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“Its our job! We dont take responsibility for what we say! We dont need to apologize to anyone,” Jerry insisted.

He had a point.

They were paid posters, and their employers were the ones who decided what they would post online and what stand they should take.

Because of the special nature of their job, they had stopped paying attention to what they said online a long time ago.

They didnt care if they were on the right side.

As long as they were paid, they were glad to become devils advocates.

Therefore, Jerry deemed his job justifiable and that an apology wasnt necessary.

Although there were only fewer than 20 employees in the small company, they had an “army” of millions of accounts.

They could drown anyone online with their criticisms.

Adam, one of the employees, nodded.

“I agree.

Its not like they can track us down.”

Dan, another employee, asked, “Boss, is everything fine with Mr.


Jones was Jerrys boss.

It was Joness phone call that made Jerry decide to sever his links with Stella Shane without hesitation.

Jerry said light-heartedly, “Dont worry about it! If Mr.

Jones tells us to, well apologize.

Each account will post an “Im sorry” comment, and thatll do the trick.

Theres no need for apology videos!”

“Totally! Jerry, well be off! We havent slept the whole night.”


Good job last night.

Go ahead,” said Jerry.

Something happened at that moment.

All computers and phones froze, turning to blue screens.

The screens then went black, and the computers and phones rebooted, but this time, they turned red.

“Whats going on” The employees looked surprised.

Jerry had seen enough to immediately know what had happened.

“What the hell Someone has hacked us! They must have a death wish!”

A hacker had obviously attacked the company.

Meanwhile in the Tanton Manor in Subsea, one of the four megacities in the country of Moon.

The clacking of keyboard typing filled the air.

The excitement was highly infectious.

A sweating chubby man pushed the door open and hurried into the room.

Several hundred computers were neatly set on the desks in the room, but there were only over 100 operators.

Some of them were bald, some wore hoodies or peaked caps, and some had thick glasses.

They were the best hackers in the country.

Each of them was operating four or five computers at the same time.

They had been summoned here by Camille Soan, the best hacker in the country.

It wouldnt be exaggerating if one were to say that she was one of the best hackers worldwide.

With her status, she was as superior to ordinary hackers as Himmel Soan was to James and Warren.

None of them would say no to Camilles call, and they all strived to be the first to arrive, fearing that they would lag behind the others.

Today, they only had one task.

They were told to locate every keyboard warrior who had posted insulting comments about Himmel Soan.

The fat man rushed into the room and asked a girl that was quickly typing on the keyboard.

She was surrounded by ten screens.

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“Camille, how much longer do you need The Guardians cant wait! They want some names now!”

Camille looked at the message and took a deep breath.

“We need to locate over 50 million people; thats a lot of work.

We cant do it in five minutes.

Tell the Guardians to be patient.”

The message was from Caroline.

She told Camille not to give the names to the Guardians, or Bywater would be destroyed.

The fat manager wiped his forehead.

“Cant we give them something first Even a few hundred thousand names will do! Im under a lot of pressure here! The Guardians have urged me many times!”

“Stall them.

The list comes in one big chunk, and I cant stop halfway.

Ill have to start over from zero if I pause now unless the Guardians only want a fraction of the names.”

“They want all of the names!”

“I cant give them anything for now.

The program has to keep running until all the people are located!”

“Gosh!” The fat manager sighed and left the room.

Camille told the hackers, “Give all the names you found to me only! No one else can see them!”

“Yes, Maam!”

Meanwhile, black words began to appear on Jerrys screens as well.

“You didnt apologize.

Youre dead!

“Offender No.

264783, Jerry Sante!




What was going on

How could those words appear on the screen when the computer wasnt switched on

Jerry knew that it was such an advanced technique that he could never do it himself.

He was in big trouble.

Only the top hackers could do such a thing, and such hackers were probably working for the state.

He could only imagine who would be powerful enough to hire such a hacker.

After a moment of hesitation, Jerry said hurriedly, “Quick, start the computers and apologize now! Log into all the accounts! Danny, make the videos! We all have to be in it, or well be in big trouble!”

Meanwhile, similar situations were happening all over the country.

Over 300 million computers were hacked and were showing the warning phrases; over 100 million phones were controlled remotely.

There were also over 100 incidents when the phones exploded, blowing up the owners hands.

As a top hacker internationally, Camille had a special trick.

She could send files to all the computers she had hacked, and those computers couldnt process such files.

The machines could be overloaded and heated up to the point of exploding.

But she didnt want to go to such extremes.

She didnt know when the incident started, and when she did, it was too late.

Otherwise, with her skills, she could have stopped those people from posting insulting comments.

Even if they managed to, she could still delete them all.

The Himmelians walked out of the desert that was over a thousand kilometers wide in less than an hour.

“Himmelians, the purge has begun! Since these keyboard warriors refused to show our god any respect, they have no reason to exist!”




The Himmelians removed their hoodies, took out the sharp weapons on their backs, and headed for the nearest city outside the desert.

From this moment on, they were going to avenge Himmel Soan.


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