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After Charles arrived at K18, he studied the surroundings to make further arrangements.

The five governors had their own tasks.

All the Earthlings had gone through the portal, and everything proceeded in order.

If somebody deliberately made a mistake, they would face the death penalty.

With that forcible rule, no one dared try anything, obediently following the instructions.

When all the Earthlings arrived at K18, they almost filled the entire flatland.

If Himmel Soan hadnt planned in advance, things wouldnt have gone so smoothly.

Something would have gone wrong.

Thirty minutes before the portal closed, Charles received a message from Warren, saying that the materials had arrived.

All the Soans went off to organize the materials and build some makeshift housing facilities.

However, their progress would never be fast enough.

The whole worlds population was here.

They would need to build housing facilities for at least a billion people.

Comparatively, there were only a hundred thousand Soans.

The three divisions worked like there was no tomorrow and could build a tent in a minute.

A simple house took them only ten minutes to build.

Under Charless instruction, more people joined in.

As time passed, more and more people were working on the construction, and houses were built one after another.

Before long, Charles sent people to build other facilities, such as water tanks, signal towers, and power generators.

They were all necessary to maintain peoples daily life.

The plan went smoothly as if it had been rehearsed.

Very few things went wrong.

Even if some mishap happened, the problem was soon resolved.

The scientists, engineers, and architects worked in their own fields and formed their own systems.

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For instance, the chief engineers would decide what outcome they wanted, and their students would draw the blueprint before teaching the ordinary people how to do the actual work.

The whole system came alive.

Everything was wholesome and in the right order.

Everybody spared no effort.

These projects would determine their future living standards.

Their lives were starting from scratch.

If they didnt do this properly, they would live with the consequences later.

They were building houses that they were going to live in for a while.

Because of that, they had no reason not to work hard.

With everybodys effort, the houses were set up one after another.

Some scientists found a large river by the flatland.

They tested the water and concluded it was clean enough to drink directly.

People were sent out to fetch water and store it for later use.

A basic power generator was also set up before long.

They were still all on the flatland, so they built a signal tower at its center.

The signal was just powerful enough to cover the entire area.

They stopped working at nightfall.

The houses had been built, and they had worked hard for a whole day.

It was time to take a break.

Besides, they couldnt work in the dark.

They could sleep through the night and work hard the next day.

The night was quiet, and everybody relaxed.

Many people went to bed as soon as they retired to their rooms.

However, not everybody could do that.

The Soans and Charles hadnt returned to their rooms yet.

They were all waiting in one place.

It was where they walked out of the portal.

The portal had disappeared already, and all the Earthlings had come out except for one person.

The most important person.

Himmel Soan.

He still hadnt arrived at K18.

“Has Mr.

Himmel Soan told you when hes coming” Charless voice was hoarse.

He had been asking that question since he arrived at K18.

However, he had been given the same answer over and over again.

“Patriarch didnt tell me.”

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Drake, Phoebe, Liam, Warren, and other important Soan members had all gathered here.

They were all perplexed.

“Is it possible that Mr.

Himmel Soan isnt coming” Charles asked.

“I have no idea.

Well wait here until the Patriarch arrives!”

“If the Patriarch doesnt come here, well find a way to return to Earth!”

“Yes! Well do that!”


They had just reached K18, but they were already talking about going back.

It was because their Patriarch wasnt there.

Roams also felt conflicted.

He had joined Moon for Himmel Soan and had been trying to learn more from him.

It had never occurred to him that he wouldnt come to K18.

He didnt know what to do.

However, he couldnt help but speak up when he heard the others.

“Our culture fell back by fifty or even a hundred years when we landed on K18.

We can make up for that loss in five years or even shorter.

However, itll be extremely difficult to build a portal in that time.

“My estimation is that well need at least fifteen years to build the portal.

But just that wont be enough.

It needs the energy to stay open.

Thats to say, well need at least two decades before we can return to Earth.

“We arent even sure if Mr.

Himmel Soan is still on Earth!” Roams spoke his mind.


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