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One of the Himmelian Villagers was clever enough to analyze the situation.

After all, they were all members of the Soan empire.

Though they would follow the order of their division heads, the Patriarchs word would always be the top priority.

If the Patriarch told them to stay here, they would stay here without moving an inch.

Even if Drake asked them to move, they wouldnt take a single step back.

Therefore, the only reason the Himmelian Pavilion had backed away should be their Patriarchs order.

Otherwise, they would rather die from dehydration than move an inch.

It didnt take a genius to figure out the rest.

On any ordinary day, they would have figured it out right away, but the heat had slowed their minds.

They only cracked it now.

That was to say, the Patriarch had heard everything they said.

How embarrassing!

However, Himmel Soan never spoke again.

But these people couldnt hold on for much longer either.

Were they being punished for complaining about their treatment

Just then, the air stirred.

Someone had made a breakthrough!

They looked in the direction of the fluctuation and saw it was one of the Himmelian Pavilion members.

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“I think shes Ella Soan, Miss Phoebes most trusted subordinate!”


Before they could say anything else, the air trembled again.

“I think thats Shirley.

Miss Phoebe always tells her off!”

Two members of the Himmelian Pavilion had made breakthroughs right in front of everybody.

They were significant breakthroughs as well.

The two women had both reached the Foundation Establishment stage!

Phoebe herself was an Essence Refinement stage cultivator before this event.

What was going on with the Himmelian Pavilion

It suddenly had two more Foundation Establishment fighters!



The air stirred again, and another member achieved a breakthrough!


The Himmelian Pavilion had three Foundation Establishment stage cultivators!

In the past, they would be powerful enough to lead the three divisions.

Why did they suddenly make such significant breakthroughs

Everybody was confused.

However, something more surprising was yet to happen.

Gradually, the other members of the Himmelian Pavilion followed suit and made steady advancements.

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Members of the other two divisions had grown numb to the fact by now.

Were those people much more talented

After falling back for ten meters, almost all members of the Himmelian Pavilion made their breakthroughs.

Not many people had reached a new stage.

Including Shirley and Ella, six members made it to the Foundation Establishment stage.

The other members all improved within the Essence Refinement stage.

After the breakthroughs, the six people promptly left as if they had received an order.

The rest returned to their rooms to get used to their current strength.

After the Himmelian Pavilion departed, members of the other two divisions looked at one another.

They wondered if they were dreaming.

It felt like a dream.

They wished someone would show up and tell them they were in a dream.

On any other day, they would trust their eyes, but not today.

It was so mind-blowing!

Meanwhile, they were wondering if they would make similar breakthroughs if they fell back like the Himmelian Pavilion.

The idea calmed them down.

It was only a matter of time before that would happen.

Maybe they would make bigger progress by staying here for longer.

In that case, they had nothing to complain about.

Firey pouted inside the dome.

“Master is using me as a tool to train them.

Im so mad! This isnt fun at all!”

“I have to control my fire.

It feels worse than holding back my strength!” she complained.

If Himmel Soan hadnt given her specific instructions, she would have run off already.

Despite her grumbling, she held no grudges against Himmel Soan.

If he hadnt stayed with her when she took the human form, she would probably have failed.

Afterward, he had no intention of using her for his own benefit.

She was an essence of nature.

To take the human form, she had cultivated for a million years!

She could tell that Himmel Soan had lost most of his powers and probably still hadnt recovered.

If he wanted, he could have used her as a medicine to treat his wound.

That way, he would recover much of his strength.

But he didnt do that and even taught her a lot of things.

That was why she called Himmel Soan “Master.”

Firey unclenched her fists, closed her eyes, and sensed her surroundings.

Despite her complaints, she still had to complete the task Himmel Soan gave her.

On the other side, the six members of the Himmelian Pavilion arrived at the lab, following Himmel Soans order, kneeling on one knee.

They didnt know what task awaited them, nor did they know why the Patriarch told them to come here.

They didnt care about the answer either.

They would do whatever he told them.

Just then, Roams came out with a robot, who was dragging some swords.

He had no choice.

The swords were too heavy for him.

He could pick up one, but half a dozen were beyond his capabilities.

The robot was rather dumb.

It wouldnt move until Roams put the swords in its hand.

At least it could move.

If it still wouldnt move after the swords were put in its hands, Roams would have torn it apart and reassembled it.


Soan, the six swords are here.

Are we going to try them now”


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