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Eman was so decisive that Linas suspected he already had an idea.

Otherwise, he would have thought about Linass proposal first.

Eman must have turned it down because it wasnt as ideal as his own.

Juras also turned to Eman.

“Eman, if you have any suggestions, tell us already.

Stop making us guess!

“This is an important matter.

If you have some ideas, share them so that we can have a discussion.

If we all find it plausible, we can get things moving!”

The teachers all looked at Eman, who bit his lip and pretended to hesitate.

He maintained that demeanor for a while before shaking his head.

“Forget it.

I dont think its appropriate.

Lets go back to our discussion.

Maybe we can find a better plan.”

Linas and Juras were dumbfounded.

They had waited for so long, and that was the answer they heard.

They couldnt accept it.

They were waiting for a suggestion!

“Eman, Stelladom Academys future is on the line.

If you have any suggestions, tell us now.

Well discuss it and reach a conclusion.

Plausible or not, we need to know your plan first!”

Juras and Linas were worried sick.

They wanted this to go away as soon as possible.

Although they werent involved much in Stelladom Academys daily activities, what happened was so serious that they were more anxious than Eman.

Stelladom Academy was like their own child.

When something happened to a child, of course, a parent would be concerned.

They knew Eman had a plan but wouldnt share it, making them more anxious.


“Since youve asked, I guess I have to share it with you.

“Its a cruel plan, and I cant bring myself to do it.

Thats why I didnt want to share it.

However, its the only perfect solution to our problem.” Emans expression grew cold.

“We have to kill them!”

Kill them

That was crazy!

Eman must have gone mad!

No one could believe they would hear such a thing from their principal.

It was an insane idea!

Those students were sent out by Stelladom Academy as pawns.

Now that they had sacrificed themselves for the school, they should treat them well.

However, Eman wanted to kill them.

That was madness!

“Eman, thats too cruel! Those students have made a great contribution to the school!” Linas rose to his feet and scolded Eman.

“Eman, what are you doing!”

“Please calm down.

Im sure Eman has a reason.

Lets hear him out first!” Juras was the more sensible one.

He knew Eman wouldnt suddenly lose his mind.

There must be a reason behind his suggestion.

They could make a decision after hearing him out.

“But…” Linas wanted to say something, but Juras cut him off.

“Eman is the principal.

Im sure he wont make stupid decisions!”

“Lets hear him out first!”

As the crowded calm down, Eman exhaled in relief.

He knew his suggestion would cause a sensation.

Luckily, it was all under control.

“Yes, theyre Stelladom Academys students, but weve never brainwashed them or anything.

After they graduate, they wont have much to do with the school.

“We have no idea what they did in other families.

“I dont know why the Baih family destroyed their cultivation just because they used to be our students.

“The Baih family has joined hands with Elixir School and forced them to eat poisonous pills.

The poor students were dead shortly after they came back.

“What do you think of this solution”

Instead of giving them an explanation, Eman improved his initial plan.

It was perfect.

No one could make a dead person talk.

Once they were dead, the school could blame the Baih family for everything.

Moreover, the plan would also damage the relationship between Elixir School and the Baih family.

Eman was very pleased with his idea.

The Baih family wouldnt go to war with Elixir School.

So be it!

He would make people think the Baih family had joined hands with Elixir School.

He only needed to point in that direction; people would form all kinds of connections.

The Baih family would never be able to explain itself.


Sket, youre so cruel!

“Theyre all innocent students! How can you kill them” Freton criticized Eman.

However, Eman didnt need to explain himself because his supporters stepped in for him.

“Freton, what are you talking about The students were poisoned by the Baih family and Elixir School!”

“The Baih family is abominable! Well, if they can forget about the previous Elixir Schools transgressions, its not surprising that theyve partnered with them!”

“How sinister! Will Stelladom Academy become their next target”

Everybodys attitude changed.

The students were still alive, but these people were talking about them as if they were already dead.

Freton couldnt believe his ears.

Was this still the Stelladom Academy he remembered

Everything suddenly became so unrecognizable.

How did this happen

To cover up what Eman had done, those students were going to be sacrificed.

“Youre all so cold-blooded! You dont have a heart.

Ill reveal your crime to the world! The others should know what Stelladom Academy is like!

“Your plan wont succeed!” Freton marched toward the door.

However, he was stopped before he could get out.

Those people didnt follow Emans instructions.

Instead, they voluntarily blocked him.

If this got out, they would be equally humiliated.

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