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Chapter 42: Who Can Stop Them Now

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“Whos There to Stop the Soan Empire”

“The Saddest Day of This Country! Everyones Weeping! Can No One Stop This Tragedy”

“What Else Can We Do”

“My Ludicrous Countrymen!”

“My Countrymen Are Pathetic!”

“The Disastrous Effect of Cyberbullying”

“The Himmel Soan Incident: Did Stella Shane Start It All”

Before long, countless posts were created, and one would feel overwhelmed just by reading the titles.

People of the country did some thorough self-criticism over the Himmel Soan incident.

Some felt awakened, some regretted what they had done, and some were furious.

No matter what their reactions were, what was done was done.

There was no turning back.

Even Henry Lang and Gordon Marlow couldnt stop Drake.

Who else could save the day

Drake had led his fellow members of the Soan empire on a one-way journey.

Nothing changed for several days in a row, and many people were in despair.

Would they see a miracle on the last day

They still held a sliver of hope, even if miracles would never happen.

‘A day passed.

Hundreds of millions of people came out to see off Drake, Phoebe, and the three divisions.

People lined up from the sacred temple to the city of Skysea.

Skysea was also where the ocean road started.

It was one of the major coastal cities in the country.

Based on the speed of the three divisions, they would reach the ocean road by midnight.

Everyone was waiting anxiously.

Finally, the president of the country came back from abroad.

The administration of Skysea built a temporary airport for him to land.

The president requested to meet Drake.

And Drake agreed.

Many people put their hopes on the president, praying that he could change Drakes mind at the last moment.

The online community went silent when the meeting between the two men took place.

It was as if everyone had gone offline.

Or maybe, they were praying for the Soan empire in different comers of the country.

Unfortunately, things didnt end the way they wanted.

Even the president couldnt change Drakes mind.

He still told him the same thing.

He wasnt going to force everyone in the Soan empire to die for Himmel Soan.

It was on a voluntary basis.

However, he wouldnt deprive those people of their rights to die for Himmel Soan either.

As a member of the Soan empire, he knew perfectly well what it meant to other members.

It would be a glorious mission!

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“Has the president failed”

“Oh my god! What will happen to this country”

“Its all Stella Shanes fault! That bitch!”

“Dont you understand By now, Stella Shane isnt responsible for everything that has happened! The real culprits who have caused Mr.

Soans death and the current situation are the trolls!”

“Thats right! Stella Shane might have started the whole thing, but it would never have gone this far if it hadnt been for those trolls!”

“Those 60 million people are scumbags!”

“Tm so sorry! Im one of those 60 million scumbags! I sincerely apologize to everyone!”

“What good can your apology do to us now”

“Enough! Even Mr.

Drake Soan has forgiven them.

Theres no use accusing them now!”


Soan can forgive them; I cant! Never!”


Soan is a generous man.

Hes forgiven those people because he knows killing them wont bring Mr.

Himmel Soan back! He chose to forgive them; its costing him his own life!”

“I totally agree with you! I wish they hadnt forgiven those people! I wish they had killed them all and gone on living!”

Ina five-star hotel in another city in the country, Jason Soan was sitting on the sofa in a daze.

He saw on the TV that Drake had led his people to Skysea.

Himmel Soan was lying peacefully in the crystal coffin.

“Patriarch…” Suddenly, he started banging on the door and windows, shouting hysterically, “Let me out! Let me out! Let me out of here!”

Someone outside replied, “Im sorry, Mr.

Soan, but youll have to stay here for another night.

Well let you go first thing in the morning!”

“Are you the police Who gave you the right to keep me here Im going to sue you!”

“Tm sorry, Mr.


I cant let you leave even if youre going to kill me!”

“You… you…” Jason was furious, but there was nothing he could do.

He didnt hate those people.

He only hated himself.

He knew very well that they were trying to protect him.

However, they had no idea what Himmel Soan meant to the Soan empire.

‘The person guarding the door felt depressed after learning that the president had failed to change the Soans minds.

Still, he was somewhat proud of himself because they had saved one member of the Soan empire.

The Soan empire would march onto the ocean bridge that night and never return.

After that, Jason wouldnt be able to do anything even if they set him free.

‘What they did was contemptible, but it gave them the result they wanted.

They wouldnt defend themselves even if Jason called the police afterward and sent them to prison.

However, things werent as simple as they had expected.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise inside as if the glass had been broken.

The man at the door was alarmed and stuck his ear on the door.

He couldnt hear a thing.

He tapped on the door.


Soan, are you there” He called Jasons name, but no one answered.

He panicked and opened the door.

The window glass was shattered, and Jason was no longer in the room.

Damn it!

They were on the 18th floor!


Soan Mr.


The man ran to the window and looked down.

A large crowd had gathered downstairs like swarming ants.

He immediately took the elevator and went downstairs.

Surrounded by the crowd, Jason was lying face down on the ground.

The impact of the fall had turned him into a pulp.



The guard grabbed his own hair, couched down, and howled.

He thought he had done the right thing.

But it had cost Jason his life.


Soan!” he cried at the top of his lungs.

“What Mr.

Soan Did you call him Mr.


“He… Hes a member of the Soan empire! Hes one of them! I failed to protect him! Its all my fault! I want to kill myself!” The man couldnt stop crying and kept blaming himself.

The crowd was astonished..


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