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Chapter 128 Disasters

10 minutes 39 seconds.

10 minutes 8 seconds.

10 minutes 1 second!


President, Despair One is within the energy cannons range!”

The energy cannon could only hit the meteorite when it was ten minutes away from Earth.

The meteorite was moving too fast, and they could only estimate its location based on the approximate time it would reach Earth.

The long distance meant the images from the cameras were delayed.

Not everyone could use their mental force like Himmel Soan.

Oraman wasnt in a hurry.

He knew their estimations could have errors.

The world was waiting for the historical moment, and he couldnt mess up here.

As the meteorite approached, Earths magnetic field became chaotic.

The ozone layer split open, and sunlight shone down without any filter.

Frostia was right under that area.

The country was already flooded.

As the ozone layer thinned down, the seawater was vaporized as people watched.

The entire Frostia turned into a giant steamer.

The steam was so thick that people couldnt see things 30cm away.

Without the protection of the ozone layer, the temperature rose to over a thousand degrees.

After the sea dried up, the ground got covered with cracks, and the top layer rolled up like dry pieces of chocolate.

The steam didnt exist for very long either.

Before long, there was no moisture left.

Frostia had 69 arks, and the shells had all turned red and started to melt.

Even though they werent made of ordinary steel, they still couldnt withstand such high temperatures.

“Help…” “Its so hot…”

“Its baking me alive! Help!”

“Turn on the air conditioner!”

“It has busted! The ark cant withstand the heat!”

The special metal held on for a brief moment, but the heat soon penetrated the outer layer.

90% of the objects inside were made from ordinary materials.

Copper was necessary for some electronic devices, and it wasnt replaceable.

Copper and iron wires, steel rods, and aluminum alloy parts had all melted.

The air-cons and power generators all exploded, and multiple locations were on fire.

Everyone was panic-struck.

Men were shouting.

Women were screaming.

Children were crying.

All the noises mixed together and became indistinguishable.

Stampedes happened in several cabins.

The interior of the arks was separated into various departments like dormitories.

Each room could contain ten, twenty, or even thirty people.

Only the luckiest ones could get out in time.

The cabins closer to the top were the hottest ones, and the door handles had been melted by the heat.

The people inside couldnt get


“Mom, Im so thirsty…”

A little girl crawled toward her mother, who was no longer breathing.

She looked as dry as a mummy and would eventually turn into a pile of ash.

Maybe things wouldnt end there.

If the temperature kept rising, there would be nothing of her left.

Not even ashes.

The girl was around three old.

Her face contorted as she crawled because when she lifted her arm, her skin had peeled off.

The temperature of the floor was over 300 degrees.

She couldnt feel the pain anymore.

She was losing hydration so fast that she was shrinking.

She couldnt even bleed.

70% of the human body was water, and she had lost over 50% of it.

If she still had strength left, she would realize her flesh was falling out.

The heat was cooking her alive.

The temperature was rising so fast that she had yet to react to it.

That was why she was still conscious.

Several men tried to get out, but they jumped back as soon as they touched the arks metal wall.

It was too hot to touch!

The skin that made contact with the wall was already blackened.


“I dont want to die!”

“Please help us!”

“Honey, where are you…”

“Mom! Dad!”


The television hanging on the wall in the lobby exploded, sending sparks everywhere.

It was only the beginning.

More electronic devices exploded after that, affecting many people.

The people killed in the explosions were the lucky ones though.

Those that barely survived had to watch themselves get cooked to death.

Some people were conscious during the whole process.

Both were horrible ways to die.

The temperature had risen beyond the level that human beings could withstand.

The ark was full of noise at first, but everything went quiet shortly after that.

All the passengers were lying face down on the floor.

Some still had their eyes open, while others were barely breathing.

However, it wouldnt matter!

They had reached the end of their lives.

By now, many people had realized how wrong they had been.

Arks couldnt keep them safe!

They wouldnt have been cooked to death if they had gone to the underground shelter!

Compared to this, they would rather be drowned!

However, it was too late to regret it.

They had to be responsible for their own choices.

Similar things were taking place in all the Frostian arks.

They were trapped in the arks like helpless lambs while the arks began to melt and change shapes under the heat.

They had lost all hope.

Just then, a pale-blue web appeared in the sky and blocked the heat.

The web slowly rose into the sky and mended the hole in the ozone layer.

It was created by Himmel Soans mental force.

However, he was a little too late.

He couldnt save the dead passengers.

What happened to Frostia wasnt an isolated case.

Because of the approaching meteorite, all sorts of natural disasters happened in countries all over the world.

In Heatia, a country near the equator, animals began to mutate.

It happened to animals like lions, deers, giraffes, elephants, and crocodiles.

The super meteorite was covered with tens of thousands of substances that couldnt be found on Earth.

When it approached Earth, the substances combined with the air and turned into something toxic.


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