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“Help them How You can post the information online and see if other countries want to help them.

They can do whatever they want, but we dont have that kind of resources!”

The news was all over the internet before Moon even made it public.

It came from Panthera instead of Moon.

The news immediately caused a sensation.

Hosia, Soleil, and Padaski made the same announcement in five minutes.

Just like Moon, they received the distress signal from Eternity.

“What Eternity wants us to help them”

Everybody found that request amusing.

“Are you kidding me Why should we help those animals”

“This is retribution! Didnt Oraman want to rule the world Id like to see how hes going to do that!”

“Oraman is going to kill all of them What exactly did the message say Can someone please tell me”

“Does Oraman only give them one meal a day Thats very Oraman!”

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“I thought Eternity claimed itself to be invincible Why cant it survive on Mars”

As Neiges previous lackey, Flamia was mocking the distress signal as well.

“I hate Neige to my guts! I hope all Neigerians are dead!”

That was a bit extreme because Neige still existed on Earth, only that they didnt have Oraman with them anymore.

There were still 500 to 600 million Neigerians on Earth.

Before the catastrophe, the Neigerian population was over 800 million.

It had been a great nation.

But Oraman ruined everything.

The meteorite pieces also fell on the Neigerian land, causing much damage.

One Neigerian said, “I dont like what you said.

What do you mean by all Neigerians should die Oraman is to be blamed! We hate him, too!”

Another Neigerian chimed in, “Thats right! We didnt know Oraman would do such a thing! Were also victims!”

The Flamians said, “No Neigerian is innocent!”

The Winish people joined the conversation.

“I agree! You havent done anything good over the years! You only exploit everybody else!”

The Neigerians wrote, “What do you mean by that Oraman is the one who has been exploiting other countries! What did we do”

“You know what you did!”

“You Flamians! Do you want a war Just because our main military force is gone doesnt mean you get to bully us! If you want a war, bring it on!”

Some Soilian wrote, “What did you just say You Neigerians have always discriminated against us, and youre still doing it now! Were not some inferior race, you racist!”

A Winish internet user wrote, “Youre looking down on Mr.

Soan, too! Without him, Earth would have been destroyed! If we had depended on you and countries like Grassia, Earth would have turned into ashes!”

The Grassians wrote, “Oh, shut up! Dont talk about discrimination! What you went through couldnt have been worse than us! And why are you making this about us If you want a war, well give it to you!

“Weve been hit hard, but were not afraid of you! We can use knives and spears better than any of you!”

“Why did you turn yourself into the target Its not about you! Have you won any war with your knives and spears Dont make me laugh!”

“Guys, were arguing about the wrong thing! The most important thing is to rebuild Earth! Moon didnt set up this network for you to argue with each other!”

“They started it! We didnt want to!”

The heads of the five countries were displeased when they saw the arguments.

Some people never changed.

The whole world was busy with reconstruction.

The people that still had time to argue online had to be either administrators or the laziest people that wanted to waste their time away.

They were unlikely to be administrators because those people knew how important their job was.

They wouldnt waste time arguing with people online.

The sensation caused by the message soon died down.

In a time like this, no country had the energy to start wars with others.

Before long, the authorities got involved, and the whole thing went away.

The Earthlings forgot about the distress signal soon after having a laugh about it.

An aircraft carrier anchored at the center of the ocean.

A little over 10km away was the most terrifying area on Earth.

The triangular area!

Beneath it was Atlantis.

Phoebe, Drake, Liam, and hundreds of others were busy working on something.

Half of the people were scientists from all over the world.

All the countries were looking for Himmel Soan.

He was too important to them.

The other half were fighters and soldiers, and they were here to help, too.

They had been working in the ocean for two weeks.

Over a dozen heads popped out in the water.

Phoebe immediately got them back on the aircraft carrier.

“How was it How deep did you go”

“30,000m and weve reached our limit!”

Phoebe looked crestfallen.

The others were disappointed as well.

“Youre one man down.

Where is he”

William counted nineteen, but they had sent out twenty divers.

A man said, “He insisted on going further down, and we couldnt stop him.

He was killed by the water pressure at 31,212m.

The mood became graver when the others heard the bad news.

A reporter turned his camera to Phoebe and said anxiously, “Its been twenty days since we started looking for Mr.

Soan, but we havent been able to go deeper than 30,000m.”


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