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Chapter 117 Last Five Hours

The passengers shouted, “If you do that, well kill ourselves! Id rather die than let you idiots kill me!”

“Thats right! Ill take my own life!”

“Yes, Ill do that! We can take control of our own lives! If were going to die, its not going to happen in that stupid underground shelter!”

“Touch me, and Im going to kill you! The only way Im leaving this ark is in a body


Henry heard every word.

He sighed and told Nathan, “Forget about it.

We wont force them to come if they dont want to.

We still have a few thousand spare IVE Extractors.

They can have them.

I hope they can get through the catastrophe alive.”

Nathan nodded and hung up.


Lyton, since you wouldnt go to the underground shelter, I wont force you.

Please take these IVE Extractors! 13 million lives are concerned!”


Lyton pondered for a few seconds and looked at his fellow managers of the ark.

They exchanged looks before one of them asked, “Did you tamper with the devices”

Nathan sighed.

“What can we possibly do Control you Steal your secrets What confidential information do you have thats worth stealing If youre not afraid of death, you shouldnt be afraid of anything.”

Lyton and his colleagues agreed.

Lyton nodded.


Ill take them.”

“Ill give you the instructions of how they work.

Theyll make sure nothing can penetrate your ark.

However, the devices must stand on level ground.

The slightest tilt will render them useless.

I hope you wont be hit by any meteorite bits.

If this ark sways to either side, the devices wont protect you.”

That was why Himmel Soan chose to build the shelter underground.

If the devices fell, all the innate vigorous energy would dissipate.

If that happened, it wouldnt make a difference where people were hiding.

Lyton and his colleagues didnt take Nathan seriously because they never had any faith in the machines.

The ark was the only thing they trusted.

They werent even going to use the devices.

Nathan saluted them, saying, “Good luck.”

He then went back into the water with the other members of the Himmelian Pavilion to search for refugees.

The HQ in the Pegasus Grassland sent out a team to carry the devices to the eastern coast despite the perilous journey.

10% of the land in Moon had been affected by natural disasters.

The other 90% was safe to travel.

However, traveling in a time like this was testing ones luck.

If they were unlucky, they could be struck by lightning or get caught in a tornado.

All of them would die in that case.

To ensure the safety of the journey, all the trucks carrying out this mission were protected by the IVE from the devices they delivered

The same risk remained.

The devices had to remain level.

If there was an earthquake or if the trucks fell over a cliff, the devices would be disturbed, and they would all be doomed.

But with 13 million lives at risk, their effort was worth it.

They were also racing against the meteorite.

It would arrive in ten hours, and the return trip from the Pegasus Grassland to the seaside would normally take that much time.

However, if anything went wrong, they might not be able to get back to the grassland.

Lyton had no idea what the country had done for them.

The delivery team should be admired for their courage.

Five hours to go.

The rescue teams brought back the last 180 thousand foreigners they had saved, and Himmel Soan gave the command: no one was to set foot outside the underground shelter, and all members of the Soan empire were to return to the shelter.

Many things would happen in the next five hours because the meteorite had reached a position where it could affect Earth significantly.

It would take Despair One five hours to reach Earth.

It would only take light fifty seconds to travel the same distance.

The light could cover the distance from the sun to Earth in eight minutes and to the moon in 1.28 seconds.

The distance between Despair One to Earth was 39 times that of between the moon and Earth.

That was how close it was.

The moon was the first to be affected.

It was daytime, and the people on Earth couldnt see the moon.

However, Himmel Soan could sense it.

The moon had digressed from its course and would no longer circle Earth.

It would affect Earth significantly.

Even children knew the moon was what caused the tide to rise and fall.

It was also the reason why there were four seasons on Earth.

Without it, the rotation axis of Earth would change.

There would be no distinctive seasons, and the glaciers would melt.

However, it would take a long time for that to happen.

The moon wasnt their top priority.

Himmel Soan knew he could get the moon back when his power recovered.

He needed to take care of the meteorite first.

The oceans were out of control, and the seawater flooded the land.

The weather became even worse.

Storms, hailstones, and lightning were happening one after another,

90% of the Moonian land was affected by natural disasters, and globally, only 20% of the land remained safe.

Back in Moon.

The president sat uneasily in the underground shelter.

His telecommunication devices were still working.

He didnt know what Himmel Soan did, but the entire underground shelter had a signal.

Himmel Soan stood at the launching door of the space cannon.

He was covered by an invisible shield, which could block out all the rain and hailstones.

Suddenly, he sensed that the team delivering the IVE Extractors was in danger.

The next second, he disappeared from where he was standing and was on his way to rescue them.

Lyton and his colleague were touched.

Their country had sent people to deliver the devices in weather like this.

Although they werent going to use the machines, they still felt grateful.

He then sealed the cabin doors and was ready to get through the next five hours.

One way or another, everything would be over in five hours.

In Neige.

Oraman arrived at the launching site of the energy cannon, where he would wait for the final launch.

However, something went wrong.




President, we have bad news.

The earthquake destroyed the base station, and the control panel has stopped working.”

“What What do you mean Are you saying we cant launch the energy cannon”

“We can, but it wont be as accurate, and we have to fire it manually.”


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