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Himmel Soan calmed himself down and looked at the dead snake.

Usually, he didnt need any food or water.

It had been a long time since he needed food to sustain his life, but now, he was yearning for food.

“Have I lost too much energy Im actually hungry.” Without hesitation, he cut off a slice of meat from the snakes body.

He then started a fire with his spiritual essence, stuck a twig through the piece of meat, and grilled it over the fire.

Cooking was a piece of cake.

He used to do it for Gina and had become an experienced chef.

He dissected the snake while the meat was roasting.

It didnt seem that different from an ordinary snake.

However, instead of a heart, it had a core.

He took it out and studied it.

The core looked like a rock, but it was bright red.

Without thinking much, he put it in his pocket.

The core seemed valuable.

If he ran into the habitants of this world, maybe he could ask them about the core and this world.

A pleasant aroma wafted into the air from roasting snake meat.

He hadnt put any condiments on it, yet it already smelled delicious.

Besides, even if he wanted to add some seasoning, he didnt have anything to use.

He removed the snake meat from the fire and took a bite.

A sweet flavor tickled his tastebuds.

The meat didnt need much chewing, and he swallowed it almost right away.

“That was nice.

Its such a pity I have to eat all by myself.

Gina, will I find you here”

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Although he had only been here for less than a day, he already felt how extraordinary this place was.

It was proved by the spiritual essence that filled the air and the snakes flesh and core.

After finishing all the roasted snake meat, Himmel Soan set out again.

Even though the meat tasted nice, he only needed to fill his stomach every now and then.

He didnt need to finish the whole snake.

It would only waste a lot of time.

“I think eating the snake meat restored my strength a little.

Its less than 0.01%, but I can tell the improvement.

If I eat the whole snake, I think Ill recover 0.03% of my strength.

“No… Thats not why Im here!”

Himmel Soan dropped that line of thought.

It would take him over a day to finish the whole snake.

He would rather spend that time covering more ground.

Shortly after he left, other animals showed up and started feasting on the dead snake.

Some weaker ones would tear off a piece of meat and run off.

The others did pretty much the same.

Soon, something bigger arrived at the scene.

It was a leopard.

It was also a cultivating beast like the red python, and it had its own territory.

The two beasts had lived in harmony before.

That was how the animals survived in the woods.

Animals at the top of the food chain seldom disappeared like that!

The leopard suddenly stopped sensing the pythons energy today, so it came over to take a look.

It didnt care why the energy disappeared.

It knew even if the python didnt die, it had to be extremely weak.

In that case, the leopard could kill the python without difficulty.

After eating the python, the leopard could gain more power, expanding its territory.

However, by the time it got there, all that was left was a snake head.

The leopard didnt mind it.

As long as it could improve its strength, it didnt care which body part it had to eat.

The red python was soon eaten up as if it had never existed.

The following day, the Soans were still waiting in the same spot.

Charles had gone to bed.

He had wanted to wait with the others.

He knew Mr.

Himmel Soan might not come, but he still hoped for the best like all the Soans.

However, his job didnt permit him to do so.

If Mr.

Himmel Soan didnt come here, the country would have lost its God.

As the president, Charles needed to take responsibility.

The country needed a leader.

He used to run the country when Mr.

Himmel Soan wasnt around.

Now that he might be gone forever, he needed to take control of things once more.

People could post messages online on K18 already, and everybody was using the same channel.

They were all talking about the same thing—Mr.

Himmel Soan.

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“Is Mr.

Soan really not here Why”

“If Earth is unsuitable for us to live, why is Mr.

Himmel Soan still there”

“Is it possible that Mr.

Himmel Soan doesnt want to come here Can he still be on Earth”

“If Earth has become uninhabitable, will Mr.

Himmel Soan be in danger”


Himmel Soan is the only human being on Earth now.


“I dont know.

None of the Soans seem to know the answer either.

This evening, I saw them still waiting for Mr.

Himmel Soan at the same spot.”

“Maybe Mr.

Himmel Soan is coming soon!”

“That portal is gone.

How is Mr.

Himmel Soan going to come here We should have let him go through the portal first!”


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