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Himmel Soan didnt speak and waited in silence while those men discussed among themselves.

He couldnt understand their language, but he roughly knew what they meant.

Ordinary people might find it hard to master a foreign language, but that wasnt the case with Himmel Soan.

He learned something while listening to their conversation.

He would master the language in this world if he lived in this village for three days.

He had memorized everything they said and analyzed what those sounds meant through their tones, facial expressions, and gestures.

After some discussion, the middle-aged men came up with a plan of how to handle Himmel Soan.

They were going to let him stay in the village for a few days.

They werent born killers and couldnt bring themselves to harm Himmel Soan.

Moreover, he looked like a harmless teenager.

Only his clothes and tone were a little strange to the locals.

The villagers were curious about Himmel Soan.

They wondered where he came from and what language he spoke.

There was something about him that struck them as strange.

He almost seemed too calm.

They didnt see him express any emotions.

“Hey, do you think hes some sort of an unknown master”

“Seriously I cant detect any spiritual essence in him.

Hes just an ordinary man.

How can he be a master”

The first man had his reasoning.

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“Thats why I think hes an undiscovered master.

Because hes so capable, we cant detect any spiritual essence in him.

He seemed to have come out of that forest, but besides his dirty clothes, he didnt have a scratch on him.

You know how fierce the magical beasts are in that forest.

Do you think its normal that hes not injured at all”

Another man chuckled.

He didnt believe that the teenager had come out of the forest.

His friend might have some logic to his words, but that speculation was too incredible.

“What if he didnt come out of that forest Maybe he only pointed in a random direction.

If hes as capable as you suggest, why cant he understand us I think theres something wrong with his head.

Thats why he cant even speak.

That outfit is probably some costume!” The man shook his head and walked away.

It was time for dinner.

Although they had agreed to keep him in the village, they hadnt talked about which family he would stay with.

No one wanted to keep the strange teenager.

Moreover, Himmel Soan didnt seem like he could help around the house either.

His good looks didnt mean much here.

The villagers needed strong men to hunt for food.

No one wanted to take Himmel Soan back home because he would be eating their food without making any contribution.

With similar thoughts, everybody went home with their children.

In the end, the oldest man in the group stood there in embarrassment.

He looked at Himmel Soan and didnt know what to do.

He didnt want to take him home because he would have one more mouth to feed.

He only mentioned it because Himmel Soan seemed helpless, but now, he regretted having brought it up.

He couldnt just leave him alone either.

This was the only village within a two-mile radius.

“Im Oech, the leading hunter in this village.

You can call me Brother Oech.

I dont care if you can understand me.

Im going to tell you this anyway.

You will stay at my house for the next few days.

Well keep you if you prove yourself useful, but if all you can do is eat, Ill have to kick you out!

“I can feed one more person…” Oech looked up at the sky and sighed.

Hunting was their only food source.

They would have food on the table when they hunted something.

If not, they would starve.

They hadnt caught anything for days and had been living off their reserves.

If things remained the same, many villagers would starve to death.

Luckily, they finally got some game today that could last them for a few more days.

But the future was still uncertain.

“Lets go.” Oech took Himmel Soan back to his house.

Himmel Soan followed him.

Although he didnt understand the language, he could guess the meaning.

He knew the man had told him to stay there, and that suited him.

Himmel Soan wanted to learn their language and find out more about this world.

It wasnt a meaningless attempt.

He would try to figure out where to go next.

When they arrived at Oechs house, he saw it was a log cabin with little adornments.

They went inside.

The floor and the furniture were all made of stone.

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There was no one else at home.

Oech took out a log and lit the torches on the wall, illuminating the house.

“I live alone.

I used to have a wife.

She was attacked and killed by a beast when she went out to collect some food.

“Youll be sleeping in my bed tonight.

Ill sleep in hers.

As for food… Im so tired tonight.

Just go to bed.

Ill make something tomorrow morning.”

Oech went into another room and lit the torches, closing the door behind him.

He didnt make anything to eat, partly because he was too tired and partly because he tried to save some food.


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