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Chapter 44: Waking Up

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“Chloe Soan hanged herself in the city of the sacred temple.

She was sent to the hospital in time and is no longer in critical condition!”

One after another, similar pieces of news were posted online, rendering the netizens speechless.

From ten in the morning to midnight, people kept trying to take their own lives, and no one could stop them.

They would bite off their own tongues if they had to.

Finally, a few articles were released at half-past twelve.

“Are we doing the right thing Do we know anything about Himmel Soan Do we know what the Soan empire wants”

“Maybe theyre fulfilling their glorious purpose!”

“Maybe we shouldnt stop them!”

Adam snorted after he read the three articles and closed the webpage in frustration.

“Bull**! No one wants to die! Those people only did those things because someone higher up on the command chain ordered them to do so! We cant let them do that!”

Adam wasnt the only one who thought that way.

The netizens were avidly discussing the subject again.

“The author of those articles doesnt know what theyre talking about! The people of the Soan empire are too important for our country! We cant let them die!”

“Thats so true! No one wants to die! Will you kill yourself just because someone else tells you so Everybody is afraid to die!”

“I disagree with every single word in those articles! The author should be executed!”


“Tm the author!”

“You Who the hell are you What do you know about the Soan empire How can you know what theyre thinking”

“Bro, you should check out who the person is before you start talking.”

Everyone looked at the ID of the person who claimed to be the author—”Henry Lang, Sky Eye.

The name shocked everyone.

“Tm sorry, Director Lang! I didnt mean to offend you!”

“Director Lang, I didnt expect to see you here!”

“Holy crap! Its Director Lang! The real one! Thats so scary! Glad I didnt say the wrong thing!”

Henry Lang said, “Hello, everybody.

Ive been staying with the Soan empire for a while, and I think I have a better understanding of them than most people.

Ill show you some videos.”

The videos contained statements made by members of the Soan empire.

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“Without the Patriarch, nothing has any meaning anymore.

So what if I can live for ten thousand years”

“What Drake wouldnt let us sacrifice our own lives I respect him and will do whatever he tells me to do except on this matter.

I wont change my mind, even if he decides not to do it himself!”

“Youre not one of us, and you wont understand us even if we try to explain it.

Death means nothing to us.

Itll be an honor to die alongside the Patriarch!”

“Suicides I knew it! No, I didnt read them online.

Ive guessed it all along.

I would have done it myself even if you didnt bring me here!”

The videos were shot while members of the Soan empire were resting.

Since theyd decided to meet their deaths, they stopped holding back and began to share what they really thought.

“T feel sorry for the villagers of Hocen, Barly, and Reco.

I promised them that I would build a road for them to go through the mountains, but I failed to keep my word.

Im so sorry, guys, but I think youll understand me in the end! Im thrilled now, and Im looking forward to what will happen next!”

“Itll be my honor to die alongside the Patriarch.

As for who I have disappointed, I dont think theres anyone.

If you ask me, everyone in this country owes the Soan empire and the Patriarch.

I can proudly state that I dont owe anyone anything in this world! My parents didnt do a thing for me except give

birth to me.

Ive been paying them every year, so were even!”

More and more videos were posted.

Everyone who watched them burst into tears.

‘The Soan empire didnt owe anyone anything.

The public owed them!

Nicely put!

They recalled the articles earlier.

“Maybe Direct Lang is right.

We shouldnt have done that.

We arent members of the Soan empire, and we dont know what it means to them! Maybe were robbing them of their rights.”

“Thats right! Were too selfish!”

“More of them are going to take their own lives if we keep detaining them.

Is that really what we want”

“It reminds me of sand.

The tighter your grip is, the faster youre going to lose it!”

“I see.

I still have ten members of the Soan empire here with me.

Ill send them on their way now!”

“Same here.

We stopped thirteen of them today and thought we were saving them.

We didnt know… I hope we still have time!”

“Director Lang, if you see this, please tell Drake that the whole country will remember them forever!”

“Thats right.

Director Lang, please thank Drake for protecting us.

We appreciate what he did for Waterton over the years!”

“Please tell the leader of the Himmelians; the Second Oasis wants to thank them for the water!”

“The city of Marston wants to thank the Soan empire and their power plant!”

“The city of Heiming thanks the Himmelian Village for their help!”

Drake smiled in satisfaction as he gazed at the night sky.

It was as if he could see Himmel Soans kind smile.

“Master, Im coming!”

Finally, they arrived at the ocean road!

Digging machines were still parked by the side of the road, but the ocean road was much tougher than anyone could imagine.

A crowd had gathered on the beach.

Although it was deep into the night and the wind was freezing, it did nothing to dissuade the grief-stricken public.

“Goodbye, Mr.


“Were sorry, Mr.

Soan! Whatever we do, well never be able to repay the Soan empire for what you did for us.

If theres another life, well do everything we can to make it up for you!”

“Thank you, Mr.


Drake nodded and marched onto the ocean road.

Helicopters were following them and lighting up the road for them.

Himmel Soans followers carried his coffin and headed for the other end of the road.

“These stupid brats!”

No one saw it, but in the coffin, Himmel Soans fingers twitched.

He was aware of everything that had happened in the past few days.

However, he was in the revival process.

He could neither speak nor move a finger.

The whole process would take seven days.

Aweek should pass in the blink of an eye!

Who knew that Drake would create such a big scene!


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