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When Luton raised his head, his expression looked perfectly normal.

If one didnt know better, one would consider him a civilized man.

Everybody had something on their minds.

Luton led Himmel Soan into the manor and reached a luxurious courtyard.

With a clap of his hands, over a dozen nice-looking female Golden Core cultivators came out with tea, fruit, and desserts.

After setting everything down on the table, they stepped back, held their hands in front of them, and humbly bowed their heads.

“Sir, please wait here while I send a message to my father, telling him youve arrived.” Luton left with a smile.

“I didnt know they would have so much delicious food here!” Firey was practically drooling over the desserts.

“Emperor Baih is one of the eight emperors.

Of course, he would have nice food around the house.” Himmel Soan smiled and rubbed Fireys head.

Firey put a finger in her mouth and eagerly eyed Himmel Soan.

“Master, can I have some desserts”

In the past, she would have grabbed the food and stuffed it into her mouth without asking any questions.

However, she knew she had to be careful here in the Baih manor.

If she could ask Himmel Soan, she would never make decisions on her own.

“Go ahead.

Take whatever you want.” Himmel Soan gestured at the table with a swiping motion.

He could tell that Luton had poisoned the desserts.

He was immune to all toxins, but Firey wasnt.

He had been wondering if Firey would reach for the desserts, not expecting her to ask him beforehand.

She had learned so much!

The swiping motion he made just then removed all the toxins in the desserts.

They were harmless now.

“Great!” Firey was relieved.

She realized what Himmel Soan had done and was glad she asked for permission.

If she had gone straight to the desserts, she would be in trouble now.

Luckily, she was smarter than that.

She sighed inwardly before turning to the food on the table.

She wolfed down the fruit and desserts.

Meanwhile, Luton was talking to someone outside.

“Sir, weve never killed a guest in the manor before!”

“You will from now on!” Luton snapped.

He was Emperor Baihs son.

Why wouldnt these secret guards follow his orders Why were there so many questions Did they even consider him their master

“Sir, we wont take any actions without an order from the head of the family,” said the man in black.

“Im Thy Baihs son.

When hes away, Im the head of the family.

Do you have a problem with that” Luton asked.

He never liked Black Panther. He works for my father.

Whos he to give me attitude

Luton was angry.

Himmel Soan had humiliated him in front of everybody, and now, even a secret guard refused to follow his commands.

It was time to ask his father to recruit some new assassins!

“Of course, we dont have a problem with that, but we only take orders from the head of the family.

As for you, Sir, no matter what happens in the future, youre not qualified to give us orders now.

“Moreover, assassinating that man is too easy! Are you making fun of me”

Black Panthers tone was emotionless.

He didnt try to please Luton just because he was Emperor Baihs son.

The only person he obeyed was Emperor Baih.

So what if Luton was Emperor Baihs son

Until Emperor Baih told the secret guards to follow Lutons orders, they would treat him just like any other family member.

“Black Panther! No, Ivar, are you sure about that Dont you want to see your daughter and wife again

“I hear your daughter is turning 16 next month.

You do want her to live to see that day, dont you” Luton smirked.

His smile widened when he saw Ivars reaction.

He held the mans life in his hand and was telling him his struggle was futile.

Ivar, the Black Panther, was dumbfounded.

He didnt understand why Luton knew his name.

His personal information became top secret when he joined the secret guards.

Emperor Baih was the only one who had access to that information.

He had promised the secret guards that their details were safe with him.

They all believed their families wouldnt be harmed.

Now that his name was revealed, Ivar felt his family was under Lutons control.

Ivar couldnt figure out what had happened, but he wanted to rip Luton apart when he saw the look on his face.

“Luton, you brat!” Ivar ground his teeth.

Blood was dripping to the floor.

Ivars fingernails had cut his own palms.

He wanted to kill Luton, but he knew he couldnt lose his head.

Luton had his family!

“In this world, only the merciless can rise to the top.

I wouldnt be my fathers son if I played nice.

Ivar, I didnt want to do this, but you refuse to respect me.

Do I have your attention now” Luton laughed like a madman.

He thought he was untouchable.

Ivar was intimidated by Lutons demeanor.

He knew Luton would do anything to get what he wanted, which made him the scariest type of person.

“Sir, I offended you earlier, and Im sorry.” Ivar finally gave in.

His family was everything to him.

He couldnt live without them.

Luton was threatening him with his family, so he had to take a step back.

“I knew this would work.

Just like I said earlier, kill the young man in white in that room.

The girl can live!”

Luton walked into the courtyard.

He wanted to watch Himmel Soan die!


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