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Henry immediately sounded the alarm and assembled every one of Sky Eye.

Over 800 members arrived in the next minute.

“Open up the passageway to the Himmelians! Everybody, come with me!”

Under his leadership, the 800 people entered the underground elevator in batches.

The elevator went all the way downward.

No one knew how deep the golden tower went into the ground.

The elevator kept moving downward as if there was no end.

Henry was looking at all the files and videos his secretary had given him earlier.

The more he read, the more anxious and frustrated he became.

“Those idiots! How can we have someone so foolish in this country! They have no idea who Himmel Soan is! He would never touch that disgusting woman!”

He looked at Stellas photo and found it nauseating.

By the youngsters standard, Stella was undoubtedly a goddess.

But to someone of Henry Langs level, she looked cheap without any distinctive features.

She was just as pretty as the next influencer.

There was nothing special about her, and her facial features showed that she had little chance of climbing up the social ladder.

Stars of the past generation were the real beauties.

There was Zoe Wanda, Xenia Loham, Rosaline Leigh, Garland Lambert, Lisa Reese… They all had their distinctive features.

One had to be an idiot to believe that Himmel Soan would fall for a woman with a face that had been altered to fit the fad.

Luckily, the disturbance had ended, and the netizens had apologized.

But the data terrified Henry.

The numbers indicated that 67.21 million people had insulted Himmel Soan online, but only 10.14 million had apologized.

That was to say, less than 1/6 had apologized, and the rest 5/6 had chosen to stay quiet or accuse Stella without saying anything about how sorry they were.

That was a very important issue.

And it was a dangerous sign!

Henry knew that the Himmelians wouldnt stop until all those people had apologized.

At least, it couldnt be such a low percentage.

Of the 60 million people who had insulted Himmel Soan, 50 million people had to apologize for their actions.

Less than half had apologized by now.

“Liam Soan, please dont do anything stupid because of those idiots online! You have greatly helped this country, and the government has begun to trust you.

Please leave this matter to the authorities and dont be rash!”

It felt ages before the elevator reached the destination at the bottom.

Henry Lang kept praying to himself as the door opened.

“Please be there! Please be there! Please be there!”

If he couldnt find the Himmelians there, it would mean that they were already on the move.

The place was empty.

When Henry saw the empty hall, he stumbled to the side as if his strength had been drained.

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A member of Sky Eye steadied him.

“Director, are you alright”

Henrys face was ghastly pale.

Things had been quiet for many years.

The Himmelians had been training in this place and hardly ever went out.

It was as if they were cultivating in seclusion instead of training.

Henry knew these people well.

They told the outsiders that they were training, but they were in fact cultivating.

“Were doomed…”

“Director, do you feel alright”

“Send a report to the government! I need the highest clearance level from this moment on.

Follow my instructions! The 800 people shall be divided into 80 groups.

Go after the Himmelians! We must make them return! I dont think theyve left the desert yet, so we still have time! Go now!”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Aiden!” Henry called a name.

“Yes, Director Lang!”

“Notify the northeast branch.

Tell them to find the Himmelian Village in the mountains and see if the residents are still there! Ken, inform the southwest branch.

Let them search the Himmelian Pavilion in the lake.

We need to know if the members are still there!”

“Yes, Sir!”

All 800 members of Sky Eye scattered and disappeared in the underground base of the Himmelians.

“Anyone who insults our master is punishable by death! The country of Moon has disappointed our master!”

A team of mysterious men was marching rapidly in the desert.

They were dressed in black from head to toe with hoodies over their heads.

The tight-fitting outfit made them look rather strange.

They walked extremely fast, about ten times the speed of ordinary people.

The man leading the team was wearing a red cape.

Under his red hood, his eyes glinted coldly like those of a king cobra hiding in the sand.

He was none other than Liam Soan, the leader of the Himmelians.

He was also one of Himmel Soans pupils.

Himmel Soan had many pupils, and Liam was one of the most outstanding ones.

He had reached the next stage in his cultivation.

He knew Himmel Soan better than most pupils.

To other people, Himmel Soan was as good as a god.

But to Liam, Himmel Soan was God.

He knew that Himmel Soan was immortal and that his life had a 70-year cycle.

Right now, he was at the beginning of a new cycle.

Before that, though, Himmel Soan would enter a demented stage.

Those clowns had taken advantage of his condition when he couldnt think straight.


Liam wouldnt let anyone insult his master, no matter who they were.

He decided to kill every single person who had insulted Himmel Soan online, including those who had apologized.


It was six oclock in the morning.

Things hadnt cooled down online, and Stella was drowned by criticism.

At four in the morning, she gave in under the pressure and posted an apology video.

In the video, she had unkempt hair and unfocused eyes, and her spirit had noticeably sagged.

She didnt make excuses with righteous indignation as everyone had expected, nor did she cry or play the miserable victim to beg the netizens and Himmel Soan for forgiveness.

She only told the whole truth in a low, dejected voice and bowed.

“Im sorry, everyone.

Im sorry, Dad.

Yes, what you heard just then was the whole truth.

Ive made everything up.

I guess I dont need to tell you the reason.

It was quite obvious.

Im sorry to have betrayed your trust! Im sorry for letting my father down after he so kindly brought me up! Im sorry for everything!”

However, the netizens werent going to forgive her.

They showed her no sympathy and only lashed out at her with even more force.


“Finally! You shameless woman! I thought you were going to make more excuses!”

“Evil people like you dont deserve to live! Its a waste of resources! I cant believe you have the gut to post this video! Go to hell!”

“Youre so disgusting! Ive never met anyone as shameless as you! If I were you, Id kill myself!”

“Some people should delete their old comments before accusing her.

Read it for yourself.

Youve insulted Mr.

Soan with the most unspeakable words! Arent you ashamed of yourself”

“That was because I was tricked! If Stella Shane hadnt misled me, Id never have said such things!”


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