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“If it comes to that, youll know better than anyone what will happen!”

What would happen when the Dragon Tribe and Sky Eye ran into the three divisions

What would really happen

The answer couldnt be more obvious.

Gordon had thought that the Dragon Tribe was powerful enough, and it should be able to withstand at least one of the three divisions.

But they had lost over half of their soldiers before the real mission even started.

They had lost the battle before it even started!

The Dragon Tribe might fall apart as soon as they made contact with the enemy force!

“I think I know how it will end, but…” There was a decisive look in Gordons bright eyes after the initial resignation.

“Im a citizen of this country, and Ill never give in! Even if Im going to die, Ill die fighting you to the end!”

Someone suddenly spoke behind him as soon as he said those words, “Im sorry, General, but you wont be able to do that.

Were going to remove all your communication devices.

Youre not allowed to leave this room.”

Gordon turned around in astonishment and saw two young men in the doorway.

They were both his deputies, his second-in-command!

“Dan! Frank! Are you going to betray the Dragon Tribe as well Wait, dont tell me that youre on their side as well.”

Drake said, “Thats right.

Theyre from the Himmelian Village as well.

Its not just the Dragon Tribe.

We have people in Sky Eye too! General Marlow, Im sorry, but youll have to remain in this room until our mission is over.

Well release you after that.”

Henry Lang bellowed, “Drake Soan, you cant do this! Have you lost your mind Its not one or two people were talking about here! Youre not even going after a small group! You cant kill over a billion people!”

Drake said, “Not a billion.

The 60 million keyboard warriors are all we want; we wont touch the rest of the population.

Those 60 million people have humiliated our Patriarch in the most unforgivable way.

The Soans never have the intention to betray this country, nor have we expected things to have gone so far.

Weve provided you with really talented people, and theyve been more than happy to serve this country.

If my Master hadnt been involved, they would never have revealed their true identities!”

Phoebe said, “Thats right! Theyre the pillars of this country, but their loyalty has always stayed with us! If the Patriarch hadnt been involved this time, they would have served in the Dragon Tribe and Sky Eye until they retired.

But now, they really cant help you anymore!”

Behind Gordon, Frank spoke in a sorry tone, “Thats right.

General, youve been very kind to us.

Id never have worked against you if this thing hadnt affected the Patriarchs reputation.

I hate the idea of turning against you.

Unfortunately, youre not one of us, and youll never know how important the Patriarch is to us!”

Henry Lang asked, “How important is he”

Dan said, “More than our own lives.

Director Lang, can you understand us”

Henry nodded at the camera.

“I… I think I may understand a little.”

Something then occurred to him, and he shouted into the camera.

“But Mr.

Soan, although you say you only want 60 million people, the Himmelians have been attacking civilians and killing innocent people! What do you have to say about that!”

“Dont worry.

Ive spoken to Liam, and he has stopped carrying out that plan.

Hes on his way to me now.

Apart from the 60 million sinners, we wont touch anyone else.”


Soan, is there really no other way” Gordon took out his phone and showed him the apology videos.


Soan, are you seeing this Almost 40 or 50 million of those 60 million have apologized.

There are over 30 million videos online.

You can take a look! A fault confessed is half redressed.

Theyve admitted their mistake.

Isnt that enough Do you have to kill them”

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Drake said, “You can pull a nail out of a piece of wood, but the hole is still there.

Sorry doesnt mean a thing! The hole would be left in the wood forever! Saying sorry wont cancel out what theyve done!”

“Cant you show some mercy Wont you give them a chance” Gordon asked in resignation, and he pleaded, “I understand what you mean, but those people have been misled.

They didnt know at first.”

Drake said, “They could have a second chance, and Ive given them that! If this thing had died down before the three divisions got involved, wed never have gone this far.

General, Director Lang, Im sorry, but thats all I have to say.

If you try to intervene again, we wont be so civil!”

Henry asked, “Can you tell us what your ultimate plan is Is it just to kill people What will happen after you kill those people Can all the killing bring your Patriarch back”

“Thats none of your business.”

Drake switched off the communication device.

He turned around and looked at the hundreds of people behind him.

People like Caroline, Yosef, Jame, Camille, and Warren were all there.

They were all influential figures in the Soan empire, and every single one of them was a leading figure in the outside world as well.

Some were even famous worldwide.

However, they shared one thing in common.

They were all members of the Soan empire, and they all had a common mission.

They were waiting for the Patriarch to return.

Since that wasnt going to happen, there was only one thing for them to do.

They lived for Himmel Soan.

He was their God.

Now that God was gone, they had no reason to remain in this world.

“Is everyone here” Drake asked Warren.

Warren felt frustrated because he was a peaceful man.

He didnt want to kill anyone.

However, his words didnt count anymore.

The worst situation was going to happen.

That was the last thing he had expected.

Warren sighed.

“The Soans army of the northern ice field, the southern Himmelian branch, and the followers in the West Sea are still on their way.

The West Sea members have crossed the Pacific and reached the East Sea.

They should be with us soon.

The southern branch has also flown over the snow mountains on the west.

They should arrive in 30 minutes.”

Drake sighed with a heavy heart.

Their ultimate plan was to take their own lives.

Once they avenged Himmel Soan, they would follow him into the other world.

They had nothing to live for here in this world.

With Himmel Soan gone, they had lost their faith.


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