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Just then, Himmel Soan grabbed the empty air above his head.

When he opened his palm, there was sand on it.

“This desert spirit has become a spiritual being.”

Viclan was surprised to see the desert spirit.

“What I locked it up in another room.


Viclan couldnt understand why the desert spirit was here or why it appeared above his Patriarchs head.

That was so bold!

Roamss eyes twinkled.

He couldnt see anything apart from the desert spirit on Himmel Soans palm.

He thought if he could study it, he might find a path to the sixth age.

By now, he was fully convinced that following Himmel Soan was the wisest choice.

“Becoming a spiritual being isnt always a good thing.

If its left unguided, it can become something else and create disasters,” Himmel Soan explained as he approached the crystal.

“If it has grown an evil mind, itll only become an evil thing.

Ill have to destroy its spirit!”

He then grabbed the crystal, destroyed its spirit, and turned it back into a diamond-shaped crystal.

Viclan was happy again.

The crystal looked like this when he brought it back.

“0.05%, is it” Himmel Soan murmured as he sensed his spiritual essence.

He didnt just destroy the spirit.

He had also absorbed 50% of the energy inside the crystal.

He could have absorbed all the energy to speed up his recovery.

Once he recovered 0.1% of his strength, he could teleport the people on Earth without a portal.

Please Keep reading 0n MYB0XN0VEL(.)C0M

But he didnt do that.

First of all, there were so many people on Earth, and he couldnt teleport them all at once.

Secondly, ordinary people couldnt handle the teleportation process.

Last but not least, he wanted to take people to K18 in a more scientific way.

“The crystal is safe now.

Roams, youll be leading the research team to study it.

The desert spirit is kind and curious, so Ill take it with me for now.

Ill get the heart of the volcano.

You can start on your research.”

On Mars, in the land of hope.

Shirley looked around to make sure that no soldier was watching.

She then discussed it with the people next to her.

“Ive received the news! We can go back to Earth soon!”

“Really Shirley, are you sure”

“Were starving here! If no one comes today, Ill rob the arks pantry!”

“Are you out of your mind The soldiers have weapons! Are you going to rob them”

“What can I do, then Tell me what to do!” The man ripped off his top.

He was all skin and bones.

There was barely any flesh on him.

The others all frowned and shook their heads.

It wasnt a way to earn their sympathy because they werent much better than that guy.

“Man, youre right! We cant just sit here and wait!”

“If no ones coming for us, well have to save ourselves!”

“Well fight them to death! Its better than starving!”

“I think we should wait.

I saw online that they have built some sort of a spaceship.

It can reach Mars in just one day.

They launched it yesterday, so it should be here today.”

“I read it, too.

I heard the rescue team was formed by the Soan empire!”


Someone heard that name and became uneasy.

“Are you sure the Soans are going to save us”

“Were on Mars, and we got here in a Neigerian ark.

Why should they help us”

“Have you forgotten how youve ignored Mr.

Himmel Soans advice Why do you think theyre going to help you at all”


The argument grew heated, and they almost started throwing punches.

The noise caught the soldiers attention.

If the passengers had been quieter, they would have pretended they didnt hear anything.

After all, they knew about the passengers miserable lives, so they let them complain every now and then.

If they tried to stop everything, they would have too much work to do.

Now that the argument got louder, they couldnt ignore it anymore.

“You lot! What are you doing”

“Stop talking and get to work! Do you want to lose todays bread”

“Keep it, then! Who do you think you are Youre just Oramans dog! Id rather starve or jump over a cliff than take your bread!” A man bellowed at the soldiers.

He and the soldiers were friends at first.

However, they were leading completely different lives now.

“Youve got some balls! Remember what you said!”

“The person that does the most work can have his bread!

“And theres the extra reward of a piece of bread and a bottle of water!”

Everybody was thrilled to hear the announcement.

Together, that would be three pieces of bread and a bottle of water!

The passengers immediately forgot the rebellion and the rescue.

They only cared about the three pieces of bread.

The soldiers smiled when they saw the passengers working again.

It was such a satisfying way to manage people.

They lived comfortably and could control so many people, making them feel like kings.

They had gotten addicted to power.

Back in the control room, Oraman glared at Maruse.

“Didnt you promise me youre going to complete the processing factory in two days Why is everything still in a mess!”

Maruse wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead.

“Im getting there.

I promise.

Give me two more days, and the processing factory will be ready!”


You have two more days.

If I dont see the factory then, I dont want to see you on this ark anymore.” Oraman snorted and walked away.


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