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Half a month later, Himmel Soan and Firey arrived in another city.

It was dozens of times bigger than Baihin City.

However, he could tell it wasnt the center of Stelladom.

He finally understood why the people here referred to Stelladom as a continent.

The reason was simple.

The planet gave one a feeling that it was an endless flat land, hence a continent.

That wasnt the case though.

The planet was a sphere.

It was just too big for anybody to realize its curve.

Himmel Soan had observed for a long time before arriving at the conclusion.

It was a planet just like his old world, though it was much bigger with spiritual essence and a general cultivation rule.

However, where was this planet

It couldnt be in the universe he used to live in.

That was the only thing Himmel Soan knew for sure.

This planet could block his mental force, which he found rather incredible.

He even thought about studying this planet, but looking for Gina was first on his priority list.

This big city was almost an expanded version of Baihin City.

The sizes were about the only difference between them.

Even the name above the city gate was similar.

This one was called Baihib City.

This was Emperor Baihs territory, and all the city lords belonged to the Baih family.

Therefore, all the city names looked alike with “Baih” in them.

Himmel Soan and Firey attracted much attention on the street.

At first, he wanted to blur his face as he did in Baihin, but he wasnt alone anymore.

Firey was with him.

He might have lived long enough to see everything in the world, but Firey hadnt.

Firey was an essence of nature before she took the human form, and she still had a lot to learn.

Therefore, Himmel Soan didnt try to conceal themselves and let other people see them as they were.

He wanted to let Firey feel what it was like to live among other people.

Nevertheless, he didnt expect they would attract so much attention wherever they went.

Nine out of ten people would look in their direction.

They were either staring at him or at Firey.

The looks in their eyes were all different.

Most of them were curious, and Himmel Soan didnt think much of it.

He was used to it and had seen all kinds of attitudes.

Nothing could affect him now.

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But it wasnt the same with Firey.

Although she knew those people were only curious, she didnt like to be stared at all the time.

She hissed at the people around her.

“Stop staring at me, all of you! Cover your eyes!

“Look at me again, and Im going to gouge your eyes out!

“Stop laughing! I mean it! Ill gouge out your eyeballs!”


She kept waving her hands at the passersby.

However, the others only found her tone adorable because she looked like a lovely little girl.

After her fit of temper, even more people stared at her.

“Shes such a lovely girl! My heart melts for her when she pouts!”

“Do you like her Lets make a baby of our own!”

“With you In your dreams! Its all about genetics! Parents will determine what their children look like.

Look at yourself in the mirror!”

“Youre right.

Look at the girls father.

Hes so young and handsome, and his daughter is so adorable!”

“She wants to take out our eyes.

Do you call that adorable”

“You dont understand! Thats why shes adorable! Im going to applaud her when she takes out your eyes!”

“Weve seen her father.

What about her mother If the daughter is so lovely, the mother must be very pretty!”

“Now Im curious what her mother looks like.”


People on the street couldnt stop talking about the father and daughter duo.

Firey had stopped yelling and was walking quietly next to Himmel Soan.

She had heard the compliments.

It was her first time hearing such things.

She suddenly felt very self-conscious.

Blushing, she hid her face in Himmel Soans arms.

“Whats that” she pointed at something ahead of them and asked eagerly

“Thats a candy apple.

Do you want one”

Himmel Soan glanced at Firey and knew he didnt need an answer.

She was practically drooling.

He led her to the vendor of the candy apples.

“Ill have a candy apple, please…” Himmel Soan stopped midway.

He didnt even know what money in this world looked like or what people here used to purchase things.

He soon figured it out.

Since this was a cultivation world, the only currency would be essence stones.

However, he didnt have any.

He had used up all the essence stones on Earth to build the portal.

If essence stones really were used as the currency here, he would be in an embarrassing spot because he didnt have any money.

The vendor read Himmel Soans expression.

It was obvious the young man didnt have any essence stones, or he would have paid by now.

But he hadnt, and the reason was plain.

“Take it.

Its my gift to the little girl.

Dont worry about the essence stones.

It doesnt cost much, anyway.

“I just want a littlethank you from the sweet girl.”


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