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Before, one Neigerian dollar was worth eight Moonian dollars.

Any currency could devalue, even the Moonian currency now.

When Moon declined one day, their currency would become worthless as well.

However, things would be different if the Neigerians had gold.

Even aliens were interested in gold.

“Everybody, what do you think” The Moonian president saw the messages from all those people and asked the presidents of other countries.

The Pantherese president leaned back into his chair and said firmly, “No, were not going to do anything! Let them hand out the gold, and theyre on their own! Plus, we cant help them even if we want to!”

The Winish president said, “Gold doesnt really matter.

After everything Earth has gone through, we dont know if the gold will still be there.

It may have been flushed into the ocean.

Theyre beyond our reach now.

I agree with Pantheras suggestion.

Theyre on their own!”

The Moonian president said, “I agree with the Pantherese president, but thats just my personal opinion.

If we look at the bigger picture, we have to save them.

Theyre all elite members of their own fields.

Lets not forget that were going to K18 in six months.

Theres a lot to do on that new planet, and those people can help us greatly.

The Soilian president spoke up, “We have elite members here too! WIth Mr.

Soan around, we can do anything! Moreover, we also have Viclan, William, and others.

Well survive with those people.”

The Woodian president had a different opinion.

“I disagree.

I think we must bring them back.

After all, we only have dozens of scientists like William, and theres only one Mr.


We need more elite people like Dr.


There are at least one or two thousand great scientists like Dr.

Leo in Eternity.

There are also three to four thousand scientists that are almost as talented as Dr.

Leo, totaling five to six thousand.

They can help Earth a lot!”

The Padaskian president nodded.

“Thats right.

I also think we should help them.

Those scientists arent the only ones we need.

There are nearly ten thousand top doctors and scholars in that ark! Ill take one person as an example, and Im sure no one can tell me otherwise.

Hollis, the rabies expert, is in that ark.

Rabies is still incurable, but Hollis has made great progress in that field.

If we give up on Eternity, how many years do we have to wait until the next Hollis comes along”

The Goldian president said, “Thats right! Theres also Philip, Kabal, and many others.

Are we going to give up on all of them Theyre geniuses!”

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The Pantherese president pounded on the table.

“Im not giving up on them! Theyve given up on me!”

The Soleilian said, “Id like to remind you of something.

They didnt abandon us! Oraman forced them to!”

“I dont care! They abandoned Earth the moment they boarded Eternity.

They didnt believe in Mr.

Soan or Moon.

Yes, they can treat diseases, but so can Mr.

Soan! Mr.

Soan has come up with a cure for fishmen.

I think thats proof enough! Why do we need those people”

“But theres only one Mr.

Soan! We cant ask him to do everything.

Consider the space cannon.


Soan gave the blueprint to Viclan, but Viclan wouldnt have been able to do anything if he didnt know anything about it.

Therefore, saving those people is saving ourselves.

Itll save Mr.

Soan a lot of effort!”

The Winish president said, “How are we going to do that, then We dont have the means! Cant you see that”

The participants were divided.

The meeting turned into a stalemate.

The Pantherese president pointed at the screen in frustration.

“Do you see what those people are saying No one wants to save them! There are millions of comments, and not a single one agrees to go help those people!”

Henry smiled at the Pantherese president.

“Dont get angry.

Lets talk.

Theres nothing to be annoyed about.

Arent we having a friendly discussion here”

Gordon smiled.

“Thats right.

We still need to discuss it! Ordinary people cant see the big picture, but were not like them.

Actually, many of them want to help those people.

Look here… What Oraman is going to bomb Earth with the energy cannon Screw him!”

The other presidents looked at the screen and saw a message from Mars.

“Oraman found a stone on Mars, and it contains a lot of mysterious energy.

It can charge the energy cannon over 3,000 times.

Hes going to bomb Earth and become the ruler of the planet!”

Everybody who saw that message became furious.

“Who the hell does Oraman think he is How dare he”

“We must ask Moon to use the space cannon! Destroy Mars first!”

“Thats right! The energy cannon is nothing in front of the space cannon! Can we still use the space cannon”

“@Sky Eye: please launch the space cannon and destroy Mars!”

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The people on Mars panicked when they saw these comments.

“Please dont! Oraman is still refining the stone! He hasnt refilled the cannon yet!”

“Dont use the space cannon, or were all going to die! Help us first.

Then you can bomb Mars! Please!”

“Is the space cannon still working It destroyed the super meteorite! Of course, itll destroy Mars! Please dont do that!”

“Oraman isnt going to attack Earth! Hes only joking! Please dont use the space cannon!”

The Pantherese president was so angry that he started laughing.

“Did you see that Oraman wants to attack Earth! We should stop hesitating! Everybody is asking Moon to launch the space cannon and destroy Mars altogether! Were going to K18, anyway.

Why should we care about the solar system”

“Thats right! Lets destroy it! I agree with Panthera!”

“I object! Oraman wants to attack Earth, not the passengers in Eternity! Theyve warned us, and it means theyre still on our side! If we must destroy Mars, we should save them first!”


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