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Peklons voice wasnt loud, but everybody heard him.

It came as a great shock.

The news of Shif being a heresy cultivator was almost beyond their comprehension.

Shif was the winner of the contest only the day before, but now, he had turned out to be a heresy cultivator.

Heresy cultivators were detested by all the people of Stelladom.

They were public enemies.

It was very rare to hear them being mentioned, and hardly anyone had met one in real life.

But now, Shif was said to be a heresy cultivator.

“That cant be true.

How can Shif be a heresy cultivator He looks like a harmless scholar! A heresy cultivator, really”

“I cant believe it either, but it came from Lord Baih, so it has to be true!”

“It cant be true! I dont believe it! Lord Baih doesnt want his daughter to get married, so hes incriminating Shif!”

“Incriminating him Are you serious Do you know the significance of Lord Baihs announcement Shif is the winner of the contest, so hes Lidas fiance.

They were going to marry today, which makes him a member of the Baih family! Do you understand

“Shif is connected to the Baih family now! If hes a heresy cultivator, the Baih familys reputation will be ruined! Lord Baih has to take it seriously!”

Everybody came out of their houses and talked about what was going on.

It was big news that there was a heresy cultivator among them.

No one wanted to sleep anymore.

They went into the streets to see what was happening.

Meanwhile, something was going on in an inn.

Shif, the subject of all the discussions, was right here.

He sat obediently in the chair because opposite him was Himmel Soan.


“Why do you keep it a secret that youre a heresy cultivator It wouldnt do you any good.

You should have told the truth,” said Himmel Soan.

“Sir, I dont know anything about heresy cultivators.

Ive told you already.

Im not a heresy cultivator.

I just happened to find a book and used it for my cultivation.

It turned me into this way.

I didnt know this was going to happen.

Had I known, Id never have used it,” Shif said in resignation.

He had run away from Peklon and thought he could flee the city.

However, he arrived at this room as soon as he left Peklon.

He didnt know how he ended up here.

In front of him was the young man that was talking to Peklong the day before.

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However, this young man was far more capable than Shif had expected.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have addressed Himmel Soan as “sir.”

“Ill give you one more chance to tell the truth.

If Im still not satisfied with your answer, Ill make you disappear forever.” Himmel Soans tone turned cold, and there was killing intent in the air.

It was as if everything around them was reacting to Himmel Soans mood.

If Shif displeased the young man, he would be wiped off the face of Earth!

“What if you dont like my answer” Shif asked.

“Do you think you have a choice” Himmel Soan smirked.

Shif felt something warm in his throat before he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Alright! Ill tell you!” Shif didnt put up a fight because in that instant, he felt he was dead and brought back to life again.

He didnt hesitate to tell Himmel Soan about heresy cultivators.

After all, his life was in danger.

Nothing was more important than staying alive.

“A person in a black raincoat gave me the book and said the skill in it would be suitable for me.

I didnt believe him at first because it sounded like a made-up story.

But he showed me the effect of the skills, and he was right! It suited me perfectly!

“The cultivation method was the easiest and the most efficient.

Once I saw the results, I chose to join their sect.

I worked for them to learn these skills!” Shif told the truth.

However, he only said the most basic things and sounded like he was trying to fool Himmel Soan.

Himmel Soan gave him a stern look.

That wasnt what he wanted to know.

If Shif kept providing him with unimportant information, there was no need to show him any mercy.

His stare made Shif break into a cold sweat.

“That sect is the famous Heresy Sect!”

“Keep talking.”

“What” Shif was dumbfounded.

He had told him everything.

What more did he want to hear

“Tell me more about his sect from the very beginning.

Tell me everything.

Dont keep any secrets.”

Is he giving me a hard time Shif was perplexed.

He knew about that sect as little as any other outsider.

He only joined it by chance and was the lowest-ranking pupil.

He didnt know much.

Everything he knew was almost common knowledge.

Why bother

He didnt know what Himmel Soan was thinking.

However, he had no other choice other than to go with the flow.

“Heresy Sect is a well-known sect in Stelladom.

Although many people detest heresy cultivators, some people still want to become one.

“As for who established the sect and why it hasnt been destroyed, no one knows the answer.

The eight emperors never did anything as if they were deliberately ignoring it.

“Heresy Sect has remained discreet.

So far, Ive only seen one group of men in black.”


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