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Chapter 43: Suicide

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“What Did you say hes a member of the Soan empire!”

“Call an ambulance! Quickly!”

“Dont bother.

He has jumped down from the 18th floor.

Nothing can save him.”

No one had expected the Soans to be so stubborn.

If they couldnt attend Himmel Soans funeral, they would take their own lives when the time came!

“Ms, Soan, Ive brought you some late-night snacks!” Hotel staff knocked on the door of Room 888, the presidential suite.

“Its already midnight.

My manager says you must be hungry, so he told me to bring you some food.

Youre from abroad, right Have you visited our city before I dont think youve tried one of our famous local pastries! Its called a pine ball!” The young woman went on and on, introducing many things

about the city.

Feeling that she might have been too talkative and that the person inside never answered, she knocked again.


Soan, are you asleep Im sorry if Ive woken you up.”

She turned to leave with the tray of food.

However, she frowned after taking a few steps.

She had a nagging feeling that something was wrong.

She walked back to the door.


Soan, are you there Im coming in!” She called a few more times, but no one replied.

The staff took out the key card and opened the door.

The first thing she saw were the two feet dangling in the air.

“Ah—” A shrill scream escaped her mouth, and she was petrified.

She went on screaming as she backed out of the room.

The other staff members came to check on her when they heard the noise.

They looked into the room to find that Ms.

Soan had hanged herself.

“Take her down! Quickly!” the manager instructed the other staff to get the woman down.

Luckily, they got there in time.

She was still breathing.

“Take her to the hospital!”


Soan, Im sorry about this.

Well take you to your accommodation.

Dont worry.

Were not going to harm you.” Chad Lim stopped a man with Soan as his surname at the train station.

He forced him into his car and quickly drove him to the nearest hotel.

There were two more men in the car, both his fellow netizens who had volunteered to do this job.

They were filled with a sense of satisfaction because this was the sixth Soan they had stopped today.

‘The man looked anxious and had bought a ticket to the city of the sacred temple.

It was so obvious!

He had to be a member of the Soan empire!

“Let me out! Pull over!” the man shouted and pounded on the door.

Chads car was brand new.

Any other day, he would have punched the man for doing such a thing to his car.

But today was different.

He wouldnt blink even if the man broke his car door to pieces.

That man was worth a lot more than this car!

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Rumors were flying that the government would compensate everyone after this incident was over.

Everything would be accounted for!

The government also wanted to stop the people of the Soan empire.

“Stop! Are you deaf Pull over!” The man in the back seat grew agitated and tried to choke Chad.

The two guys beside him quickly stopped him.


Soan, please calm down!”

“Yes, please calm down! Were not bad people! Dont worry.

Were only taking you to your hotel!”

“I dont care who you are! Stop the car right now! I need to go to the sacred temple! Its important! I cant be late!”


Soan, I know youre a member of the Soan empire, and youre going to give your life to Mr.

Himmel Soan! But we cant let you do that!”

Chad said, “We respect Mr.

Himmel Soan very much, and were all responsible for his death.

Were devastated and hold ourselves accountable, but he has passed away, and we need to move on! Even if you dont care about yourselves, please consider the future of this country! We need you!”

However, nothing he said could reach the man.

‘The man suddenly punched the person next to him, knocking him out.

He then opened the door and jumped out of the speeding car.


Soan!” Shocked, Chad hit the brake.

‘They ran out of the car and found the man lying on the ground.

He seemed to have broken his legs, and a pool of blood was gathering around him.


Even in such a state, he was still crawling in the direction of the sacred temple.

“IL… [must go to the temple!”


Soan, please dont do this!”

“Lwant to go… Let me go…”

Chad and his two companions were touched by his determination.

The man wanted to see Himmel Soan for the last time even when his bones were broken and his life was in danger.


Soan, let me take you to the hospital! Your injury is too severe!”

“Yes, we dont want you to die! Mr.

Soan, let us help you!”

“Dont touch me! Im going to the sacred temple! Ill die there if I have to!”

Chad looked at his two friends and saw the sympathy and resignation on their faces.

After a long while, he nodded.

“Alright, Mr.

Soan! Im taking you to the sacred temple.

If you still trust me, please get in!”

He and the other two knew that if a person were determined to die, nothing would be able to stop them.

‘They were shocked by the resolution of the Soan empire.

They werent fellow members, so they couldnt comprehend what Himmel Soan meant to these people.

It seemed as if the members of the Soan empire couldnt wait to meet their death!

However, they could see the determination of the Soan empire.

Trying to stop them would be an insult to them.

This time, Chad was telling the truth.

After carrying Mr.

Soan into the car, they turned around and drove toward Skysea.

“They left the sacred temple and reached Skysea today.”

“Skysea Mr.

Lim, Im begging you.

Please take me there before they get on the ocean road!”

“Tll try my best…” Chad had conflicted feelings.

While everyone was saving the people of the Soan empire, he was aiding one instead.

His fellow netizens would probably kill him if they found out what he was doing.

They really would do it!

Meanwhile, news of multiple suicides was posted online.

All the deaths had happened to people with Soan as their surname.

“In South Mount County, Brian Soan jumped out of the window of his hotel room and was killed instantly.”

“Bob Soan in the city of Huons committed suicide by cutting his wrist open.”

“Kay Soan of Ninestate attempted suicide by bashing his head against the wall.

Hes been admitted to the ICU and is in a coma.”

“The sisters, Jade and Penny Soan committed suicide by taking poison.

All rescue measures have proved ineffective.”

“At 10:10 pm, Jason Soan jumped out of a room on the 18th floor of a five-star hotel in the sacred temple city and was killed instantly.”


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