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Why did Mr.

Himmel Soan want to broadcast this sword testing Was he sending a message or a warning Why were the Soanian Swords forged

This was the age of firearms.

Cold steel had gone out of fashion a long time ago.

What was the significance of the Soanian Swords

Those were the questions the people kept asking.

The answers would be found in the livestream.

Meanwhile, the livestream showed a clearing.

There were scarecrows, wood posts, and iron sticks on the ground.

It was obvious that they were going to test the swords on these objects to find out how sharp they were.

The objects led to another round of speculations.

“How far do you think the swords will go I think they can easily cut through the iron sticks.”

“Iron sticks are nothing! If they cant cut an iron stick, they dont deserve to be called Soanian Swords.”

“I agree.

The only question is how many iron sticks they can cut through!”

“I think three.

That should be the limit.”

“Three is too few! At least five!”

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“The blades will be worn down as they cut the iron sticks with the swords.

Although the swords are made of Martian rocks, theyll still wear out.

Rocks on Earth arent as hard as the Martian ones, but theyll still abrase the Soanian Swords.

When the swords become blunt, they can no longer cut any iron sticks.”

“That sounds reasonable.

May I ask who you are”

“Im only a physics student.”

If a student could make such an analysis, scholars and scientists would only know better.

The basics of their explanations were the same.

They were all about the hardness of the blades.

However, the scientists didnt think three iron sticks were the upper limit, expecting ten instead.

They could discern how sharp the blades were from the video.

Such sharp blades could do much better than three iron sticks.

The testing began.

Himmel Soans voice rang out in the six peoples ears.

“Feel the power in the sword.

Use your own energy as the foundation, combine the spiritual essence with the swords power, and turn the spiritual essence into the sword energy.

Then strike down at the objects!”

If Drake and his siblings were here, he wouldnt have given such instructions.

He would let them figure it out on their own.

However, the six people here werent as talented or intuitive, so he told them the specific method.

Nonetheless, knowing how to do it didnt mean one could do it.

It depended on how well a person could control their spiritual essence.

Hearing the instructions, Ella and the others closed their eyes and sensed the spiritual essence inside them.

Roams was thrilled when he saw them close their eyes.

As the maker of the Soanian Swords, he knew perfectly well how much energy they contained.

Was his demonstration the day before only the tip of the iceberg

He couldnt exert the full power of the sword.

Himmel Soan definitely could, but he didnt do anything.

Since these six people were summoned by Mr.

Soan, it meant at least one of them could unleash the swords full potential.

Roams was certain of his speculations when he saw how serious the six people were.

“Isnt it a sword test What are they doing”

Viewers of the livestream saw it as well.

They were perplexed when they saw the six people closing their eyes.

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“Does closing their eyes have a special effect”

“They cant see! What special effect can it possibly have”

“What if the swords enable them to see without opening their eyes”

“If they want to see, they can just open their eyes!”

“You have a point.”

Such an effect would be redundant.

But one thing was certain; ordinary swords couldnt have that effect.

What was so special about closing their eyes

The viewers couldnt think of an answer no matter what.

After all, closing their eyes would prevent them from seeing anything.

Even if they could see with their eyes closed, so what

They were just testing.

Why did they need to close their eyes Were they putting on an act

The viewers would have criticized the six people if they didnt know Mr.

Himmel Soan was watching them.


Himmel Soan had started the livestream and summoned those people.

Even the swords were named Soanian Swords.

He must have everything under control.

If he didnt say anything, the viewers didnt dare blabber too much either.

They could only ask questions about the six peoples closed eyes.

Ella swayed a little while adjusting her breathing.

The viewers didnt notice it until she started moving.

The other five remained perfectly still.

That was so astonishing!

Ella kept adjusting her breath until it was slow and even.


She exhaled, opened her eyes, and stared at a scarecrow.

“Ha!” She sprang out like a streak of lightning.

The next moment, she appeared behind the scarecrow.

Her movements sent dust into the air.

Everybody was surprised.

They didnt know a human being could move so fast! It took two seconds for Ella to reappear behind the scarecrow.

She was at least 150 feet away!

150 feet in two seconds

That speed alone was already astonishing, no matter what Ella was going to do next.

“Has the livestream frozen, or has my brain stopped working”

“Same here!”

“Bull**! Mr.

Himmel Soans livestream cant freeze! Just accept the reality!”

“I replayed it and watched it frame by frame.

Theres nothing wrong with the livestream.

Its the same as what we saw!”


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