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Everybody was caught off guard.

How could he say such things

Himmel Soan…

They all knew that name because it had caused quite a sensation recently.

He was the one who deposed the former Emperor Baih.

He could have become Emperor Soan, but he gave it up.

No one could believe it at first, yet that was reality.

After destroying Emperor Baih, Himmel Soan made another incredible decision: he went off to the Dusk Soul Forest.

That was a place even the emperors didnt dare go too deep.

It would be suicidal.

However, Himmel Soan did the impossible.

No one knew what he was thinking.

They also didnt know the relationship between Himmel Soan and Emperor Tzi.

What made Emperor Tzi give that speech

Targeting Himmel Soan would be the same as targeting Emperor Tzi.

Could anybody else in Stelladom make Emperor Tzi say such a thing

Of course not.

Himmel Soan was the only one!

They were intrigued by Himmel Soans identity.

“Emperor Tzi, is this Himmel Soan some kind of important person”

“Its more complicated than you can imagine.” Emperor Tzi only gave an ambiguous answer, refusing to add more to the topic.

The eight emperors meeting soon ended.

Emperor Tzi finally started running Stelladom affairs on his own.

The incident of Emperor Baih, Eman Sket, and others were put to an end.

Stelladom found its peace again.

In the Demon Continent, Himmel Soan joined a team that was on its way to the ancient demonic gods body.

Although they werent qualified to go, it didnt deter them.

The corpse was too valuable.

If they were lucky enough, they would gain something from it that would benefit them greatly.

The higher the profit, the higher the risk.

With enough money, one could buy anything.

When there was enough profit, one wouldnt hesitate to risk their life.

It was the case with that team.

“Let me remind you why this team was formed,” said the leader, a strong, bald male demon that had tattoos all over his scalp.

He was the creator of this team.

Naturally, he became the captain.

“Didnt we go over this already”

“Why are you repeating the same thing Hurry up!”

“Were here for the real business, not your speech!” said a male demon with stubble and a scar over his left eye.

He used to be qualified to go there, but his brother stole that opportunity from him.

Despite his protests, no one in his clan listened to him.

Therefore, he joined this team.

If he could obtain a small piece from the ancient demonic gods tomb, his family would regret their decision forever!

“Imm, I know you have your own clan, but youre a member of our team now.

You must follow our rules.

If everybody behaves the way you do, theres no point in having a team!

“To enter the tomb, we must work together! Understood” The bald demon knew who Imm was, but he wasnt afraid.

Although Imms identity was important, the bald demon had cards up his sleeves, too.

Moreover, Imm was only a member of a big clan.

He couldnt represent the family.

Hence, the bald demon wasnt intimidated by Imm.

Imms lips twitched.

He hated the way the bald demon spoke to him.

However, he had no choice but to let the demon be.

After all, the other party was a capable being.


Lets get back to the rules of our team,” the bald demon continued.

“Our goal is to get into the tomb together.

After that, everybody is on their own.

“Ive studied the surroundings of the tomb.

We can take action tonight.

You must follow my orders! Copy”

The bald demon didnt really set up any specific rules except for following his orders and working together.

Then, he regrouped the team.

Himmel Soan was allocated to a four-member group.

He was the fifth member.

Most of the other groups had seven or eight members.

The bald demons only had six, but they were all much more capable.

“I see, were the cannon fodder,” Himmel Soan said sarcastically.

That was why the bald demon didnt check him when he joined.

He wasnt supposed to live for much longer.

The other four demons in his group were in the same situation.

After the regrouping, Himmel Soan realized they were baits.


Now that we have the new groups, lets get to know our group members!” said the bald demon.

He didnt care if the others were happy with the arrangement.

Since the decision was made, they had to abide by him.

He only needed his own group to enter the tomb safely.

“What are your levels Im at the Contemplation stage…” That was a fragile-looking demon in Himmel Soans group.

“Im at the Contemplation stage, too.” A female demon smirked.

“What a coincidence! Me too!” said another demon.

“Im at the Hinayana stage.

Nice working with you all.” The fourth member was more talkative than the other three.

He was also the most capable demon of the four.

That wasnt a demons typical personality.

It caught Himmel Soans attention.

The demon noticed him, too.

“Hey, buddy.

Youre in our group, too, arent you Why arent you saying something Dont be shy.

Weve all introduced ourselves.

Its your turn!” The demon suggested.

Himmel Soan returned to his senses.

He would catch unwanted attention if he didnt tell the others about his cultivation level.

Attention was something he had been trying to avoid.

Therefore, he made up his cultivation level.

“Im a junior Hinayana cultivator.”


Im an intermediate one, so I guess Ill be the group leader!”

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