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Gina Zimmer

Thy searched his memory, and a face popped into his head.

That beautiful woman!

“You know Gina Zimmer I didnt expect to hear that!” Thy was intrigued.

He realized he couldnt defeat Himmel Soan, but he could still make his life harder.

Just as he was looking for an opportunity, Himmel handed it to him.

Judging by Himmel Soans tone, Thy knew this woman was special to him.

“Why do you care about Gina Zimmer Is she very important to you Do you want to know why she disappeared Do you think Im going to tell you

“Youll never know! I wont make it easy for you!” Thy made it clear that he wasnt afraid of Himmel Soan.

Although he didnt understand why Himmel Soan was so capable, he sure as hell wasnt going to surrender.

“Even if you wont open your mouth, I can still find the answer.

Its going to be painful though.

I didnt want to go that far, but youve given me no choice.”

Himmel Soan walked toward Thy.

He had many ways to extract information from him.

There were hundreds of methods to torture the man and dozens of ways to get the information out of Thy without torturing him.

Those methods were essentially the same, extracting Thys memory after his death.

The answers could be found there.

However, using this method would affect Himmel Soans own brain.

“Painful How painful” Thy smirked.

He couldnt think of anything that could make him give away the information.

That wasnt going to happen!

No one could get anything out of him!

They would be dreaming, especially Himmel Soan!

“Everybody has a soul.

Cultivators souls are their weak spots.

Youre no exception.

Thy, Im going to show you how it feels to have your soul interrogated!”

Himmel Soan no longer held back and activated all his mental force.

The entire Cloud City felt tremendous pressure.

Everybody felt they were being watched by a giant eye from the sky.

Himmel Soans mental force attacked Thys soul.

“That hurts!” Thys face contorted either from his hatred for Himmel Soan or the pain.

His face was too scary to watch.

“I told you I didnt want to do this, but you left me no choice.

Gina is my bottom line.

If you still wont tell, Ill return your dead body to your family.”

Himmel Soan took out the dagger.

He attached a little mental force to it, and dozens of strings appeared.

If Thy still wouldnt tell him, he would have to use the most forceful way: look directly into his memory.

Thy screamed in pain before Himmel Soan infiltrated his mind.

He no longer looked like an emperor.

“Ready to talk”

“Yes! Of course! Theres no need to go that far for such a small matter!”

The pain was gone, but Thy was still trembling.

He was scared and shaken to the core.

The pain in his soul was much more unbearable than any physical pain.

He didnt want to go through it again.

If he kept resisting, he wouldnt make Himmel Soans life harder but would only make his own life miserable.

That Gina Zimmer wasnt even important!

“In that case, you have one minute.

Why did you fight with Gina Where did she go after the battle Where did you see her last

“What happened to the Zimmer family”

Himmel Soan only gave Thy one minute to answer all his questions.

He had to be concise, and Thy had to tell the truth because telling lies would take longer.

“I competed for her position because she was the weaker one and didnt have much interest in being an emperor.

“We fought for three days and went into the Dusk Soul Forest, where we got separated.

She went missing after that.

“The Zimmer family didnt like my leadership, so I killed them all.”

Thy searched his memory and managed to squeeze everything into one minute.

His answer kept him alive.

The Dusk Soul Forest

What a coincidence.

Himmel Soan came out of that place, while Gina went missing there.

Where did she go

No one knew the answer.

Was it planned out beforehand

Himmel Soan pondered.

Over on the other side, Lasul sent a message to Emperor Tzi, telling him everything.

“Patriarch, what should I do now” asked Lasul.

“Things are getting interesting.

Its about time I come out of my seclusion.

Himmel Soan has become Emperor Soan.

You can congratulate him now.

“Lets stir things up a bit!” Emperor Tzi fell silent.

It was up to Lasul to carry out the instructions.

Emperor Tzi knew he would do a good job.

He was a capable man, as sharp as a sword.

After receiving the order, Lasul jumped off the roof and landed in front of Himmel Soan.


Soan, congratulations.

Youve just become an emperor and havent been ranked, so youre the eighth for now.

“Still, youre Emperor Soan!

“Emperor Baih has lost his title and will become Thy Baih again.

The Baih familys manor is now the Soan familys!” Lasul said those words in an unhurried tone.

However, every word sounded like a thunderclap in the spectators ears.

Everybody was dumbfounded.

Emperor Baih had been replaced by this man, who was Emperor Soan now.

The eight emperors didnt allow the surname Soan to be mentioned, but now, there was an Emperor Soan.

What was happening

Thy was the most dumbfounded.

“Im Emperor Baih! Why is there an Emperor Soan

“Lasul, are you sure about this”


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