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They were dumbfounded, unable to tell if Himmel Soan was telling the truth.

Which was the real Nue The one they saw or this monster

Things happened so fast that they had a hard time digesting them.

It was too unbelievable!

“I know its hard for you to accept, but thats the truth.

I noticed something off about him this afternoon.

My daughter was roasting the boar, so I didnt think much of it because nothing had happened yet.

“I overheard what Nue was planning tonight, so I came here and showed you who he really was,” Himmel Soan said unhurriedly.

Toch asked, “Is there no way to help him”

Other people also looked at Himmel Soan.

They seemed to have forgotten how they had planned to kill Oech and Himmel Soan.

Himmel Soan didnt take it to heart.

Even if he stood there and let these people attack him, they still wouldnt leave a mark on him.

That was why he wasnt bothered.

Moreover, these people only had that idea because they were under a spell.

“Its too late for that.

He was beyond saving for a long time.

The Nue you knew died two weeks ago.

When the bewitching energy occupied his body, he looked exactly the same as the real Nue.

It even spoke to you the same way as him.

That was why you never noticed the difference.”

After telling the others what happened to Nue, he explained who he was, “I think youre all curious about my identity.

You heard it correctly.

My surname is Soan!

“The eight emperors wouldnt dare make reckless moves against the Soans.

Thy Baih, the main force behind the killing of the Soans, is dead.

You dont need to worry about having me here.”

Thy had killed himself, and Himmel Soan had met Eman Sket from Stelladom Academy.

Only Emperor Oogh, who was the more capable one, was still in seclusion.

Himmel Soan still didnt know his attitude about the Soans, but he didnt think there would be any major issues.

The villagers were relieved to hear this.

They werent shocked by Emperor Baihs death.

That was too big an issue to be their concern.

The death of an emperor wouldnt affect them directly.

Although there would be changes, they wouldnt do anything major.

The villagers attitude changed after receiving the news.

“Nue doesnt exist anymore.

The heresy cultivators only know evil skills, so they should be destroyed!” Himmel Soan summoned a streak of lighting.

The red smoke in the shape of Nue couldnt say a word.

It could only face its death.


When the lightning struck, the red smoke vanished as if it had never existed.

Nue was gone forever.

The villagers werent particularly sad.

They had seen too much death and had become immune to it.

Nues death wasnt any different from any previous deaths.

The villagers fell silent as Himmel Soan walked out of their sight.

The following day, Himmel Soan and Firey bade Oech farewell.

“I dont know when or if Ill be back.

But Im not worried about that.

My top priority is to find Gina.

I dont care where Ill end up afterward! Even the Void wont stop me!” said Himmel Soan.

Firey squeezed Himmel Soans hand, trying to cheer him up.

They left the village together and headed for the Dusk Soul Forest.

Oech watched until they went out of his sight.

He remembered when he first met Himmel Soan.

Back then, he couldnt speak their language, and Oech thought the young man was a human trafficker.

Only then did he realize how ridiculous that notion was.

Why would anyone come all the way here to abduct a child


Soan…” Oech murmured.

He was filled with emotions but didnt know how to express them.

Oech sighed and went back home.

He saw a few red cores and a letter on the table.

It read, “The cores are my gifts for you.

Thank you for teaching me your language.

“I know you probably trade with cores here, so Ive changed their property, turning them into harmless essence stones that you can absorb.

“Once you absorb all the essence stones, youll become a senior Nascent or even junior Virtualization cultivator.

“Itll depend on you.

Thats all I can do for you.

“Theres something more.

Nue is dead.

You can ask Toch for details.

“Thats all.

Take care.”

Oech was moved by the letter.

A capable man like Himmel Soan was treating him like a friend!

Of course, he was touched.

Moreover, the man had left such a precious gift.

Himmel Soan probably knew Oech wouldnt accept such a gift, which was why he left the stones in his room and wrote him a letter.

Oech was confused when he finished reading.

How could Nue be dead How was that possible He was perfectly fine the day before.

How could he be dead now

If the letter hadnt come from Himmel Soan, Oech would have considered it a prank.

It was too out of the blue.

“If Mr.

Soan is telling me to talk to Toch, he must know the answer!”

Oech went to see Toch.

No one answered when he knocked on the door.

He only heard a weak voice when he knocked again.

“Who is it Come in.”

Oech frowned and pushed the door open.

Tochs hair had turned completely white.

He looked old and weak.

“Toch, is it time Thats earlier than I thought.”

“I only have a few more days left, anyway.” Toch laughed but immediately started coughing.

“I was waiting to see you one last time…”


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