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Charles soon made a requirement: they could only bring things that could fit into a backpack.

The backpack became the standard.

After the announcement, Charles posted a follow-up article.

If anybody exceeded that standard, they wouldnt be allowed to bring anything and would have to walk into the portal empty-handed.

Most people stopped discussing it when the rule was announced.

They were all smart and knew it was time to behave.

If they followed the rule, they could bring a few things with them.

But if they didnt, they wouldnt be able to bring anything.

Most people knew what to do when they weighed their choices.

But there were always exceptions.

A small fraction of people didnt think much of the rule.

They packed things that could fill at least one suitcase.

One of them filled an entire cargo and was going to drive it through the portal.

Some businessmen saw this as a great opportunity.

They couldnt bear the thought of only bringing a backpack to K18.

They had worked their entire life to accumulate their wealth and reach their status.

If they couldnt bring anything with them, they would have to start from scratch as an ordinary man!

No one would accept it.

Seeing the people that wouldnt follow the rules, they found a business opportunity.

Although they had complaints about the rule, they couldnt defy the rule like them.

However, they were bold enough to invest in them.

If their investment paid off, they would have high social status again on K18.

They would accept it if the investment failed.

If something went wrong, they wouldnt be blamed.

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Undercurrents were surging.

All the people that ignored the rule obtained a vehicle.

Moreover, they werent small cars.

They were large vehicles, such as trucks, caravans, and minivans.

Each of them was bigger than the next.

There was only one hour to go.

Himmel Soan looked up at the sky.

Everything was ready.

His projection had found a suitable flatland on K18 and set up a rough model.

As soon as the portal was activated, it would be instantly connected to K18.

All that was left was the energy from the heart of the volcano and the right time.

The crystal had melted and turned into energy that fueled the portal.

The desert spirit entered a dormant state after it transferred its energy into the portal.

Himmel Soan then put it in his pocket.

The other energy was absorbed by the portal as well.

Himmel Soan could sense the desert spirit was growing, but it would be a very long time before it could take a human form as Firey did.

However, it would be much faster.

“Firey, release your energy into the portal.

Its about time,” said Himmel Soan.

“Alright!” Firey nodded.

She walked up to the portal, put her hand on it, and directed her energy inside.

Meanwhile, she was also sensing the energy in the portal.

It was one of the tasks Himmel Soan gave her.

She was going to fuse all the energy into one force.

It would become the main source of energy that was going to open the portal.

Himmel Soan looked up at the sky and waited.

Soon, there were only thirty minutes left.

Everything was proceeding in order.

All the people in the world had gathered on the land that was originally the country of Moon.

The Soans and the Dragon Tribe were keeping people under control in various areas.

Camille worked on her computer and inputted every individuals location.

She would know right away if someone tried to start trouble.

She would then report it to the three divisions.

They worked in harmony like that.

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“We only have thirty minutes left.

Why isnt anything happening Will the portal open later than that”

“I dont think so.

This is a serious matter.

They cant make such blunders!”

“I believe in Mr.

Himmel Soan.

I think the portal will open in thirty minutes.

He predicted the meteorite so accurately, so he must be right this time too!”

“We only have thirty minutes left! Will it open in time”

“I dont even know what that portal looks like.

Do you”

“Me neither.

I think itll look like a starry sky.”

“Thats not important.

The most important thing is how big the portal is! If its very small and only a couple of people can go through at the same time, how long are we going to wait”

“Thats right.

There are so many of us.

If the portal is only wide enough for one or two people, itll take at least a week for us to go through!”

“A week Thats too long!”

“Thats a conservative estimate.

Do you remember what it was like when you went to popular funfairs If you have to queue for that, how long do you think youll have to queue for this”

“You have a point, but I dont think the portal will be so small.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have gathered all of us here.”

“Thats right.

If the portal is narrow, we would draw numbers and form a line.

They wouldnt keep us here and let us wait for a week!”


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