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Mindy wrote, “Theyre all animals! Were only given one slice of toast and half a bottle of water daily, and we have very little oxygen! Were passing out all the time due to starvation! When we wake up, were as hungry as before! Those men drag women out when theyre resting, and Im four months pregnant… Please help me! I dont want to die!”

Chad wrote, “We should never have listened to Oraman! Hes a monster! Were in a living hell now, but I dont have the courage to kill myself! We can only ask for your help! Where is Mr.

Soan If he can extend his network to Mars, he must know how to save us!”

“Those bastards! Even my mother is pregnant with their child! You have no idea how miserable we are now!”

“Ill show you a video!”

“Ive also shot a video in secret! Look! Those animals were beating and raping women!”

“This one shows the surface of Mars.

Over there is the land of hope.

Thats where Oraman wants to build amini Earth.”

Himmel Soans network was very useful.

It only took a second to upload a video.

Downloading it would also take very little time.

The Earthlings showed no sympathy.

Instead, they were laughing at them.

“It really is you! Are you asking for our help now Shame on you!”

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“You deserve it! Didnt you support Oraman when he tried to rule the world You were so happy back then! You didnt see this coming, did you”

“Im so glad to see you live in misery!”

“What Are you asking for our help You must have lost your mind! Why would we do that”

“Mindy, you bitch! I pursued you for three years, but you never said yes! You grabbed all our companys money when you left, and I had to stay here in Moon! Those men have made you pregnant.

Are you happy now I guess I need to thank you.

I only survived because you took away all the money!”

“Andy, I cant believe Im hearing from you again! You used to work us like dogs, but we were never paid enough! You took all the money with you when you boarded Eternity, but eternity is the one thing you cant have now! Were never going to help you! You deserve to die on Mars!”


Soan is so awesome! His network has reached Mars! Thats amazing!”

“I dont know if youre laughing, but I sure am! Thats what the greatest country on Earth is like! Oraman, the greatest Neigerian president in history! Hahaha! Thats the great life youve been asking for!”

“Im cracking up.

Im so glad that I dont have any money.

If I had boarded Eternity, I would be the one living in hell now! Plus, youre on Mars, and its so far away.

We cant help you even if we want to.

You should contact your surrounding planets.

Maybe some alien will lend you a hand!”

The passengers on Eternity already anticipated this.

They knew they wouldnt be welcomed on Earth.

The Earthlings would definitely laugh at them.

But they werent afraid.

They would do anything to stay alive.

“Im sorry! It was all my fault! I took our countrys money but havent done anything for it! I dont know what I was thinking! I apologize to all the people Ive hurt! Please forgive me!”

“I want to apologize to Mr.

Soan! Ive insulted him before! Im sorry, Mr.

Soan! If your network can cover Mars, Im sure you can help us!”

“Me, too! I miss the air and land on Earth! If I have to die, Id like to die on my home planet! I have some gold.

If Mr.

Soan and Moon will save me, Ill give all of it to Moon!”

“Well do everything! Please help us! Syd, Im sorry! I should have said yes! If you still want me, Ill marry you when I return to Earth!”

“You cant fool me anymore! Mindy, do you really think I still want you You disgust me!”

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“Im sorry, but theres nothing we can do.

Earth is so far away from Mars, and we dont have any spaceship as advanced as Eternity.”

“Thats right! Even if we do, we still wont help you!”

The messages caught the 100-Country Leagues attention.

There were five million people on Eternity.

They were all elites, business tycoons, top scientists, the greatest doctors, and the smartest people.

They could make significant contributions to Earth.

Of course, it was agreed that Himmel Soan was the greatest scientist of this age.

After him were scientists of the Soan empire, such as Viclan, William, and Branco.

They had come up with the Soanian Theory, the foundation of the fifth age.

The scientists on Eternity came after them followed by the scientists on Earth.

It was the same with medical experts.

The wealthy people had controlled at least 70% of the gold on Earth.

They had stored some in the banks and hidden the rest.

Gold was a universal currency.

Anything else might decrease in value, but gold wouldnt.

The Neigerian currency used to be the universal one.

After Oraman ran off, it became useless.

Right now, the Moonian currency had replaced it and was used around the world.


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