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They could see the door but not what was on the other side.

The door opened up to a sea of darkness.

There was no light, reminding them of an abyss.

Fireys heartbeat quickened.

“Master, are we going through that” she asked tentatively.


Just walk right through it.” Himmel Soan nodded.

He wasnt surprised at all.

The door looked the same as when they opened the portal last time.

Firey had been the one to keep the portal stable, so she didnt notice its appearance.

This was her first time seeing it.

“Its dark as hell!” Firey tut-tutted.

“Lets go.

Its time to leave.” Himmel Soan took her hand and led her forward.

Firey closed her eyes and walked into the portal with Himmel Soan.


In pubs, inns, and streets, people were bustling about.

They were all talking about the same thing: the incident in Stelladom Academy.

“As one of the eight emperors, how could Emperor Baih do such a thing”

“Emperor Baih is so heartless! Those people were Stelladom Academys former students.

Why did she have to kill them”

“Shhh! We arent supposed to talk about the eight emperors! Be careful!”

“Everybody is talking about it! Emperor Baih cant come after all of us!”

“Thats right! She cant get to us all! If shes not guilty, she needs to show us the evidence!”

Many people were saying bad things about Viive and the Baih family, but some people tried to defend her.

“We dont know the whole story yet.

Should we believe Stelladom Academys one-sided story

“Not matter how cruel the Baih family is, doing this is stupid.”

“Why would they leave those people outside Stelladom Academy if they were going to kill them”

“Doesnt it sound ridiculous Cant you hear yourself”

Three people spoke up for the Baih family in a restaurant.

What they said made sense.

If one were to think about it, one would reconsider the whole situation.

However, no one here would do that.

Their argument made sense.

So what

They only wanted to enjoy the show.

As ordinary cultivators, they never had a chance to target a giant like the Baih family.

Usually, they didnt dare say one bad thing about them.

But the situation was different now!

Everybody was criticizing the Baih family, and these ordinary people realized they could do the same.

Of course, they wouldnt miss this opportunity.

Somebody immediately retorted, “Youre all members of the Baih family, arent you”

“That must be the case! Only a Baih will defend another Baih!”

“Did you sayridiculous What you said was ridiculous! The Baih family did it; dont bother denying it!”

Other people around them chimed in.

The three people must be from the Baih family, and everybody felt they had a right to blame the Baihs.

They couldnt think of anything else.

“The Baih family banished those students, and theyre all dead now! Are you telling me Stelladom Academy has wronged you”

“Stelladom Academy is the most sacred place in Stelladom.

If you didnt kill the students, are you saying Stelladom Academy has killed them”

“Did the Baih family not think about the consequences of their actions”

“Emperor Baih is such a bully.

Im sure she never thought about the consequences and only wants to blame it on somebody else now!”

“Nicely said!”

“The Baih family is so cruel! We must teach them a lesson!”

“I wont allow such a violent force to exist in Stelladom!”

“Thats right! The Baih family should be excluded from the eight families!”

The crowd surrounded the three Baihs, and the people grew agitated.

Even if Emperor Baih was here now, they would still attack her.

The three Baihs shivered.

What on earth was going on

Shortly after that, they were carried to the Baih familys front gates, all three of them barely breathing.

It was similar to how the students were brought back to Stelladom Academy.

However, the Baihs cultivation ability wasnt destroyed.

After all, they were still a major force.

If those people destroyed their abilities, the Baih family would be furious.

They couldnt handle the aftermath.

Beating up the three people was enough to vent their rage.

This way, even if Emperor Baih wanted to take revenge, she wouldnt find any excuses.

Meanwhile, outside the Baih manor, many Baihs were already lying unconscious on the ground.

They had experienced the same thing.

More and more Baih family members were left outside their front gates.

In Emperor Baihs manor.

“Emperor Baih…”

“I know what youre here for.

You can leave now.

I want to be alone.” Viive waved the man off.

She had heard similar reports over fifty times today.

It gave her a headache.

“Emperor Baih, its all my fault!” Jabril knelt on the floor.

He was the one who kicked out all the moles.

He did a great job.

It was also his idea to leave those people outside Stelladom Academys front gate.

It was supposed to be a warning, but he never thought things would turn out this way.

“Its not your fault.” Viive sighed.

“We made the decision together, so you dont need to take the blame.

“Neither of us expected Eman to be so heartless.

He killed them all!

“Weve lost this round!”

Jabril ground his teeth in regret.

If he had anticipated this, things wouldnt have turned out this way.

Damn it!

It was supposed to be a sound plan, but something still went wrong.

“Let me go out and clear things up!” said Jabril.

Viive shook her head.

“Its too late for that.

Theyll only think were making excuses.”

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