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Chapter 101 No Respect Needed

“What did you say Compressed air How much air will you need Are you going to drain the air in the atmosphere” asked a scientist of unknown nationality.

Everyone laughed when they heard the questions.

They were obviously mocking Himmel Soan.

Another scientist said, “If compressed air is as destructive as you say and youve built the space cannon, how come no other scientist has figured it out If you understand the theory, why cant the others Why hasnt any other scientist done any research on this type of weapon Why are we still using ordinary explosives


Soan, where did you find the Immortal Fruit Are you sure youre over 200 years old If that fruit exists, why hasnt anyone else found it Why are you the only so-called immortal man in human history It sounds like the fruit hadnt taken shape until you came along.”

Those words started another round of laughter.

“Silence!” Viclan smacked the table.

However, his reaction only resulted in more questions and criticisms.


Viclan, this is a press conference, not a court, and we have the right to ask what we want.

You cant tell us what to do.”

“We just want some answers.

Are you going to take away our rights to speak”

“Is this how your country treats your guests We didnt fly all the way here to listen to this fraud! Mr.

Soan, if you really are over 200 years old, can you show us some documents to prove it We can always dissect you if you let us.”

Things became quite chaotic.

It was obvious that these people had come here to make sure the conference wouldnt go smoothly.

They were here to sabotage it!

Slamming the table, Henry rose to his feet.

“Shut up, all of you! Say one more word, and Ill kick you out! We wont mistreat our guests, but we value respect and courtesy! If you dont show us any respect, you wont get any in return! If you dont have good manners, youre no different from a hooligan, and well treat hooligans in the manner they deserve!”

Hearing his angry voice, members of the Dragon Tribe picked up their loaded guns.

The sounds of flicking the safety immediately silenced the protesting scientists.

Violence could be very effective.

The silence was finally restored.

Henry sounded apologetic.


Soan, please continue.”

Himmel Soan nodded and went on.

“Ill publish my research results on the Immortal Fruit after we get through this catastrophe, but itll be limited to domestic sources.

As for whether Ill publish them in the international media, itll depend on my governments decision.

Though I need to remind you that by then, there wont be many countries left in the world because the arks arent adequate shelters.”


Soan, you—”.

“Shut up! Cant you let him finish Which country are you from Do you have no manners at all Are you a Neigerian” Henry cut off the scientist before he could finish his sentence.

That scientist rose to his feet.

“Youre violating freedom of speech! You cant stop me from expressing my views!”

“Im not, but now isnt the time to talk about such things.

I know your country values freedom, and so do we, but we have our own laws.

If you insist on having your freedom and wont follow our laws, Im sorry, youre not welcomed here!”

The Neigerian scientist then spoke into one of the cameras.

“Everybody, are you seeing this Thats what this country is like! I have no right to speak! Im denied my basic human right!”

Two members of the Dragon Tribe walked up to him as Gordon said calmly, “Thats right.

Not only have you lost your right to speak, but youve also lost the right to attend this conference! Escort him out and send him back to where he came from!”

The action raised much discussion in the comment section of the live-stream channels.

“What the hell Thats so bossy! How could they chase the man away They could have given him a warning!”

“So true! Our scientist traveled half a world to get there, and those men threw him out just like that!”

“Youre not being objective at all.

Theyve come to our country.

On the Moonian land, they have to follow Moonian laws! Are you going to listen to Himmel Soan or not Is that how your country holds press conferences That person was clearly trying to make trouble.

He had no business staying there!”

“I support Moon.

Im not a Moonian, but I support Moon on this! You people are trying to mislead the public!”

Some viewers supported Moon, while others felt they had overreacted.

The Neigerians were furious.

“What a bunch of losers! They cant treat our people like that!”

“I was going to save them an ark ticket.

Id rather give that ticket to a dog!”

“They cant throw out our scientist! Do they even know who he is Hes one of our top scientists! They showed him no respect whatsoever!”

“That country deserves to be wiped out.

Luckily, we wont need to see their stupid faces after this disaster!”

“Thats right! This catastrophe is a trial to eliminate the idiots, and Moonians are the most idiotic people!”

Henry looked into the cameras and said calmly, “I know the Neigerian officials are watching this conference, too, and I also know theyre the ones who sent those scientists here.

I know what theyre trying to achieve.

If they dont stop now, we wont be so civil anymore.

You said you wanted answers, and were giving them to you.

However, you tried to stop us from answering the questions and showed us no respect.

You had it coming.

If you want a war, well give you one!”

His tone was intimidating.

The Neigerian high-ranking officials watching the conference online got furious.

“Hes just a director! Who gave him that power!”

“How dare he do that to our scientist! Inform all the countries that want to use our arks.

Their people are forbidden from embarking our arks unless they break off all relations with Moon!”


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