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“What do you mean Im rough but observant Im not rough.

Sister Cien, my skin is so smooth! Im not rough at all!” Firey pouted and complained to Bandora.

Bandora and Himmel Soan chuckled.

The three of them started chatting in a happy atmosphere.

After a while, Bandora suddenly became serious.

“The entire Stelladom knows about the surname Soan now.

Were holding the competition at the moment.

Tomorrow, Emperor Baih and the others will be here with their people.


Soan, what do you think”

Himmel Soan narrowed his eyes and thought for a moment before saying, “Since theyre here to see me, I have no reason to avoid them.

I have nothing to hide!

“Moreover, I want to know more about my surname, which gives me even more reason to meet them.”

Bandora nodded.

She was one of the junior Emperor cultivators and still had much blank space to fill.

However, she could tell Himmel Soan was beyond the Emperor stage, or she wouldnt have been so polite to him.

The more time she spent with him, the more mysterious she found him to be.

Himmel Soan sounded like he wasnt afraid of anybody, no matter who would come the next day.

“Alright, Mr.


I see.

We do have an emperor here now.

Would you like to meet him”

Himmel Soan wasnt surprised.

Bandora had probably mentioned the surname Soan to remind him, but he never cared much about the eight emperors.

He wouldnt meet them if he hadnt recovered enough strength.

But now, he was confident in beating them.

With 20% of his strength restored, he could handle all the emperors.

“Of course.

Which emperor is it” Himmel Soan asked.

“Emperor Shwa.

Not all the eight emperors or the members of Stelladom Academy agreed to eradicate the Soans.

“Last time when it happened, many people chose to remain neutral and never said anything to intervene.

This time, Emperor Shwa was explicit about breaking the rules!

“I think hes here because he plans to help you in some way so that you can break the rules without complications,” Bandora explained to Himmel Soan.

“Where is he now”

If Emperor Shwa was already here, they might as well meet in person.

Bandora led him away, followed by Firey.

The competition could run on its own, which was why she could leave it.

Before long, they arrived at the room Emperor Shwa was in.

“Uncle Shwa, Mr.

Soan is here,” said Bandora.

Emperor Shwa immediately opened the door.

He fell silent when he saw the ordinary-looking young man.

Was he really the Soan

He was just an ordinary man!

Emperor Shwa had planned out what to say when he opened the door, but upon seeing how ordinary the other party seemed, he couldnt speak a word.

“Uncle Shwa, this is Mr.

Soan!” Bandora frowned and repeated.

This time, she raised her voice, and there was a sense of urgency in her tone.

“I see! Mr.

Soan, Ive heard so much about you!” As one of the eight emperors, Emperor Shwa had met his fair share of people.

He reacted quickly to an unexpected situation like this.

Although he didnt understand why Himmel Soan was just an ordinary man, he couldnt forget his manners.

Moreover, with Bandora here, he couldnt say anything else.

“Theres no need for small talk.

Emperor Shwa, lets not beat around the bush.

I have nothing to hide,” Himmel Soan said indifferently.

He was perfectly calm.

Judging by this demeanor, Emperor Shwa immediately realized Himmel Soan was anything but ordinary.

No ordinary man could stay so calm when an emperor was around!

That would be highly unusual.

However, he couldnt tell how capable Himmel Soan was.

The young man had to be either an ordinary man or someone even more capable than an emperor, which was why he couldnt figure him out.


Soan, thats very straightforward of you.

Ill cut to the chase, then.

I assume youve heard about the ban on your surname here in Stelladom.”

He looked at Himmel Soan, trying to read the emotions on the latters face.

There werent any.

Himmel Soans calm face didnt betray anything.

“Whats the relationship between my surname and Stelladom This world is a planet, but why do people think its only a continent What secrets are hidden here”

To stop Emperor Shwa from making further small talks, Himmel Soan asked his questions first.

He was very straightforward with the information he wanted to know.

If Emperor Shwa would like to answer, he would love to hear them.

Otherwise, he wasnt going to waste his time either.


Soan, are you suggesting you arent a native of Stelladom It means you came from somewhere else.


Soan, Id like some explanations.

“If your explanation doesnt satisfy me, Ill have to regard you as an abnormality!”

Emperor Shwa didnt answer the questions but picked up something in his questions.

They revealed how little Himmel Soan knew about Stelladom.

That alone was proof enough that he didnt belong here.

However, he couldnt make any decision yet because the most important thing was Himmel Soans answers.

It was an important question.

If Himmel Soan really wasnt a native of Stelladom, he would join Emperor Baih.

If he wasnt one of the natives, he must have had different goals!

Emperor Shwa would never let an outsider break the barrier and the rules.


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