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Oraman left without another word.

He was in need of these people and couldnt afford to lose one more soldier.

Luckily, the soldier knew when to shut up, or he wouldnt mind killing an offender.

They stopped outside Dr.

Leos lab, noticing something different today.

Normally, the door would stay open unless there was a very important experiment inside.

However, it was tightly shut today!


President, we cant open this door!”

“Weve tried chainsaws, lasers, and hand grenades, but the door wont budge!”

The soldiers voice trailed off because he feared Oraman would lash out at them and blame them for not working hard enough.

Oraman had guessed it as well.

Since Leo had betrayed him, it was only normal that something like this would happen.

Leo was the best Neigerian scientist.

Of course, the door he built would be next to unbreakable.

It would be an insult to his talent if they could easily open this door.

“Move! Let me do it!”

Meanwhile, Mars Savior had started its mission, landing on the planet about ten minutes ago.

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Ten minutes later, almost all passengers were taken aboard, and they were drinking and eating as much as they wanted.

“This is the most delicious meal Ive ever had! Mr.

Soan is wonderful!”

“When we get back, Ill do whatever Mr.

Soan tells me to, even if he asks me to dance on the street.”

“Ill kneel on the ground!”


Himmel Soan treats us so well! Im going to tell everybody online!”

“I never thought Mars Savior would come here to save us! Were finally free from that devil!”

“I love Earth! If Im given another chance, Id never leave Earth!”

“Do you want to stay on Earth forever I heard the environment there will soon become unsuitable for us, and were all moving to K18.

If you want to stay there, feel free to do so!”

“No! I want to follow Mr.

Soan! Hes my god! Im going wherever he goes!”

On Mars, Drake, Liam, and Phoebe met up after they made sure all the passengers were aboard.

“They told us they were guarded by soldiers the whole time, but I cant see any soldiers anywhere.”

“They should be in the ark.

Lets go inside and take a look.

Oraman is there, too.

Im going to finish him with my own hands!”

“Calm down…”

“Look at these people! How can you take it!”

“I cant! I want to kill Oraman now too, but we need to look at the big picture.

We have a more important mission!”

Liam finally calmed down when he heard those words.

Seeing this, Drake began to discuss with his siblings what to do next.

Phoebe would lead a team to search for the stones on Mars and bring them back to the spaceship.

Drake and Liam would lead another team to rescue people from the ark.

With the plan set, they went their separate ways.

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As the ark was huge, Drake and Liam separated into two teams to cover more ground.

Drake took ten people to the left, while Liam took ten people to the right.

Meanwhile, the door to the lab was forced open.

Oraman smashed it open with his bare fists.

All the soldiers saw it and were astonished by the scene.

They all knew how solid the door was, but their president had broken it with his fists.

Were his hands made of steel


Even if that was possible, he still shouldnt have been able to do that.

The soldiers all felt conflicted.

They were afraid of their president.

If he punched them, he would probably shatter their internal organs.

When the door opened, everything inside seemed as normal as usual.

A person was typing on the keyboard with his back to them, seemingly unaware of what was going on around him.

But that wasnt the case!


Leo was well aware of what was happening behind him.

He also knew how the door to his lab was opened.

He saw everything on the monitor.

Yet he typed even faster.

He was so close to hacking into the system.

He didnt even know why he was still doing it.

Now that the rescue team had arrived, he only needed to slip away before Oraman arrived.

That way, he would be safe.

However, the soldiers families would still be in danger.

Those were hundreds of thousands of lives.

“Leo! Maruse! Why are you doing this If you follow my order, we can all survive.

Mars is so much better than Earth.

Dont tell me you care about those petty lives!

“Arent you curious why Ive become so strong and full of energy If you had stood by my side, I could have made you as strong as me, but you betrayed me!”

Maruse blocked his way.

He told Leo, “Ill stop Oraman while you hack the system! Quick!”

As soon as he said those words, the temperature in the room dropped.

All the soldiers behind Oraman felt the change and shivered in fear.

Was this man still their president

One of the soldiers stumbled back involuntarily, and Oraman immediately glared at him.

Their eyes met.

The soldier seemed petrified.

He froze on the spot, and his expression became blank.

A moment later, he fell to the ground, dead.

“This is what happens to traitors! Maruse, you want to override the system and stop the remote control, dont you I can control them even without it!

“I am God!”

Oraman smashed the remote control on the floor.

He was telling them that all their efforts were futile.


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