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Roams was surprised.

He had indeed forged the sword with the meteorite core pieces.

Himmel Soan was going to throw away the pieces after draining their energy.

On second thought, he felt maybe Roams could make something out of them.

Hence, he gave over a thousand drained pieces to him.

He didnt expect Roams to forge a sword so fast.

The energy the sword contained even surprised Himmel Soan.

A mortal man could build a sword that could exert the power of a cultivator.

That was the miracle of science.

However, it only made Himmel Soans eyes light up a little.

He admitted technology had much potential.

However, it came with a price.

It was the same as the space cannon.

Building one space cannon had cost so many materials and manpower.

The space cannon was an expensive project.

What if they could use supernatural power

If Himmel Soan had recovered to his current state back then, he could have crushed the meteorite with his bare fist.

It was something science couldnt compare to, but it had its own merits.

For instance, with that sword, Roams could easily defeat a cultivator of the Essence Refinement Stage.

If he could build a set of armor in the same way, maybe he could withstand a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Of course, ordinary peoples physical bodies were too fragile.

Roams could barely pick up the sword.

When he tried to strike Himmel Soan just then, he was stumbling and trembling from head to toe.

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After he missed the target, he didnt have any strength to pick up that sword again.

“Nice sword!” Himmel Soan complimented.

Roams felt uplifted when he heard those words and jumped to his feet.

“No, thats not good enough! Ive made it as lightweight as possible, but its still too heavy for me.

Itll be great if I can forge a sword everybody can pick up!”

Himmel Soan nodded.

If he really could do that, the sword could become the three divisions issued weapon.

Right now, most of the members were fighting with their bare hands.

Very few of them had a sword.

An iron sword was more like a decoration to them.

It would break after a few strikes.

Moreover, they couldnt inject an iron sword with spiritual essence.

Ordinary material couldnt withstand that kind of power.

It was like how one couldnt hold up a chunk of iron with a paper boat.

The sword Roams built was suitable for cultivators.

“How many meteorite core pieces did you use to forge this sword” Himmel Soan asked.

Those pieces were non-renewable materials.

Once they ran out, it would be extremely difficult to find more.

Therefore, they were very precious.

But only for Roams.

Himmel Soan didnt care much about the pieces because he had already absorbed their energy.

There was hardly anything left.

To him, they werent much different from ordinary stones.

He had asked Drake to bring back the pieces mainly to see what Roams could come up with.

If he couldnt figure anything out, they could be thrown away as ordinary stones.

Together, they contained the energy of a planet.

Even after Himmel Soan had drained the energy, they still had some research value.

The meteorite core was the energy source of a planet since its creation.

It was similar to the heart of the volcano and the desert spirit.

The meteorite core worked the same way.

It also represented the property level of a planet.

The larger the meteorite core, the more civilized the planet and vice versa.

Judging by the pieces, Himmel Soan concluded that Mars used to have a civilization at least as prosperous as Earth.

“Well, I wasted two pieces at first to experiment on them.

Then I used four pieces to forge this sword.

But that was only the first sword.

If I do it again, Ill only need four pieces!

“And I can improve.

With practice, I should be able to reduce the number to three!” Roams rubbed his chin and contemplated.

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It was just like what he said.

If he were given another chance, he wouldnt need more than four pieces.

He was already calculating in his mind.

When and where should he add the pieces

He would need to figure out all those details.

If other people were doing this job, they would need to experiment over and over again before they could calculate in their heads.

But Roams didnt need that.

He only needed to try it once before he could make the deduction.

Himmel Soan was a little surprised to hear the answer.

A sword only needed six pieces!

No, Roams could make it to three.

Three pieces could forge such a formidable iron sword.

Anyhow, Himmel Soan was glad he hadnt thrown away the pieces.

Although they didnt contain any energy, they werent useless.

He had thought it would take over a dozen pieces to forge such a sword.

If that were the case, maybe they wouldnt have enough pieces.

There were only over a thousand pieces in total.

If each sword cost a dozen of them, they could only make fewer than a hundred.


Use your method and build a hundred swords.

How long do you need” Himmel Soan asked.

The swords could increase the three divisions power significantly.

But that wasnt his main purpose.

He wanted to forge the iron swords because he wanted to train some capable fighters.

To keep the world in a united state, they would need a formidable army.


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