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How could this place be Stelladom

He couldnt help but laugh at Himmel Soan, not knowing that the other party had done it on purpose.

He was using the power of suggestion by giving a random answer so that he could deduce the correct answer by observing the other partys reaction.

This demon walked right into the trap.

“Stelladom is only a legend.

I cant believe somebody would be foolish enough to believe its existence!”

The demon was sure that this human wasnt by any means important.

He was just a fool that came out of nowhere.

Still, the demon was glad he could have a nice meal.

“Really This is the demons continent, then.

ButDemon Continent I thought the name of this place was Starain.” Himmel Soan continued probing.

The first question was to find out what residents of this continent thought about Stelladom.

The answer suggested that they knew very little about Stelladom.

That made sense.

After all, so much time had passed.

“Starain What an ancient name.

Do you know anything at all This is the Demon Continent.

Starain was a long time ago!

“Enough talking.

Dont fight it.

Let me eat you!”

The demon grinned and walked toward Himmel Soan and Firey.

Himmel Soan shook his head in disappointment.

He thought he could find more information from this demon, but that was it.

It wasnt completely futile though.

“Firey, lets go!” Himmel Soan took Fireys hand and was ready to leave.

The demon was dumbfounded.

Why was this man so calm

He thought, Does he think Im joking

“Die!” Infuriated, the demon wanted to eat Himmel Soan alive.

Against his wishes, he couldnt control his body.

That was the last thought he ever had.

Himmel Soan and Firey went on with their journey.

“It seems Starloud, Starlune, and Starain were these continents old names.

This is the Demon Continent now.

“Bandora was right.

“According to her, theres the Demon Continent, Heresy Continent, Beast Continent, and a mysterious continent.

“There are four, which doesnt match the three continents Yagon mentioned,” Himmel Soan told Firey so that she would help him analyze, but she didnt understand it either.

They had only just gotten here.

What could they possibly know

“Master, if this is the Demon Continent, we dont need to stay here, do we Lets get out of here and go to that mysterious continent! I think Gina must be there!” said Firey.

Himmel Soan nodded, agreeing with her.

Gina couldnt possibly stay in the Demon Continent, Heresy Continent, or Beast Continent.

If he had to pick one, the mysterious continent would probably be where she would stay.

The journey to find Gina was suddenly shortened.

“We need a path out of here.

I dont think this place is separated from the other continents.

We can walk there.

“Our top priority is to get to know this place,” said Himmel Soan.

This time, Firey didnt retort.

She only nodded and said slowly, “Master, more demons are coming.”


Ill change my energy.”

After all, they were still in the Demon Continent.

From the incident just then, Himmel Soan realized how the demons would react to a humans energy.

He would become the cake that all demons were after, making his journey very inconvenient.

Changing his energy was the best choice.

Soon, Himmel Soan didnt look any different from a real demon.

Firey made some changes, too.

She wasnt human, but the energy of the essence of nature could still bring her trouble.

Two hours later, they had walked past dozens of demons.

None of them reacted to Firey or Himmel Soan.

Their disguise was perfect.

Even the real demons couldnt tell who they really were.

“The demons capital,” Firey murmured.

“I think weve seen the entire Demon Continent,” said Himmel Soan.

The continent resembled Stelladom a lot in terms of its geography.

However, Stelladom consisted of cities of various sizes that were distinctively stratified, but the Demon Continent only had one country and one city that was vast beyond measure.

Maybe he could find a way to leave this place after going into the city.

“Lets go,” said Himmel Soan.

The capital city was a bustling place, and the buildings were industrial-looking.

Himmel Soan didnt see any plants.

It reminded him of human civilization, but it was so depressing that it didnt feel like a human environment.

“Maybe humans used to live here until the demons took over.

You never know what can happen.

I wonder what this place looked like before,” said Himmel Soan.

He was also thinking about something else. What are these demons

They looked like humans, but they werent.

Were demons a species of their own


He didnt know because he was on a different planet.

There were no demons on Earth, so he didnt know anything about this species.

He could only analyze with what he knew so far.

“Master, this place is huge, but its so smokey.

I dont like it!

“Are we going to investigate this place” Firey asked reluctantly.

“If you dont like it here, turn into the heart of the volcano.

Ill wake you up when I need you,” said Himmel Soan after some consideration.

“Alright!” Firey immediately transformed.

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