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The AI had incredible computing power.

Once it was upgraded, it could calculate things that human scientists couldnt dream of.

After that, the Atlantians could build the weapon of the sixth age.

Therefore, the wishing power was essential to them.

Himmel Soan rubbed the energy ball in his hand and looked out of the window.

He could sense thousands of points of wishing power flying toward the center of the ocean.

The triangular area!

Something must be hidden underneath to make that area so mysterious.

The fact that the wishing power was flying in that direction only confirmed his speculation.

He recalled the woman he had seen earlier.

She could travel through a tornado and dived into the ocean after she saw Himmel Soan.

Himmel Soan knew things were more complicated than they seemed on the surface.

Those people that had been asking everybody to kneel in front of the ocean must have a hidden agenda.

They were connected to the appearance of the wishing power.

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Could it have something to do with the triangular area as well

If Himmel Soan hadnt been creating the energy ball, he would have used all his mental force to stop the wishing power.

But he couldnt do that now.

The “ball” was going to be the new moon.

It was quickly absorbing his spiritual essence.

If he activated his mental force now, the ball would suck him dry.

Those people had chosen the perfect time.

Did they choose this moment to incite the ordinary people because they knew Himmel Soan couldnt activate his mental force

That wasnt the case.

The Atlantians didnt know what Himmel Soan was doing.

It was just a coincidence.

“Director Lang, General Marlow, you must stop those people from kneeling in front of the ocean! Stop them at all costs!”

Himmel Soan sent the message to Henry Lang.

However, it confused Henry and Gordon.

They were already puzzled when they were ordered to stop those vloggers.

But Himmel Soan didnt mention “at all costs” back then.

It sounded like he had asked them to get physical.

It was such a petty thing.

Was it worth it

The other countries already had many opinions about Moon.

Resorting to violence would only worsen things.

The entire world might hate Moon for it.


Soan, should we think about it Isnt it a bit…”

“We dont have time for that! What theyre doing will get them killed! If you dont want to see that happen, do as youre told to!”

“Get them killed Seriously Theyre only kneeling on the ground…”

“You dont know anything! Just follow my orders!”

The president joined the conversation and heard what they said.

“Director Lang, just carry out the order.”

“But Mr.

President, wouldnt that…”

“Just do it.


Soan wont harm them.

If he wanted to, he wouldnt have saved the world.”

Yosef, Warren, and Drake also joined the conversation.

“Our Patriarch is always right.

Trust him, and youll see in the end.”

“Thats right.

Please listen to our Patriarch.”


Henry then went to make the announcement while Gordon informed the heads of state.

“Hello, Mr.

President, Im Gordon Marlow.

You should forbid your people from stepping out of your arks!”

“Hello, Mr.

President, Im Gordon Marlow.

On behalf of Moon, Im requesting…”


President, Im Gordon.


Soan has asked everybody to stay in the underground shelters.

This is very serious.

Youll see why in about ten minutes.

Please tell your fellow Pantherese to follow this instruction and dont panic.

Everything will be alright.”

“Hello, Mr.

President, Im Gordon Marlow.

Im requesting…”

On behalf of Moon, Gordon sent a message to all other presidents and held an international conference.

Henry also made an announcement that forbade anyone from kneeling at the ocean.

He also announced that Moon would resort to tough measures if necessary.

As expected, the requirement caused outrage online.

“I knew it! Moon isnt any better than the other countries!”

“They were trying to control our thoughts a minute ago, and theyre already telling us what to do! I wasnt going to go out, but now that theyve forbidden us to do it, Im going to kneel in the ocean! It cant kill me!”

“Do you want to kill us Be my guest! Youve saved my life, so feel free to take it back! Im grateful for your help, but I wont let you tell me what to do!”

“I have my rights! Moon has no place to tell us what to do! We didnt do anything wrong! Youve crossed the line!”

“Thats right! Even Neige has never given us such orders! Who the hell do you think you are Im going, and you cant stop me!”

As expected, the announcement backfired.

Some people had been hesitating, but they ran to the sea after Moon made the announcement.

Only two websites were still running, and the conversations between Gordon and the presidents were broadcasted online to everybody.

No one liked to hear Gordon threatening their presidents.

“Were not afraid of any country! You cant threaten us!”

“You cant threaten us either! You can kill us or enslave us, but you cant control our thoughts! We Iceanians arent afraid of death! We wont yield!”

“Youre more outrageous than Neige! Id rather be ruled by Neigerians than by you! At least well be free!”

“Youve finally revealed your true colors.

I thought you were the kindest people in the world.

By the look of it, that was only a facade! Youve been planning for this all along! It disgusts me!”

Not everybody was cursing Moon.

Some people were trying to defend the country.

“You people are idiots! How many times are you going to fall into traps! Have you forgotten what you said when the space cannon was created What happened later You all begged Moon to help you! Do you know how much they have lost just to save you people Do you know how many soldiers died You dont! All you care about is yourself! You dont deserve to be saved!”

“I dont care what you say.

The Padaskians will always support Moons decision!”


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