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“I landed in this forest when I first came here.

You were still resting at that time.” Himmel Soan smiled.

He remembered how things were when he first arrived here six months ago.

This was where he landed, and Gina was also last seen here.

Could this forest be the key to answering all his questions

What secret lay inside

What connection did it have with Stelladom

Why was it the barrier to this continent

There were so many questions.

Himmel Soan sighed.

No matter how intelligent he was, he couldnt answer all the questions at once.

He didnt know where to start.

Even here in the Dusk Soul Forest, he was still at a loss.

He needed a way in instead of searching aimlessly.

He knew how vast the forest was.

Finding traces of Gina here would be looking for a needle in a haystack.

Moreover, so much time had passed, so all the traces should have been washed away.

He wouldnt find Gina if he followed conventional thinking.

He only had two choices.

He could either go through the forest or try to find out its secret.

The grass nearby shuffled slightly.

There was a little noise.

“Master, let me take a look!” Firey was cautious.

Himmel Soan nodded.

Firey returned almost immediately.

Behind her was a giant dead snake.

It was where the noise came from.

“Master, what should we do with it Shall we roast it or leave it here” She was already drooling when she asked the question.

It was obvious what she wanted.

She was waiting for Himmel Soans consent rather than for him to choose.

“Dont eat it just yet.

I need to do some research,” said Himmel Soan.

“Alright…” Firey pouted.

It wasnt the answer she had expected.

She thought he would let her cook the snake right away.

I should have roasted it before bringing it back. Firey kept those thoughts to herself.

In reality, she would always listen to Himmel Soan.

She would do it even if he told her to throw away the snake.

“Its just a snake.

Whats there to study” Firey asked.

She had studied the snake as well.

“This forest is the only place in Stelladom where you can find magical beasts.

Although theyre animals, they can cultivate, too.

“Im curious how different their cultivation methods are from ours.

Maybe we can learn something about this forest through them,” Himmel Soan explained to Firey.

Firey poked the snake with her finger.

“Whats there to study If the forest is so strange, I can burn it to the ground.”

A ball of flame appeared in her palm.

She understood what Himmel Soan said, but she had no interest in it.

Apart from fighting and food, all other things bored her.

She didnt find them intriguing at all.

“This is what they call the barrier.

Things cant be that simple.

Burning down the forest will cause too many consequences.

Among other things, well be facing unnecessary trouble.”

Himmel Soan looked up at the sky.

Even here, the law of nature seemed to be avoiding him.

Was it scared that he would destroy everything Did the law of nature here have a conscious mind


I see,” Firey said in resignation.

She wanted to burn everything to the ground, but just as her master had said, doing that would create unnecessary trouble.

She might look like a naughty girl, but she wouldnt ask for trouble.

“Yes, they cultivate with their cores.

Ive learned that already.

Nothing seems to stand out.

Its the same as the other snakes Ive killed.” Himmel Soan rubbed his chin.

The dead snake wasnt any different from other snakes.

Was there nothing special about the Dusk Soul Forest No, that couldnt be the case.

If it were normal, the people of Stelladom would have occupied it already.

This place was so beneficial to ones cultivation.

The spiritual essence here was much more valuable than essence stones.

Cultivators could absorb the spiritual essence here without any side effects.

If one were to compare it with essence stones, the environment here felt like being surrounded by top-grade essence stones.

One could make much faster progress here.

“There must be something special about this place.

I should have asked them!” Himmel Soan sighed.

If he had asked Bandora before he went on this trip, he probably would have found a way to solve the problem already.

Unfortunately, he forgot to do so.

“Master, can I roast it now” Firey asked Himmel Soan, who had finished the examination.


You can roast the snake here.

Ill search the trees.” Himmel Soan nodded.

He had no interest in the snake.

He learned nothing from it.

Becoming Fireys food would probably make it more useful.

Himmel Soan then jumped onto a tree.

The next second, he jumped onto another branch.

After a few leaps, he reached the top of the tree.

“I dont know why, but I couldnt use my spiritual essence to elevate myself when I came here.

“At first, I thought it was the way this world was, but when I saw Luton moving around in the air, I understood.

The law of nature is against me.

“Why are you hiding from me”

Himmel Soan asked the gray sky.


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