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Chapter 120 Establish Skynet

“Its aiming at Neige…” The technician pointed at the coordinates on the control panel.

“Its right above us! Its aiming at Eternity!”

“What!” Oraman paled and fell backward.

The people behind him immediately caught him.

Maruse said, “Abort now!” “Weve run out of time!”

The countdown reached “one” at that moment.

Everybody on Eternity was scared out of their wits.

All hell broke loose.

Women were screaming, men were shouting, and children were crying.

What good could it do

Eternity had been sealed off, and they had no way to escape.

“Damn the Moonians!”

“I dont want to die! Help!”

“Calm down! Maybe the energy cannon cant penetrate our hull.”

“Its designed to destroy the meteorite! How can Eternity withstand it!”

“I didnt know that Moonian was so capable! Were going to be killed by our own weapon!”

“No! No!!!”

“Help! Help me!!!”

“Im sorry, Mr.

Soan! It was all our fault! Please abort the launch! Im so sorry! Please dont kill us!”

People were begging, screaming, crying, and bellowing at the same time.

Millions of people were having nervous breakdowns.

The world was watching, and all the countries were astonished, be it Neiges allies or enemies.

They were all shocked that Himmel Soan could control the Neigerian network and that he had launched an attack on Neige!

No one had expected that the Moonian technology was so advanced.

The Neigerians would never have expected that they would die like this.

Everyone held their breaths and waited for the end to come.

A voice rang out in the Neigerian control room.

“Abort! The launch has been terminated.”

The world went silent for a few seconds.

Oraman, Maruse, and the scientists stared at the screen for a few seconds before realizing what had happened.

The scientists threw their hands in the air and cheered loudly.

Oraman and Maruse let out a breath of relief as well.

Himmel Soans face appeared on the screen again.

“Did you see that, Oraman If I really want to do something to you, I wont need to hack your system! Your defense mechanism is useless to me, and I have zero interest in your confidential information.

Ive brought your internet back, and I can promise you even the meteorite wont disrupt the service.

Feel free to use it.

However, if you still feel dubious, I can cut Eternity off the network.

You can repair it on your own.”

After that, all the screens in Eternitys control room lost their connection, and some computers even had the blue screen.

Meanwhile, the Neigerian website went offline as well.

The Neigerian server was inside Eternity.

Once the ark lost the connection, the Moonian government website became the only accessible website in the world.

In Eternity.

The people inside went through an emotional roller coaster.

One moment, it seemed the world was about to end.

The next moment, they were told it was a false alarm, and everybody felt they had narrowly escaped death.

However, before they knew it, their phones and computers lost internet connection.

Life just wouldnt be the same without the internet, especially for the younger generation.

Instantly, many people asked Oraman to get the internet back as soon as possible.

Some even suggested that he should cooperate with Moon so that they could use Himmel Soans network again.

Although the passengers on Eternity couldnt use the internet, people elsewhere could see the video footage of their surveillance cameras from the Moonian website.

The entire world could see what the passengers were doing.

The countdown reached the last four hours.

Moon posted an announcement on its website.

They had set up a website called “Skynet.” Himmel Soan built the website on his own, and it was devoted to live broadcasts.

But it wasnt filming Earth.

It was showing the incoming meteorite.

Himmel Soan had built the website with his mental force, and the image shown was also what his mental force could detect.

It was the first time the human race laid eyes on the meteorite.

It was enormous!

It was enormous!

It was enormous!

In fact, calling it enormous was an understatement.

The viewers could see both the earth and the meteorite on the screen.

Next to the meteorite, Earth looked tiny.

In the far corner of the screen was the moon.

Compared to the meteorite, it looked like sesame next to a watermelon.

How magnificent!

Everybody was blown away by the view.

It was incredible.

Even sci-fi films wouldnt come up with more creative scenes.

To help global communication, Himmel Soan created columns on Skynet by countries.

Users would log in to their own countrys column after verifying their identities.

It was like all the countries had built their own governmental websites on Skynet.

The only one missing was Neige.

However, everyone could watch what was happening in Neige on Skynet.

Although Himmel Soan had disabled their network, he had hacked their surveillance cameras.

In the Winish column.

“I didnt feel a catastrophe was coming until now.

Thats too big to be a meteorite! Its practically a planet!”

“Can Earth really withstand the impact Are we sure the energy cannon can destroy it”

“Its all we have now! Im praying!”

“Wake up, people! I never believed in the energy cannon anyway.

We couldnt be more wrong! The Moonians have been right all along! The internet was down, but they could create a signal source and build the Skynet! We wouldnt be talking here if it hadnt been for their signal!”

“I agree! Im so scared now! I dont think the arks will be safe!”

“Do you think the underground shelter is”

In the Flamian column.

“Shit! Its so huge! Were doomed!”

“Dont worry.

We still have the energy cannon!”

“Seriously Do you still believe in the energy cannon”

“Or what Should I count on the space cannon”

“Exactly how reliable is that space cannon”

“I cant answer that, but I know Moon has been much more reliable than Neige so far! Theyre the only reason that were still chatting!”


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