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Firey couldnt hit anybody, making her rather upset.

Although she didnt mean to hurt anyone, it still irritated her that she couldnt even land a hit.

Though the more annoyed she was, the more flaws there were in her stances.

She even stopped using common sense in the end.

When she reached Drake, she suddenly changed her target and attacked Liam instead.

She wanted to surprise him.

However, things didnt happen as she had expected.

Firey thought her plan was perfect, and Drake wouldnt see it coming.

To her surprise, they had seen through her moves.

The feeling of being under someone elses control irritated Firey.

The temperature rose to new heights.

The three siblings had finally gotten used to the temperature, but the sudden surge slowed their minds and bodies.

“Can she make a breakthrough under such circumstances” Himmel Soan murmured as he watched Firey, who was enveloped in flames.

She had been getting stronger constantly in the past few days.

To the essence of nature, every breath was a part of their cultivation.

It was a method similar to Himmel Soans, but there was also some difference.

The essence of nature didnt have the various stages of humans.

They only went through different forms.

When Firey took the human form at first, she was like a three- or four-year-old who didnt know how to speak.

After Himmel Soan told her what she needed to know, she became a girl of seven or eight.

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At the moment, Firey was in her adolescence.

Perhaps for the essence of nature, this was the change in her cultivation.

At the beginning of this battle, Firey was equivalent to a peak Golden Core cultivator.

By now, she had gained the power of an intermediate Nascent cultivator.

If she used that kick now, Drake wouldnt be able to block it with his two arms.

At that thought, Himmel Soan stopped the battle.

The difference between their power was so great that if he let them continue, it would be too late.

Just then, his eyes lit up.

Drakes energy started fluctuating.

It was the sign of a breakthrough.

“Both of my goals are achieved.” Himmel Soan smiled and sent a streak of spiritual essence into the battlefield.

It was directed at Firey instead of Drake.

The cooling sensation pacified her, who had been losing control because of her rage.

“Maintain this temperature.

Dont let it rise or fall.

Be stable.

Drake is having a breakthrough.

Dont disturb him.” Himmel Soan gave Firey his instructions.

He then thinned down the spiritual essence shield.

The crowd outside could also feel the heat.

“Ive let out some of the heat.

You can feel it now.

Stay where you are and cultivate.

Do not back away or leave this place.”

Himmel Soan then disappeared.

Members of the three divisions looked at one another in amazement.

They could all see the sweat on other peoples foreheads.

It was so hot.

Things seemed normal when the shield was up.

However, it was a different story once they personally felt the heat.

Although only a little bit of heat had been released outside, the people outside still felt they were on fire.

If they were already like this, what would it feel like inside the shield

They didnt even dare to think about it.

While the three siblings were enduring the high temperature, the members only felt a fraction of what they were going through.

If they couldnt withstand this, they would be a disgrace to the three divisions.

However, why did the Patriarch ask them to go through this

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Meanwhile, Himmel Soan had arrived at the lab.

Roams immediately took out a green sword from behind him.


Soan, look!” He drew out the sword, which gave off a chilly sensation.

It somehow felt similar to Fireys flame.

Roams held the sword with both hands and struck down at Himmel Soan.

The energy arrived before the blade did.

It felt as powerful as a strike from a cultivator of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

It was only a streak of energy.

If the sword itself had such potent energy, how powerful would it be if a Golden Core cultivator was using it

Himmel Soan shifted a little, but he almost looked like he was standing still.

Yet, Roamss sword lost its target.

Roams lost his balance and fell to the ground.

The fall only made him more excited.

This was his first time trying the sword after forging it.

It was exceptionally effective.

The sword was what he had hoped for.

It worked even better than he anticipated.

However, that wasnt enough.

Roams rose to his feet and looked at Himmel Soan in excitement.


Soan, what do you think of my sword”

“Not bad.

Its quite powerful.

Youve figured out the crystal, then” Himmel Soan asked.

He had noticed many things when Roams wielded the sword.

Both the cold sensation and the sword energy should have come from the crystal.

Roams nodded repeatedly.

“Yes! Its so amazing! The crystal is a miracle of nature! If we didnt need it to build the portal, I would have torn it apart to study it!

“Its so incredible!”

Himmel Soan nodded.

“Since youve figured out its main feature, you can stop there.

“Did you forge this sword from the shards”


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