when he felt her embrace before he answered.

“In the afternoon.”

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