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He described what Firey and Himmel Soan had done.

Ley thought for a moment before saying, “Youre dismissed.”

“Yes, Sir!”

The three people felt uneasy.

They were so sure they were going to die!

With what the chief had said, they were so close to hearing their death sentence.

Luckily, they got through it.

As for why the mention of those two people could change his mind, they had no idea.

As long as they were safe, anything else didnt matter.

After leaving the hall, Zuxra bit her lip and moved closer to Gadel.

“Hey, come to my room tonight…”

She ran off after that.

She liked Rustam and wanted to get intimate with him.

However, he didnt share her feelings.

Zuxra had decided her future a few days ago when the team split up.

Now that they had survived, she felt she should do something with Gadel.

She even felt glad that she didnt follow Rustam.

Otherwise, who knew what trouble she would be in now

After the three people left, Ley sat on the chair, pondering over the information.

“Himmel Soan and Firey…

“The Soans are so incredible!

“After killing Thy, they went to the Dusk Soul Forest.

Are they there to find a way to break the barrier

“No, that cant be the case.

They must have another reason.

“Gina Zimmer, Emperor Zimmer, and Himmel Soan.

Things are getting more and more interesting!

“Its like a chess game, and the chess pieces are time and space!” Ley murmured.

She seemed to notice something very interesting.

A bystander saw through everything, and Ley was a bystander.

She soon formed her own theory.

Stelladom was like a chessboard.

Everything was a chess game, and everybody was a chess piece.

She wondered what kind of chess piece she was and to whom it would belong.

She chuckled.

It was a pleasant sound.

“Fetch my dress!” She commanded.

A maid came in.

She was Leys only pupil and servant.

In the entire Starwan Tower—no, the entire Stelladom—this maid was the only other person who knew Ley was a woman.

“I remember youre from the Zimmer family, arent you” Ley asked.

“Yes, why” Jui was surprised.

Her master had always known that, so why did she bring it up now

“Its nothing.

I guess Im getting old and like to think about things from before.

“Emperor Zimmer is your previous master.

What a shame.

Why did she disappear

“If she were still here, shed see the person shes been missing day and night,” said Ley.

Jui was perplexed.

Ley reminded her of the old times.

Gina and Ley used to be best friends.

They had made an arrangement about Jui.

They talked about if one of them wasnt around one day, the other one would be Juis master.

It was only a joke at first.

It had never occurred to them that the joke would turn out to be true.

Jui was brought back by Ley as her pupil, but there was no public announcement.

Ley used to be called Rey.

She changed her name after Gina disappeared.

She became much quieter, too.

Today, she looked like her old self again.

“Youre not old, Master! Youre always young! Why did you mention Master Zimmer” Jui asked.

She didnt understand where the conversation was going.

“Himmel Soan.

Have you forgotten that name” Ley smiled.

“Himmel Soan!” Jui trembled and burst into tears.

“Thats the name my master couldnt stop talking about! Has he shown up Is he here in Stelladom”

Jui had a log of questions.

Ley was also affected by her emotions.

It had been a while since she felt that way.

Today was an exception.

“You dont need to call me master anymore.

Call me Nim like you used to.

“We still need to find out if he is the Himmel Soan that your master has been waiting for.

She has been missing for so long.

We dont know if hes a different man with the same name.

“He has a girl with him.

She seems to be his daughter.

Youll need to be prepared for these things,” Ley said slowly.

She meant every word.

In fact, she was almost certain that Himmel Soan was the person on Ginas mind.

Otherwise, why would he enter the Dusk Soul Forest

He had also gone after Thy.

The signs all pointed to the fact that he was THE Himmel Soan.

“I dont care if hes the one.

I must look into it.

Nim, please tell me where that Himmel Soan is now.

I must ask him in person! I need to know what took him so long!

“Its too late!” Jui sounded like she was going to make Himmel Soan pay.

But he was the man that her master loved.

There was nothing she could actually do.

She probably wasnt his match either.

Should she talk to the man or accuse him

Her master had been missing for so many years.

Blaming other people wouldnt change anything.

Jui gradually calmed down.

She only felt disappointed.

“Himmel Soan has entered the Dusk Soul Forest, probably trying to find news on Gina,” said Ley.

Jui smiled bitterly.

“The Dusk Soul Forest How is he going to find anyone there Its probably just for show!”

Ley rubbed her head.

“I dont think so.

“Himmel Soan is the man your master loved.

Dont you believe in her taste”


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